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Item#: 5644
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SCP-5644 Basking

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5644's movement along the River Nile is to be tracked by MTF Lambda-9 ("Osiris's Hand"). Any significant deviation from SCP-5644's normal pathing is to be reported to Site-95 director William Orville. In the event that SCP-5644 becomes hostile, civilian evacuation of the region is to be carried out in coordination with the Egyptian, Sudanese1, South Sudanese, Ethiopian, and Ugandan governments. News outlets will be led to believe that the evacuation was caused by significant flooding of the Nile River and its drainage basin. Any attempt to remove or neutralize SCP-5644, regardless of operational success, may result in catastrophic consequences for the region.2

Any and all reports of SCP-5644 by civilian witnesses to news outlets are to be discredited. All civilians and reporters involved with said sightings are to be given Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-5644 is a sapient male Crocodylus niloticus3. It measures 9.15 meters and weighs approximately 4,250 kilograms. Despite its immense size, sightings of SCP-5644 by the public are minimal and are only reported from small villages. SCP-5644's age is unknown, but it is believed to be at least 200,000 years old. SCP-5644's primary anomaly is its control over the climate of the Nile River and its tributaries. Its control ranges from bringing in dry seasons and floods to changing the river's course and expanding its drainage basin. SCP-5644 refers to itself as the protector and guide of the Nile. SCP-5644 claims to have interacted with the inhabitants of the region from the early dynastic period of Egypt until the middle ages.

The Foundation became aware of SCP-5644's existence when the United Kingdom began to construct dams across the Nile in the early 1900s. SCP-5644 would actively hamper, damage, or destroy these dams. After years of ineffective attempts at capturing SCP-5644, the British government handed responsibility to The Foundation. All containment attempts were abandoned after ██-██-1956 when SCP-5644 was removed from the Nile River, which resulted in the flooding of the local area and all nearby plant life to decay. The area where this event happened has been sectioned off from the public and is now where Site-95 resides.

Addendum.1 - Interviews After the events of ██-██-1956, SCP-5644 avoided all attempts at contact by Foundation personnel. In order to monitor the location of SCP-5644, several observation posts were constructed along the Nile River and its tributaries. Researcher Hanesworth, who headed the SCP-5644 project, then proposed leaving food for it in areas it frequented to gain its trust and cooperation. Site Director Orville approved the proposition, provided Hanesworth himself placed the food with two members of Mobile Task Force Lambda-9 "Osiris's Hand".

Hanesworth approached the riverbed with carcasses of animals from the region every day. Initially, all attempts failed as SCP-5644 would not approach the food until researcher Hanesworth left the area. Hanesworth insisted that the guards leave so that SCP-5644 would approach. After several attempts, SCP-5644 allowed Hanesworth to approach closer. Starting on 05-27-1997, SCP-5644 would allow Hanesworth to stay next to the food as it fed.

Addendum.2 - Incident-5644: On 07-13-20██ Lake Kyoga's waterline significantly diminished, extending the shoreline by nearly a kilometer. This caused significant flooding across much of the Nile River and its tributaries. Determining SCP-5644 to be the cause, MTF Lambda-9 "Osiris's Hand" and MTF Epsilon-6 "Village Idiots" were deployed to all affected areas. Disguised as UN Peacekeepers and members of the Red Cross, both task forces evacuated civilians in the area.

MTF Lambda-9 scanned the area of Lake Kyoga in search of SCP-5644. On 07-15-20██ a small team accompanied by Senior Researcher Hanesworth located SCP-5644 on a shoreline near Bukungu. The following was recorded on L9 Alpha-1's helmet-mounted camera.

Report on Incident-5644:

Addendum.3 - Hanesworth's Journal: The following addendum contains an entry from Hanesworth's journal that document's a previously unknown encounter he had with SCP-5644. The entry is believed to be written prior to Incident-5644.

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