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Status update

Containment breach ongoing since 23/06/34.
Escaped anomalies: 2635
Current death toll estimate: 4,837,562,132

Deploy all remaining Foundation personnel to retake Site-19

ERROR: No combat-ready personnel are available at this time.

Check current Foundation capabilities

Current remaining unengaged combative personnel: 0
Current remaining Foundation outposts: 3

Check status of MTF Alpha-1

MTF Alpha-1 are all MIA and presumed dead following Operation "God Rebroken".

Check status of the O5 Council

O5-1 - Missing
O5-2 - Dead
O5-3 - Missing
O5-4 - Missing
O5-5 - Missing
O5-6 - Active
O5-7 - Dead
O5-8 - Dead
O5-9 - Missing
O5-10 - Dead
O5-11 - Dead
O5-12 - Dead
O5-13 - Dead

Begin Procedure 5647-Ω

Does the black moon howl?

The black moon remembers

What does the black moon remember?

Nothing of this hell

Beginning Procedure 5647-Ω

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