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Item#: 5643
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5643-A is to be kept in a locked container at all times. Any personnel who wish to interact with SCP-5643-A must receive permission from the Site Director. Personnel handling the object are to wear heavy duty gloves. Any personnel that come into direct skin contact with SCP-5643-A should be subject to immediate psychological evaluation and will not be permitted to access the object again.

SCP-5643-B is housed in a standard humanoid containment cell. It is to be provided with pain medication every 8 hours. If SCP-5643-B complains of a worsening headache, it is to be sedated. Guards outside the cell must be equipped with headphones containing cognitohazard filters. At no time should it be allowed to access SCP-5643-A.

Description: SCP-5643-A is a shard of obsidian measuring roughly 2x2x0.5 cm. Regardless of its environment, SCP-5643-A is conspicuous to human subjects.

When SCP-5643-A is in contact with a subject's skin, the subject will experience a feeling of euphoria. Upon separation from the object, the subject will experience symptoms including irritability, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and increased anxiety. Psychological changes similar to those upon secondary exposure may occur in certain individuals. These symptoms will subside after approximately two weeks if the object is not touched again.

Upon secondary exposure, subjects will undergo various permanent psychological alterations, which can include lessened empathy and changes in personality. After this stage of exposure, subjects will experience an addiction to the object's effects.

Additional exposure to SCP-5643-A will result in severe psychological alterations, paranoia, deterioration of motor functions, migraines, and blue to black skin discoloration.

SCP-5643-B is a caucasian female formerly known as Dr. Mara Hyde. Prior to its containment, it worked as a Foundation researcher. Due to extended exposure to SCP-5643-A, its arms are significantly discolored. In addition, it suffers from chronic migraines.

When its pain reaches a certain threshold, vocalizations it produces will create a mildly euphoric effect for human subjects nearby, followed by headaches, dizziness, and confusion.

Addendum 5643-01: Texts between SCP-5643-B and Dr. Matthew Hyde recovered after containment. All other text messages on its phone had been deleted prior to retrieval.

05/04/20 12:04 PM

SCP-5643-B: Fuck.

SCP-5643-B: Matt, pick up.

SCP-5643-B: Matt.

SCP-5643-B: Let's talk.

Dr. Hyde: What do you want?

Dr. Hyde: I'm in the middle of something

Dr. Hyde: Can it wait?

SCP-5643-B: Fine.

05/04/20 6:13 PM

SCP-5643-B: Still doing something?

Dr. Hyde: Yes

05/05/20 9:00 AM

Dr. Hyde: I can talk now

Dr. Hyde: What is it?

SCP-5643-B: I'm tired of this.

SCP-5643-B: All of this.

Dr. Hyde: Is this about her?

SCP-5643-B: What do you think?

Dr. Hyde: You've gotta get over her

Dr. Hyde: Move on

SCP-5643-B: Easy for you to say.

Dr. Hyde: Only way to feel better is to move on

SCP-5643-B: Yeah, fuck you, too.

Dr. Hyde: It's the truth

Dr. Hyde: I just want you to feel better

Dr. Hyde: Focus on work more in the meantime

SCP-5643-B: That's difficult.

Dr. Hyde: Yes, but this isn't healthy

SCP-5643-B: I guess.

[Reports indicate that SCP-5643-B first came in contact with SCP-5643-A on 05/06/20.]

05/06/20 5:18 PM

SCP-5643-B: You were right.

SCP-5643-B: She would want me to move on.

05/07/20 6:02 PM

Dr. Hyde: You doing okay?

SCP-5643-B: I feel better.

Dr. Hyde: Already?

Dr. Hyde: That was quick

SCP-5643-B: I don't want to talk.

05/07/20 7:00 PM

Dr. Hyde: You're not okay, are you?

Addendum 5643-02: A transcription of a phone call between Dr. Hyde and SCP-5643-B on 05/09/20.


Dr. Hyde: Hey, Mara.

SCP-5643-B: Hey…

Dr. Hyde: Everything alright?

SCP-5643-B: Yeah, just a headache. Why'd you call?

Dr. Hyde: You can't have gotten over Cora that quickly. What's really going on?

SCP-5643-B: Is that what this is about?

[A pause.]

SCP-5643-B: Nothing's going on.

Dr. Hyde: Well, I'm glad that you've gotten over her. How's life?

SCP-5643-B: It's good.

Dr. Hyde: That's good to hear. Uh, I'm doing okay. Nothing that exciting is going on.

