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From the desk of the Ethics Committee.

Following events brought to our attention surrounding SCP-5647 and Procedure 5647-Ω, we have determined it necessary to review and amend our current rulings regarding said anomaly.

Our inquiry highlighted the following:

Our findings as detailed above have led us to defer to the Foundation's prime directive: we maintain normalcy. Whilst the flow of time is an anomaly, it is so integral to our experience as humans that it ought not to be interfered with.


  1. Procedure 5647-Ω is hereby decommissioned. Although it has the potential to avert catastrophe, Procedure 5647-Ω has too much potential to be misused, which is only further compounded by its completely untraceable nature.
  2. SCP-5647 is to be reclassified as Archon.1

The Ethics Committee.

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Goodbye O5-6.

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