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Item#: 5638
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The pincer of an SCP-5638-A instance

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-5638-A are to be kept within Site-17. All SCP-5638-A instances are to remain in isolated containment chambers for at least 12 hours a day. Their diet is to consist of shrimp, fish, and barnacles. All SCP-5638-A instances are to be fed at least twice every twelve hours. Other instances of SCP-5638-A are not to be mentioned in the presence of a single instance. If an SCP-5638-A instance asks about the whereabouts of other instances, it is to be told that all other instances have been terminated and that the instance in question is the last of its kind.
Marine patrol is to be enforced to prevent any unauthorized sea vessels from unintentionally detecting or entering SCP-5638-B.

Description: SCP-5638-A is a collection of 70 semi aquatic humanoids. Despite possessing a humanoid stature (with arms, a torso, legs, etc.), these entities are more notably similar to a Cancer Bellianus.1 Each instance of SCP-5638-A is encased in a hard carapace that protects their vital organs. Additionally, each SCP-5638-A instance's head possesses a saucer-like shape that retains the previously described carapace. Two dichoptic eyes are located on the top of each head, as well as two mandibles retained on the lower half. They also have the ability to speak English, Greek, and Romanian.
All SCP-5638-A instances display an inherent form of hostility and agitation. If an SCP-5638-A instance comes into contact with another instance, this hostility will shift to physical violence. Another common behavior that all instances display is an obsessive fascination with stars and constellations.
SCP-5638-B is a large island from which SCP-5638-A was first discovered. SCP-5638-B is approximately 2700 km sq. and is is located at coordinates 37 °N, 20 °W within the Ionian Sea. SCP-5638-B is completely invisible to any sea vessel outside 50 meters of its perimeter.2 During daytime, SCP-5638-B presents no immediate anomalous behavior. However, if a person were to enter SCP-5638-B during nighttime, no stars would be visible in the sky.

Addendum-5638-A: Incident Report
During an annual supply of resources at Site-17, various cargo was destroyed due to an unexpected storm, including a portion of the resources required for SCP-5638-A. This caused a certain SCP-5638-A instance to shout loudly and lead a riot. The riot resulted in all of the SCP-5638-A instances to fight each other for the resources that had arrived. Despite being told that more supplies were being sent within a day, the SCP-5638-A instances refused to stop fighting. The resources that had made it to Site-17 had been destroyed due to the incident. An interview was then conducted with the SCP-5638-A instance that had been primarily responsible for the incident (see Interview Log-5638). 58 SCP-5638-A instances were critically injured, and 12 were terminated.

Addendum-5638-B: Following the events of Incident Report-5638, a proper behavioral analysis was proposed in order to better understand SCP-5638-A. Two SCP-5638-A instances were isolated in a locked containment chamber for approximately 20 minutes with limb restraints. The conversation between each instance (henceforth designated as Subject A and Subject B respectively), was recorded.

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