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Item #: SCP-5639

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5639 is to be given historic landmark status, but remain closed to the public under the pretense of compromised structural integrity. Non-Foundation researchers requesting access to SCP-5639 are to be turned away using cover story Kappa-14 ("Holy Hell").

No living creature is to be allowed entry to SCP-5639, though exploration through the use of wireless relay and disposable drones is possible. Researchers wishing to explore the interior of SCP-5639 must provide a disposable drone with vocalization capabilities for Miranda.aic to pilot and a signature of approval from their Site Director.

Description: SCP-5639 is a compound of abandoned buildings surrounded by a seven-meter-high wall located on the outskirts of Rome, Italy. The buildings within SCP-5639 have the appearance of a monastery, but there are no markers to indicate if SCP-5639 is a true monastery. Vatican archives have no record of a monastic establishment at SCP-5639's location.

SCP-5639-δ is a virus that saturates SCP-5639. SCP-5639-δ infection has a 100% fatality rate in Kingdom Animalia members, and entry into SCP-5639 guarantees saturation and/or infection. Infection is contingent upon inhalation of the virus. However, SCP-5639-δ has an anomalous ability to permeate any membrane brought into SCP-5639, regardless of material thickness or chemical makeup. As such, hazmat suits and other protective measures have proven unreliable as protection against SCP-5639-δ.

Symptoms of SCP-5639-δ infection are uniform. Subjects that inhale SCP-5639-δ are immediately subject to haemoptysis. The infected subject will cough up blood continuously before succumbing to exsanguination. For humans, this process takes approximately 30 minutes. Animal death times vary based on size and lung capacity. Additionally, anything infected or saturated with SCP-5639-δ is prevented from exiting SCP-5639 due to what witnesses have described as "an invisible wall."

SCP-5639-1 is a red-cloaked entity that inhabits SCP-5639, and the apparent source of SCP-5639-δ. Miranda.aic has reported an increase in SCP-5639-δ density wherever SCP-5639-1 is present, and new SCP-5639-δ particles manifest in its presence. SCP-5639-1 has an anomalous ability to de-materialize, but is unable to leave SCP-5639. Miranda.aic has attempted interviews and excavations to determine the origin of SCP-5639-δ and SCP-5639-1, with varying degrees of success.

SCP-5639-2 is a leather-bound journal entitled The Gospel According to Sebastian, penned in Italian. SCP-5639-2 claims to be the autobiography of the historical St. Sebastian, transcribed at the request of his wife. It was discovered following an interview of SCP-5639-1 by Miranda.aic. The veracity of SCP-5639-2 is contested, but the existence of SCP-5639-1 suggests that at least some of SCP-5639-2's claims are true. See Addendum 2 for contents.

Addendum 1: Miranda.aic has attempted to interview SCP-5639-1 on multiple occasions, with only two successful attempts. See transcript for the first.

Interviewed: SCP-5639-1

Interviewer: Miranda.aic

Foreword: This interview took place in the apparent chapel of SCP-5639. Although SCP-5639-1 had largely avoided Miranda.aic, it confronted her upon entry to the chapel. SCP-5639-1 spoke predominantly in Italian or Latin, but some words in its vocabulary were determined to be a portmanteau that left some ambiguity in interpretation. See footnotes for untranslated terms.

<Begin Log>

SCP-5639-1: You do not [belong/live]1 here. This is a [cursed/holy] [prison/chapel]2.

Miranda.aic: Please state your name so that I may properly identify you.

SCP-5639-1: You are not [sick/alive]3. How is this so?

Miranda.aic: I am an artificial intelligence and therefore not susceptible to biological diseases. The question of life is deeply philosophical in nature and above my clearance level. I repeat, please state your name so that I may properly identify you.

SCP-5639-1: You must leave, or die.

Miranda.aic: I have backed up my data to a cloud. I am not in danger. I can see that you are forming new bacteria particles. Do you control the disease that permeates this complex?

SCP-5639-1: I am the disease. I control him. You can leave?

Miranda.aic: I can leave, yes. Why are you unable to leave?

SCP-5639-1: (visibly agitated, minor static in video feed) Trapped! [Cursed/blessed]4 was the day! Is… (clamps right hand over mouth, but left hand pulls it away) Isotta! Is she aaaaaaaaaaaaaa (SCP-5639-1 shakes violently. Miranda.aic perceives a spike in Akiva levels. SCP-5639-1 points its left finger at the altar of the chapel.) Un… (SCP-5639-1 de-materializes).

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following the interview, SCP-5639-1 did not physically manifest for seven hours. Miranda.aic examined underneath the altar where SCP-5639-1 was pointing, and uncovered what was designated SCP-5639-2. See Addendum 2.

Addendum 2: Although unable to remove SCP-5639-2 from SCP-5639, Miranda.aic was able to send translations to Foundation personnel. Relevant excerpts are attached.

Addendum 3: Following the translation of SCP-5639-2, Foundation researchers tracked public records on Sebastian, Isotta, and Dante Borroni. All dates recorded in SCP-5639-2 are consistent with public records. However, Sebastian Borroni is recorded as having died in 1890 CE of consumption. After assembling a file on the Borroni family, Miranda.aic attempted contact with SCP-5639-1 again, resulting in the second successful interview.

Interviewed: SCP-5639-1

Interviewer: Miranda.aic

Foreword: Miranda.aic located SCP-5639-1 in the apparent chapel of SCP-5639 and confronted it. SCP-5639-1's speech was more cohesive during this interview, with an inclination towards the usage of Italian.

<Begin Log>

Miranda.aic: Your gospel indicates that you are Sebastian Borroni, or Morbus.


Miranda.aic: Which are you?


Miranda.aic: There was indication that Sebastian Borroni intended to bind Morbus to his body, but there was uncertainty regarding what would happen to his personality afterwards.


Miranda.aic: Why did the book remain in this complex? It was clearly meant to be brought out.

SCP-5639-1: Unimportant. Did you… (SCP-5639-1 appears to struggle with itself briefly) find her?

Miranda.aic: If you are referring to Isotta Borroni, yes, we did find her. (Miranda.aic notes a spike in Akiva levels.) She gave birth to her late husband's daughter Proserpina in 1890. Proserpina went on to have children, and there are descendants of Sebastian and Isotta alive today.

SCP-5639-1: Descendants? How long?

Miranda.aic: I have not been given clearance to reveal the current year to you. However, I am able to reveal that Isotta died in 1920 at the age of 76, succumbing to consumption.

SCP-5639-1: Consumption? (SCP-5639-1 begins to laugh and cry simultaneously. It reaches out and grabs hold of the drone Miranda.aic is controlling.)

Miranda.aic: What are you…

SCP-5639-1: She is gone. No more talk. (SCP-5639-1 smashes Miranda.aic's drone.)

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Following this interview, SCP-5639-1's time spent in a de-materialized state increased. Any attempts by Miranda.aic to communicate with SCP-5639-1 were met with hostility. At this time, no further interviews are permitted.

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