Item#: SCP-5618
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Department of Temporal Anomalies

Special Containment Procedures: When SCP-5618 is imminent, the O5 Council must review the following instructions and arrange for their dissemination.. And Researcher Zorić must bear witness to the end. [SZ]|. It's just another SCP file, Stephen. I'm reviewing your work now, we're publishing soon. [AF]

All staff must receive and review all instructions at or below their security clearance levels.

Foundation operations must otherwise continue as per usual.

Clearance Level 0 Instructions . Make it clear that we're not actually sending the Level 0 'instructions'. [AF]

No instructions.

Clearance Level 1-3 Instructions . Takes an apocalypse for us to acknowledge that we're mostly in the same boat. [AF]

The Foundation is presently addressing a world-wide crisis necessitating the complete lockdown of all facilities. You are confined to your duty station, and restricted to on-site communications. You must continue to perform your assigned duties, as these are necessary for the maintenance of our Veil of secrecy and the continuation of life on Earth.

All Security Clearance Level 0 personnel are to be immediately terminated.. Seems harsh. [SZ]|. Can't afford any last-minute ball fumbles. [AF]

A psychological assessment team will visit you to determine your emotional and intellectual needs during this crisis.

Clearance Level 4 Instructions . Make certain that this information only goes out to the Site Directors and O5, Stephen. It's instant panic in a packet. [AF]

A Class-CK reality altering event is imminent.

Anomalies capable of persisting past a timeline collapse are to be decommissioned where possible.

A psychological assessment team will visit each staff member to determine their intellectual and emotional stability under these circumstances and, if necessary, terminate them.. Saw that twist coming. [SZ]

Evacuation to persistent alternate dimensions and timelines will begin shortly.

Clearance Level 5+ Instructions . Integrate this into the Special Containment Procedures proper. The file is already O5-eyes only (minus lucky you, and lucky me). [AF]

A Class-CK reality altering event is imminent.

Evacuation to persistent alternate dimensions and timelines is barred by the Multi-Foundation Pact of 1981, as is the transfer of goods or information. The O5 Council is charged with the maintenance of order during this difficult transition.

Description: SCP-5618 is the erasure of the alternate timeline we inhabit, following a successful attempt to restore baseline reality via historical intervention.. Yay us. Do we get to know how that happened? [SZ]|.Not likely. But this is all about to disappear anyway, so… [AF]


This file is a placeholder, not presently in use.. What's this notice still doing here? The file is going live today! Make absolutely, completely certain you've removed this, and our annotations, before publishing! [AF] The Containment Class, Disruption Class, Risk Class, Special Containment Procedures and Description are blank because the intended subject is theoretical. Timelines where it has existed have by definition already themselves ceased to exist, or will shortly.

— Dr. Alice Forth, Director, DoTA


This file is undergoing revision to reflect changing circumstances.. Been a pleasure, Dr. Forth. [SZ]|. Goodbye, Stephen. [AF] To determine whether a newer version is available, please activate the "REFRESH FILE" prompt located immediately beneath this notice.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA


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