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Item #: SCP-5623

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All deep-space observatories are to be monitored by remote sensing and imaging satellites in low Earth orbit.

The production and trade of new deep-space telescopes, satellites, and other spatial equipment has been limited to companies where a sufficient number of undercover Foundation personnel are present in order to successfully implant a Binary_Star.aic file in all related hardware.

All data on SCP-5623 collected by telescopes, satellites, probes, drones, rovers, and other spatial equipment is to be intercepted by the Foundation AI "Binary Star", saved in the Foundation database, and subsequently deleted from public records. Those who witness the anomaly are to be administered Class B amnestics.

Personnel with Level 4 Clearance studying extraterrestrial anomalies may access the stored data.

Description: SCP-5623 is a dark metallic spacecraft roaming through space. It is the first extraterrestrial spacecraft observed by the Foundation and was discovered 54 years before the first manmade spacecraft1 and 57 years before the first manned spacecraft2 existed. Although it cannot be confirmed due to the difficulty of acquiring a sample, SCP-5623 is presumably made from an alloy of palladium and black rhodium. It has a frame in the form of an oblate spheroid with an outer chamber on the bottom side which presumably serves as a control room.

The identity of the pilot or crew (designated as SCP-5623-1) is currently unknown. SCP-5623 is always traveling towards a highly unstable or dying star. Upon arrival, the star will immediately vanish. How this occurs and the reason for these actions are yet to be determined.


An LZ 127 Zeppelin

Discovery: On 4 December 1872, Ferdinand von Zeppelin claimed that he saw SCP-5623 with his telescope. He was administered amnestics; however, due to the lower quality amnestics available at the time, fragments of the memory of SCP-5623 remained in von Zeppelin's subconscious.

Presumably due to these fragments, von Zeppelin showed a rapidly increasing interest in air-travel. After internal discussion, Foundation administrative staff decided to allow von Zeppelin to invent new aircraft with undercover personnel beside him as manual laborers in his employ. It was anticipated that von Zeppelin would eventually develop an aircraft based on the design of SCP-5623. Currently, the LZ 127 Zeppelin is the most accurate representation, albeit significantly smaller in size.

On 28 August 1903, several Foundation Astronomers observed an object matching von Zeppelin's description near the Orion Nebula in the Milky Way Galaxy through a telescope. It was then designated SCP-5623.

On 25 February 1955, the Foundation successfully launched the probes from the Beholder line in space to detect and study extraterrestrial anomalies. Whilst the Beholder Line has proven itself invaluable, it has yet to observe SCP-5623.

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