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4/5632 LEVEL 4/5632
Item #: SCP-5632

An SCP-5632 instance in containment

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-5632 are currently contained in a Type-C Containment Aquarium Tank equipped with bulletproof glass, located in Wing B of Site-22. Only one instance should be withdrawn at a time, and only for study or healthcare purposes.

Description: SCP-5632 designates a previously unknown subspecies of Pterois fish1.

SCP-5632 does not present noticeably different physical characteristics from those of the fish of the Scorpaeniformes order; however, SCP-5632 instances are capable of causing small explosions to scare off predators, stun, and hunt down prey.

These explosions have been identified as similar to those resulting from detonating a plutonium bomb, but on a much smaller scale, as they present slight traces of ionizing radiation and electromagnetic pulses. SCP-5632's explosions do not present serious damage to human health, being only capable of causing injuries similar to those caused by bullet impacts; however, long exposure to said explosions can result in mild radiation poisoning symptoms.

Unlike common Pterois fish, SCP-5632 instances' dorsal stingers are not completely functional and cannot inject poison; instead, they store biological analogs of uranium and plutonium which are emptied after a few rounds of explosions. It is theorized that SCP-5632 instances are capable of synthesizing those components from the nutrients they consume, although the method by which they do it is not entirely clear2.




An SCP-5632 instance during its recovery

SCP-5632 was initially discovered on November 12th, 2010, during the sinking of commercial cargo, later identified as the property of GoI-115 ("Radiosol"), near Isla de Sacrificios, Veracruz, México. The investigations undertaken in the area were not able to elucidate a specific reason for the sinking of the ship, although it was theorized that it could be the product of internal sabotage, non-anomalous failures of the vessel, or [DATA EXPUNGED].

Naval Task Force Delta-8 ("Hellsinkers") and Mobile Task Force Rho-16 ("King Retrieves") were sent to the area to secure the recovered material and rescue possible survivors, respectively. 23 individuals were found near the cargo, later confirmed to be part of its crew, and, upon questioning, all the subjects claimed to have no knowledge of GoI-115 or the contents of the tanks on board as they were only on a common commercial voyage. Whether the SCP-5632 specimens were illegally entered or the members of the cargo were deliberately not informed of the delivery's content is still under discussion.

Numerous non-anomalous utensils, various documents, and multiple instances of SCP-5632 could also be recovered from the area. Once the cargo was fully inspected, searches were undertaken in the vicinity to capture more specimens of SCP-5632, which at the time were mistaken for non-anomalous lionfish that would be harmful to the environment.

SCP-5632's anomalous properties were not to be discovered until shortly after their temporary transfer to Site-22, during which time they began to cause multiple detonations for the purpose of attacking members of both Task Forces and breaking free from their containers. Seven members from Delta-8 and twelve from Rho-16 were injured but were able to successfully deliver all the instances to the Site.



Below are the documents that could be recovered from the sunken cargo.

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