SCP-5643-B: Well, seeing as nothing's happening, I'm gonna-

Dr. Hyde: Mara, I'm worried about you. You've been acting weird.

SCP-5643-B: Weird? I'm fine. Great, actually.

Dr. Hyde: That's what I'm talking about. You're being so… cold.

SCP-5643-B: And you're being overly concerned. Bye.


Addendum 5643-03: Continued messages between SCP-5643-B and Dr. Hyde.

05/21/20 6:10 PM

Dr. Hyde: Everyone agrees that you've been acting weird

SCP-5643-B: It'ss none of your business. Leave ne alone.

Dr. Hyde: I can't. I'm worried

SCP-5643-B: Wel, dont be.

05/30/20 5:07 PM

Dr. Hyde: Why are you being so distant?

SCP-5643-B: Im not.

SCP-5643-B: Im ffine.

Dr. Hyde: There's something wrong. I know it

SCP-5643-B: I todl you. Nothin g is wring.

06/09/20 3:31 PM

Dr. Hyde: Mara, we need to talk

SCP-5643-B: No we d pnt

Dr. Hyde: What's happening?

Dr. Hyde: Have you been drinking?

Dr. Hyde: You can be honest with me

SCP-5643-B: Nothigis happenijg

Dr. Hyde: I'm just concerned

SCP-5643-B: Imm y own perspn

SCP-5643-B: Sto get tng knvolved

SCP-5643-B: Ih att youu

Addendum 5643-04: A transcript of a phone call between SCP-5643-B and Dr. Hyde on 06/18/20.


SCP-5643-B: My hands are turning blue. My head hurts so much. I think I'm- I think I'm dying.

Dr. Hyde: Whoa, slow down. What happened?

SCP-5643-B: This stupid rock- I don't know. It's- Please, I can't see.

Dr. Hyde: Alright, I'm coming. Just stay with me.

SCP-5643-B: Am I still Mara?

Dr. Hyde: What do you mean? Of course you're-

SCP-5643-B: Matt, am I still me? I'm not me, am I?

Dr. Hyde: I- I don't-

SCP-5643-B: I'm sorry…

Dr. Hyde: For what? You're not making any sense.

SCP-5643-B: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Dr. Hyde: Just hang in there, okay? I'm coming.

[7 minutes of silence.]

Dr. Hyde: Are you able to let me in, or-

SCP-5643-B: It's unlocked.

[A door can be heard opening.]

[2 minutes of silence.]

Dr. Hyde: Oh shit. You- What happened?

[A pause. The phone is heard hitting the floor.]

Dr. Hyde: Put that thing down! Give it-

SCP-5643-B: No! I need it!

Dr. Hyde: No, you don't! Drop it!

[SCP-5643-B shrieks, followed by a growl.]

[Dr. Hyde gasps.]

Dr. Hyde: What's wrong with you?

Dr. Hyde: You're not… Mara anymore, are you?


Dr. Hyde was found deceased in an apartment formerly belonging to SCP-5643-B. He had several stab wounds all over his body. Upon autopsy, it was revealed that Dr. Hyde died from hemorrhagic shock.

Addendum 5643-05: A collection of audio logs recorded after the containment of SCP-5643-B.

06/21/20 6:20 AM

SCP-5643-B: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't- I didn't mean to…

[A pause.]

SCP-5643-B: What am I doing? I'm tired, Matt. It hurts.

06/22/20 7:39 AM

SCP-5643-B: Why does everyone good have to die? You didn't deserve it; you had a life to live. It's not fair.

06/23/20 12:31 PM

SCP-5643-B: There's… something wrong, Matt. They're not hearing me. I speak, but they don't understand.

SCP-5643-B: Am I just that far gone? What's wrong with me?

06/24/20 3:59 AM

SCP-5643-B: They're hearing me. They just… I think it's a cognitohazard. Something of the sort.

SCP-5643-B: I don't know. No one understands what I'm saying.

06/25/20 11:40 AM

SCP-5643-B: I just want the pain to stop. Is that- is that too much to ask?

[A pause.]

SCP-5643-B: I can't stand this. I can't do this. It's-

SCP-5643-B: I'm sorry, alright? Just make it stop!

06/25/20 12:01 PM

SCP-5643-B: I deserve this, don't I? You trusted me, and I… I betrayed you.

SCP-5643-B: How long has it been, Matt?

SCP-5643-B: It's been a while, huh?

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