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Item #: SCP-5626

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Once every 24 hours, 50 milliliters of human semen are to be ignited in SCP-5626's presence. It currently resides in a standard containment chamber at Site-37, which is kept stockpiled with semen.

Description: SCP-5626 is a 3.3 m tall statue carved from granite. It depicts an entity with an elongated head, four eyes represented with pieces of jade, and numerous tendrils making up its body from the neck down. Two sets of chiropteran wings wrap around its lower half as it stands on a 34 cm high slab. Various geometric shapes are carved on the slab. It is inanimate but exhibits sapience.

The statue is capable of producing sounds to communicate with personal. Whenever it speaks its eyes glow green. How it accomplishes complex communication in its state is unknown.

Objects within 5 m of SCP-5626 can be manipulated by it through unknown mechanisms. In the same range it can telepathically sense the presence of personnel. This ability has allowed it to speak the native language of subjects for ease of communication.

SCP-5626 makes constant demands for daily sacrifices. It has threatened to enact an XK-Class scenario in the event its demand is not satisfied.

Addendum: Recovery and History

SCP-5626 was found within a tomb located in China on 03/19/████ by a Foundation excavation team. Multiple skeletons of humans and animals were found, and it became active to communicate with personnel. Seismic activity immediately accompanied the area. Below is the transcript of an exchange between Dr. Jonah Whittaker and SCP-5626.


SCP-5626: You have foolishly woke me from my slumber. I will flood the world in blood and madness for a thousand years. If you wish to appease me, I demand that you give sacrifice!

Surroundings shake for 6 seconds. Dr. Whittaker tries to maintain his balance.

Dr. Whittaker: We can do that. What kind of sacrifice do you need?

SCP-5626: It won't be cheap, human. This time you must sacrifice millions of your kin in the double digits… In 24 hours!

Another tremor.

Dr. Whittaker: What? How are we suppose to come up with that in such little time?

SCP-5626: I don't know, human. That is your problem. I did not ask to wake up in the first place. Now take it or I destroy this world right now.

Additional tremors occur and Dr. Whittaker hesitates.

SCP-5626: What will it be? You do not have forever.

Dr. Whittaker: Fine! We will give you a sacrifice in exchange for you to spare us.

Seismic activity ceases.

SCP-5626: Deal! No take backs! Good luck and see you at the end of the world in 24 hours, suckers!


An emergency meeting was held shortly after with members of the O5 Council, the Ethics Committee, and Dr. Whittaker. Below is the transcript.

Meeting Log - 5626

Date: 3/19/████


O5-3: You fucked us, Whittaker.

Dr. Whittaker: My apologies, sir, but I only bought us time from a potential XK.

O5-1: Dr. Whittaker is right. At least we were given 24 hours to prevent it. Let us review our options. We will discipline him later.

O5-3: How are we going to sacrifice millions to it?

O5-6: Nuclear bombardment of a couple nations?

E5-1: Absolutely not! We can't just have a nuclear holocaust on our hands! How do you expect to deal with the fallout?

O5-6: What do you suggest then? One, do we really need the Ethics Committee here?

O5-1: Yes, and she makes a reasonable point, Six. Nukes are not completely off the table, but I prefer anything else over it.

Dr. Whittaker: How many D-Class personnel do we have?

O5-2: We have plenty but a majority are necessary for the containment of other anomalies. Besides, we don't have them in the millions to satisfy this god.

E5-3: We would also be forced to acquire D-Class from alternative means if we drain the world's prison population for this.

O5-4: Do we know it is a god? How do we know for sure if it can cause an XK? According to the report it is just a statue.

O5-5: There were quakes in the area whose intensity slowly increased. Further research is being done to determine its full threat if we fail to meet its demand. That gives enough cause for us to believe we are dealing with a genuine threat.

O5-11: How about we use SCP-2000? What is the current status on the repairs? We can sacrifice millions of clones instead if it is able to in its current state. We just have to set it to make clones that expire as soon as they are born.

O5-7: The BZHR units are still out of commission, Eleven. They are also built to only make healthy people that would not die within minutes. That time with the defects was just a malfunction.

O5-10: We can still clone people as sacrifice though.

O5-1: Yes but it will be a Herculean feat to kill millions of clones in the time we have remaining.

E5-6: How do we expect to kill them all humanly?

O5-12: Does it matter when it comes to clones of still living people?

E5-6: All life is equal to me. Even if it is only an imitation of another.

O5-1: May we please stay on topic? Anyway, do you have any suggestions, Dr. Whittaker? Time is of the essence.

O5-3: I am wondering the same thing. He got us into this doomsday clock so he should think of something.

Dr. Whittaker: Um, let me think… What about bombing another Earth from a parallel universe?

E5-1: Absolutely not! That is fucking worse than the nukes! Our counterparts will deliver mutually assured destruction. We end up saving no one if we do that.

O5-8: Does the sacrifice have to be human?

Dr. Whittaker: Yes, it said it had to be our "kin".

O5-3: Again, you fucked us. Hard. You really did, Whittaker. Nukes might be the only way to go about this. It also sounds the most ethical to me. Quick and painless for those caught in the blast.

Dr. Whittaker: Wait, I think I might have an idea!

E5-1: Tell us about it. It must be better than the nuclear option.

Dr. Whittaker: It wasn't specific about what kind of human it wants.

O5-1: What do you mean?

Dr. Whittier: Semen.

O5-1: I beg you pardon?


Foreword: Dr. Whittaker was authorized to enter SCP-5626's chamber with a blow torch, and a petri dish containing human semen. He was accompanied by two security guards.


SCP-5626:. Back so soon? I do not see my sacrifices.

Dr. Whittaker: Don't worry. I got it for you right here.

Dr. Whittaker places the petri dish on a nearby table brought in by one of the security guards.

SCP-5626: What the fuck is this, human? What am I looking at here?

Dr. Whittaker: In this petri dish there are around 20 to 50 million humans. They are just in an undeveloped stage.

SCP-5626: That is ridiculous. There is no way that white paste are millions of humans.

Dr. Whittaker: Watch. I offer them as sacrifice.

Dr. Whittaker places the torch on the petri dish, and ignites the semen. The eyes of SCP-5626 glow brightly as the semen burns.

SCP-5626: Ugh, so they are a bunch of humans! I can taste their essence. I thought you came from dust, not from the ooze of white soup! This is cheating! I expected something classier like a futile ritual with ceremonial daggers! I want a real sacrifice! I am never going to hear the end of this from the others.

Dr. Whittaker: You were not specific and no take backs. Remember?

SCP-5626: That is true, human, and I also never said I cannot demand more sacrifices. How about that? Eventually you will run out of this juice, and I will destroy your world.

Dr. Whittaker: Sure, SCP-5626.

SCP-5626: Try not to get cocky with me.

Petri dish is flown toward the wall of the chamber, shattering upon impact.

SCP-5626: I am only obligated to spare the world, but not you in particular. Now leave me. I have a bad taste in my mouth. Ugh!


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