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Item #: SCP-5622

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Any information regarding the current whereabouts of SCP-5622-A are to be investigated by a Foundation detective. Following the events of Addendum 5622-5, the computer storing SCP-5622 is to be contained within an inanimate object containment unit. If any non-human entity is observed within 5583 Custobidus Street or SCP-5622-A’s previous prison cell, SCP-5622's containment procedures, and description are to be revised to note the aforementioned entity.

Description: SCP-5622 is a digital folder labeled "Your Indoor Neighbor", stored within a Dell XPS 13 laptop. SCP-5622 contains a series of Word documents referred to as SCP-5622-1, which are written in a standard letter format. The apparent narrator of SCP-5622-1 resides within 5583 Custobidus Street, Syracuse, NY. Although no physical proof of the aforementioned narrator exists, research staff are reminded that the events within Addendum 5622-1, 3, 4, and 5 would imply otherwise.

SCP-5622-A is a non-anomalous human female by the name “Analiese Gilowski” and is the previous owner of 5583 Custobidus Street, and the computer in which SCP-5622 exists.

Recovery Log: SCP-5622-A contacted their local police station, complaining of a stalker within their place of residence. The call was deemed a false police report and SCP-5622-A was charged with a misdemeanor. Two weeks proceeding this event, SCP-5622-A contacted the police again. A human femur was found within 5583 Custobidus Street and SCP-5622-A was arrested and interrogated. Being found guilty of first-degree murder, they were sent to Groveland Correctional Facility and remained incarcerated until the events of Addendum 5622-5. The nature of the breach drew the Foundation's attention, and SCP-5622 was discovered after a thorough investigation.

Addendum 5622-1:
The following entries are the remaining SCP-5622-1 files. The context within the files indicates that there were additional manifestations, although they were likely deleted by either SCP-5622-A or SCP-5622 itself. Succeeding SCP-5622-A‘s initial contact to their police station, they downloaded a webcam software that takes photographs while the laptop is unlocked.

Addendum 5622-2: SCP-5622-A has been incarcerated for being guilty of first-degree murder. Their testimony to convince the jury otherwise was deemed false; the information is insufficient to either prove or disprove the existence of the "Indoor Neighbor".

Addendum 5622-3: The following document was found stored on the prison's Head Officer's work computer. They dismissed it as a prank.

Dear guardian,
I remember those grocery bags Anny used to bring in. When it rained, sometimes the bags would break and everything would spill out and make a mess. I am that bag. You don't understand, I need her. I'll go back to how I was before her, a monster, no, a murderer. If you don't give her back, I will make your home mine. I will find her. You can't hide her. She's scared of you. I can smell it from here.

Your Indoor Neighbor

Addendum 5622-4: SCP-5622-A made several complaints of a putrid smell emanating from their cell’s ventilation system. Subsequent investigation revealed a human femur with some residual soft tissue at the base of the shaft feeding SCP-5622-A’s cell. Genetic testing of the femur is ongoing.

Addendum 5622-5: SCP-5622-A breached security and has not been located. Security cameras within SCP-5622-A's hallway were cut two days prior to the event and were being replaced the next day. No traces of SCP-5622-A's escape exist, save for two screws missing from their ventilation grate, and the following audio file, captured from a neighboring cell.

Begin Log:

Unidentified Voice: Hello Anny.

[A metalic impact is heard]

SCP-5622-A: Who- what the hell?

Unidentified Voice: I have waited so long to finally meet you in person.

SCP-5622-A: What the hell? Help please!

Unidentified Voice: I hope that we can still stay friends after I let you be kidnapped and all, but you did keep me waiting for a long time. Now we have all the time we need!

SCP-5622-A: No, no, please. Leave me alone.

Unidentified Voice: You have no idea how much I've wanted a friend like you.

SCP-5622-A: Help me!

[A similar metallic impact is heard, proceeding several receding thuds]

End Log

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