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5/5631 LEVEL 5/5631
Item #: SCP-5631


Sunrise seen from the Bay of Maynila, Philippines upon the discovery of SCP-5631. Note that the time at the moment is only 4:30 A.M.

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-5631 currently remains inert at coordinates 14°04'10.3"N 116°16'19.9"E. Due to its extreme mass, Provisional Site-120 has been established 10 kilometers away from SCP-5631's head. As it is located in the middle of Maritime Southeast Asia, extensive traffic along sea routes and shipping lanes necessitate the dispersal of Class-A memetic agents to non-Foundation individuals sighting it from trawlers and ships. Cover Story-100 ("Oil Spill") is implemented to deter travel through the region.

The Foundation has organized a navy for monitoring and researching SCP-5631. Durability tests, chemical analyses, and thaumaturgical experiments are to be conducted on SCP-5631 on a mass scale, with special focus aimed at its ontokinetic capabilities. Drones and submarines are to be employed to scan SCP-5631's body in detail.

The Department of History is tasked with investigating SCP-5631's connections to the Philippines in terms of mythologies, incidents, and ventures undertaken in the past, particularly during lunar eclipses. Low Hume readings detected on the lunar surface are the current foci, as they indicate that they extensively link back to Earth, particularly the Philippines.

The cadaver of SCP-5631-1, alongside the ship it used, the S.R. Inang Bayan, is currently stored in Site-430, located in Batangas City, Philippines. Its identity and former connections to GoI-503 ("Aviatica").A journalistic organization that primarily documents anomalous events. are to be investigated.

Reports of mass hysteria and "déjà vu" events among Filipino citizens, abroad or not, are to be verified, with selected individuals recommended for psychological testing. Key phrases for ascertaining their memories are "clanging or metallic noises", "serpent", and "new life".

DESCRIPTION: SCP-5631 is an inactive black serpentine entity weighing 1200 kg and having a length of approximately 750 kilometers. It is located 1200 km away from the shores of Greater Maynila, Philippines. It is currently shedding its scales, which are made of thaumaturgically-enhanced keratine, cosmine, and lamellar bone.

The day before SCP-5631's discovery, witness reports from Samar and Cebu indicated that a large, multicolored serpentine entity flew rapidly from the sea and towards the moon, although the reports were ambiguous and contained conflicting details. This has been partially corroborated by footage obtained from Foundation satellites, although further verification is required due to severe data corruption.

Several details have been deemed sufficiently consistent:

SCP-5631-1 refers to a middle-aged human female. Aside from several bruises on its limbs and its head, it has suffered from a severe hemorrhage in the lungs, followed by a fatal embolism. Upon discovery in its trawler, it was wearing a tattered uniform belonging to a high-ranking journalist or officer of Aviatica. Attempts to further identify it have ended in failure.

A single notebook has been found on its hands. It does not contain any text, save for the Latin sentence "Consummatum est"."It has been done." in English. inscribed on its back cover. Other documents found in the ship it was onboard, the S.R. Inang Bayan, are heavily protected by antimemetic agents, although several deciphered articles were found to be modules, checklists, and manuals meant for Project BAKUNAWA, deemed a top priority in cross-referenced Aviatican documents.

Additionally, the S.R. Inang Bayan was found in the middle of a levitating thaumaturgic circle constructed from abaca fibers, bamboo stilts, and Arabian jasmine.Also known as sampaguita, the national flower of the country. cuttings. The circle had a radius of approximately 1.5 km.

Background research on SCP-5631 indicates a connection to the Bakunawa, a sea serpent featured prominently in Visayan mythologies. All occurring during a lunar eclipse, its effects are said to be catastrophic, in the form of typhoons, tsunamis, and earthquakes. The moon is a key part of the myth, as ingesting it is one of the main goals of the Bakunawa.

Beliefs of pre-colonial Filipinos indicate that clanging pans and metallic objects were used to attempt to deter it from heading towards the moon.

UPDATE: Further decryption of the notebook has revealed the following text on Page 24. It is primarily composed of code-switching between English and Filipino, which is markedly different from the current government's more purist approach to the language:

Escriter has told me that we, Aviatica, have already successfully asked Bakunawa six times to do it in the past.This corresponds with the myth that the said entity has ingested six moons.. We have to do it again unless we want to die out, and I have volunteered myself for it. It's March 25, 2035 na.

The smell of taho.A popular hot beverage that uses tapioca pearls., tuyo.Dried anchovies., and the swaying of mango and coconut trees in the area. The honking of the jeepneys and the roars of the tricycles. The shouts of the vendors' "TAHO!", "PARA!".A signal for jeepney drivers to stop. and "SALE!". Perhaps I, along with everyone else will still miss them all.

Well, that was what we had for almost 20 years. Walang pinagbago talaga.Nothing really changed. - [[unintelligible.]]

He did tell me that everyone - every Filipino - would still live on, though, in a better state. Baka nga noh, na it's a fair enough deal.

I once believed that, ano, as a journalist, the voice of the pen and the people are enough to turn things around. However, it does not. Manila is still a shadow of what it could be, with all the bungled telephone lines, bullet-ridden streets, cracked roads, and the luxury houses of the politicians whose sidewalks are lined by bony fishball vendors as well as former company employees and jeepney drivers forced to beg for alms.

He also said to us to keep track of the Foundation, as we rebuild the foundations with the Serpent's help.

Anyway, we will see each other na lang next time. I bet it's gonna be at the Manila Bay… baka it will be clean enough by then for me to make good impressions.

I do have something to ponder upon: "Are the Filipinos in the next life worth dying for?"

Maybe if Aviatica forms again, they can answer that question.

As of now, there are no significant traces of the existence of Aviatica, except for a torn piece of an article bearing its name and logo. Save for the headline, banner photo, and tagline, the rest of the article has been destroyed:



With the Wings of Freedom, Rings the Bell of Progress

12/25/2035 | ISSUE 33, VOLUME 20


PH.Journalistic abbreviation for the Philippines. GDP index to jump from 150th to 7th.The country is currently the second wealthiest country in Southeast Asia, closely trailing Singapore. after Project BAKUNAWA


SUNSET. When the sun sets, Aviatica's Project BAKUNAWA will make the moon roar, alongside the country, for a better sunrise and to make the nation rise above the waters once more.

Are the Filipinos in the next life worth dying for?

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