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by PlaguePJP

Item#: 5620
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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The location of SCP-5620's initial recovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5620 is to be held in an outdoor biological containment cell with direct access to an outdoor wooded area. SCP-5620 is to be provided with a daily supply of meat1 and water, as well as one barrel of ale per week. Singular pieces of paper and writing utensils are to be provided to the entity at its discretion or for testing purposes. These items are to be confiscated once SCP-5620 has completed its writing.

Description: SCP-5620 is a seven-meter long, serpentine entity originally discovered in Northern Italy. Its characteristics are as follows:

  • A disproportionately large head, measuring 3 meters wide.
  • Two red, oblong eyeballs without pupils.
  • Two small horns extending out of its forehead.
  • A large maw that extends to the middle of the entity's cheeks. Lining its mouth are two rows of serrated teeth.

SCP-5620 is coated in a thick layer of fur similar in composition to the Common Alpine species of goat.

SCP-5620 has shown a minor degree of sapience, though it is either unaware of the Foundation's attempts at conversing with it or is simply reluctant to comply. Should it choose to do so, it will write in metered poetry with its tail or writing instrument.2 SCP-5620's writing shows minor anomalous properties: readers of any language are able to understand its poems; rhyme scheme, overall tone, and grammatical errors will translate as well. The subjects of these poems have differed, though are often related to Foundation personnel it has interacted with.

Addendum 5620.1: Discovery

SCP-5620 was discovered on January 6th, 1994 in the village of Andrista in Lombardy, Italy after multiple reports from the area of livestock being stolen by a large snake. Mobile Task Force Zeta-66 "Guardian Angels" was tasked with confirming these reports, quickly discovering SCP-5620 consuming a hog within a nearby forest where it was tranquilized and captured.

SCP-5620 awakened inside of its transport van and became belligerent, ramming itself into the side of its cell in an attempt to escape. It stopped this pursuit after ten minutes. Upon removal from the van, the sentences, 'Dirty soldier capture I. Little they know that one lie. Promote is what Garriolo desire. Captain, watch out for it may get dire.' were carved into a metal wall with its horn.

Captain Paolo Lucia later uncovered multiple false complaints written by Agent Garriolo in an attempt to usurp the role of team lead from him.

Addendum 5620.2: Attempts at Interviews

Director Joseph Pasqua attempted to converse with SCP-5620 on five separate occasions. It refused to comply, even after being offered double its daily intake. Dir. Pasqua later returned to SCP-5620's containment chamber with writing utensils after witnessing SCP-5620 write a line of poetry in the soil below it. SCP-5620 accepted the writing materials but once again dismissed Pasqua's requests for an interview before delivering a finished poem.

Sir Joesph Pasqua of Sicily
Tired of his job, I see
Sir Joesph Pasqua comes to I
Droning on, does he stop? Nigh.
Annoying man sir Pasqua be
Go away, cease plaguing me.
Should he refuse, mad I get.
This I do so he no forget.

Upon finishing the poem, SCP-5620 soaked Dir. Pasqua with its water bucket and tossed its pen at his head before consuming its daily meal. Dir. Pasqua assigned the role of Head Researcher to Researcher Justin Thomas following this incident.

Addendum 5620.3: Researcher Thomas

Upon a single interaction with SCP-5620, Researcher Thomas was delivered a slip of paper. Security footage shows Thomas making multiple attempts against SCP-5620's life for at the time unknown reasons after reading the verse. An onsite security guard terminated Researcher Thomas to protect SCP-5620 and later recovered the poem.

Today the day where you go forth,
In they eyes you increase your worth.
Steal and take and use you shall,
'Tis all you know and never disavow.
Do nothing wrong, always do good.
I believe I no say no falsehood.
Spare myself and loyal be me.
With you, declare 'Viva la Insurgency.'

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