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Item Number: SCP-5628

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5628 is held in a standard containment locker in the Clearance Level 3 wing of Site-202. Foundation personnel exposed to SCP-5628 outside of testing are to be informed that they will experience persistent, spectral-class hallucinations. However, these are unlikely to cause harm.

Affected personnel are to be deterred from spending time in direct view of the stratosphere by reasonable means, as such activity may disrupt the research environment. Any affected personnel who claim to have witnessed or been affected by occult summoning rituals involving feathered entities are to receive and study a copy of "Mind over Metaphysics"1 from the Site-202 archives.

Description: SCP-5628 is a 40cm tall stone statue of a Renaissance-style angel, holding a sword, in flight. When viewed directly, the statue will point its sword at the viewer and flap its wings, hovering above the ground. If there are multiple viewers it will point at each in turn and, in the event of a visible exit, it will attempt to leave and seek out more people. How this movement is achieved is unknown. Viewers describe experiencing "the sensation of flight" and a feeling of joy and freedom. Following this, they may experience hallucinations of feathered angels or rituals involving such.

In the event of a containment breach SCP-5628 will attempt to escape by flying away and will defend itself with its sword and wings. However, it cannot fly more than approximately a metre above the ground and its sword, being made of stone, is not particularly effective. Personnel should restrain it and return it to its locker.

This leads to a mild compulsion to attempt to fly, which increases slightly when in view of the sky. Thus far, only three Foundation personnel - including D-Class - have been injured in attempts to fly as the compulsion is generally not strong enough to overcome self-preservation instincts. Studying and applying the techniques in "Mind over Metaphysics" has proven to be successful in over 95% of cases of exposure.

The number of hallucinations and strength of compulsion appears to suddenly increase every few months, but restudying "Mind over Metaphysics" is successful in re-suppressing these phenomena in affected personnel.

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