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Item #: SCP-5614

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5614 is currently contained in Site-19's Anomalous Item Storage Locker, and may be removed for testing purposes by any personnel with Level 3 clearance or above. Further investigation into the nature and extent of SCP-5614's anomalous properties is ongoing.

Description: SCP-5614 (formerly Anomalous Item #3439) is an anomalous copy of Storm Front, a studio album released in 1989 by American singer-songwriter Billy Joel. SCP-5614's anomalous properties will manifest once the song We Didn't Start the Fire is played.

The song, which references various political, social and cultural changes between the 1940s and the present day, will play as normal until the 4:50 mark, where it extends to include an additional five verses, lasting a total of ten minutes and forty-five seconds. These extended lyrics reference numerous persons and places of unknown significance, several of which are believed to be non-existent. Interviews conducted with both Mr. Joel and senior management at The Hit Factory recording studio has revealed that neither were aware of SCP-5614's existence.

Discovery: SCP-5614 was first discovered on 01-08-1990, after Usenet user James Cunningham posted to about a record he had purchased from a local retail in his hometown of Sterling Heights, Michigan, which he claimed to contain a previously unknown extended version of We Didn't Start the Fire. While other users were initially skeptical of these claims, Cunningham later uploaded a file containing the extended lyrics. This thread caught Foundation attention, and Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ('City Slickers') were dispatched to investigate.

SCP-5614 was seized, with Class-A amnestics administered to both Mr. Cunningham and his wife, with the Usenet thread subsequently removed. SCP-5614 was designated Anomalous Item #3439 on 01-11-1990.

Addendum-1: The following is an extract from the extended version of We Didn't Start the Fire featured on SCP-5614:

Desert Storm, Rodney King, Yeltsin, Rabin back again,
Weaver, Clinton, Ross Perot, World Trade Center, Waco,
Nafta(?), Cobain suicide, Nelson, Tutsi genocide,
Forrest Gump1, Tim McVeigh, OJ Simpson DNA,
Million Man, North Cape, Dolly, Shakur, Heaven's Gate,
Princess Di waves goodbye, Monica and Columbine

Addendum-2: In August 1990, a coalition of 35 nations, led by the United States, waged war against Iraq following its annexation of Kuwait, which was codenamed Operation Desert Storm. Prior to this, Foundation agents embedded in US intelligence agencies noted the apparent reference to Desert Storm contained in the version of We Didn't Start the Fire featured on SCP-5614. Following the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police in March 1991, SCP-5614 was given SCP status, and classified as Safe. As of 04-30-1991, a number of individuals, including Soviet Chairman Boris Yeltsin, Arkansas Governor William Clinton, and football running back OJ Simpson, are currently being monitored in order to determine the extent of SCP-5614's apparent predictive capabilities.

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