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Item#: 5617
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Artwork recovered from the victim of an SCP-5617 incident

Containment Procedures: SCP-5617 is currently uncontained and its location unknown. All attempts to locate and contain SCP-5617 have resulted in failure. Containment procedures are being generated continuously should SCP-5617 choose to appear to Foundation personnel and staff.

Description: SCP-5617 is a humanoid anomaly with a head resembling a North American grizzly bear. Its jaw is supported by exactly four progressively rusted steel bars. The interior of its mouth is pitch black aside from an indistinct blue glow emanating from within. Five pale claw mark scars sit diagonally across its left eye.

SCP-5617 is hypothesized to (definitively by first hand encounters and reports) display the identity of a deceased human being. The deceased members are heard from by loved ones or their living counterparts only one or two times in their residence within SCP-5617. The following effects are included in visual, audible, and physical interactions with SCP-5617:

  • Using wind currents to create an indistinct but familiar speaking voice
  • A feeling of familiarity induced within approximately three meters from SCP-5617
  • A body temperature of approximately 37 Celsius when physically interacting
  • Involuntary tears

SCP-5617 is not inherently malicious, but is unable to be contained due to its method of transport. When it decides its interaction is complete, SCP-5617 will deconstruct into a luminescent blue vapor. This has been confirmed by multiple incident reports from those in contact with SCP-5617. Timelines between each interaction show that SCP-5617 can appear approximately 3.5 kilometers in distance from its previous location.

The current motives of SCP-5617 range from a final meeting with a loved one to assisting Iota-10 operatives in solving cases that have otherwise fallen cold in years prior. It leaves clues at locations it knows Iota-10 will arrive at or come across. The motives of SCP-5617’s host, however, is regarded as “protection of souls from a fate worse than his own” (quoted from Detective Cameron Oliver, henceforth referred to as PoI-5617, in an interview). It is unsure exactly how many identities reside within SCP-5617, and it is believed that new identities are being contained within SCP-5617 constantly.

The following addendums are research logs and personal encounters recorded by Detective PoI-5617. Mobile Task Force Iota-10 has since been dispatched on several instances to confiscate PoI-5617’s records.

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