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Item #: SCP-5613 Level 3/5613
Object Class: Euclid Classified


The border of Containment Site-5613, near the SCP-5613-C filtration system.

Special Containment Procedures: All aspects of SCP-5613 are to be contained in situ within Containment Site-5613 and regularly patrolled for intruders. Any non-Foundation personnel who approach are to be dissuaded through Standard Cover Story 25-Tsevaoth (Military Drill). If they continue, they are to be taken offsite, questioned regarding SCP-5613, and amnesticized. Personnel are not to be questioned onsite.

On the grounds of Containment Site-5613 it is forbidden to engage in any form of spoken argument. Theoretical debates, for instance, debates as to the nature of SCP-5613, are to be conducted solely using an online server Following the Akhnai Event of Post-Containment Incident B, all debate or discussion, written or spoken, is forbidden on the grounds of Containment Site-5613. An offsite location has been installed for any and all theoretical debates, and staff are forbidden from engaging in any conversation excluding objective note-taking and containment-related orders.

SCP-5613-A is to be regularly monitored for erosion damage. If an Akhnai Event occurs, the Containment Site-5613 Assistant Director is to shake his or her fist in its direction and recite Ritual Phrases 5613-A #1—3 in Tiberian Hebrew, Western Aramaic, and Koine Greek respectively.

SCP-5613-B is to be pruned, watered and harvested as appropriate for a non-anomalous Ceratonia siliqua tree of its size. Its fruits are non-anomalous and staff are permitted to consume them for personal use. If an Akhnai Event occurs, containment staff are to immediately ensure that its new location is surrounded by Containment Site-5613 land for more than more that 200 meters in any direction.

A filtration system is to be installed just past the western end of SCP-5613-C to catch and dispose of any dead free-swimming complex organisms. As per the Haifa Accords of 1962 the Israeli government is to tacitly increase the liquid sewage flow into the Wadi Sorek, so as to make it inhospitable for free-swimming complex organisms. Swimming in SCP-5613-C is expressly forbidden.4

When an Akhnai Event occurs, holders of the minority opinion are to be immediately removed from the grounds of Containment Site-5613, and staff members are to follow Procedure 5613-Yovel in its entirety.

Description: SCP-5613 is the collective term used for a series of three related anomalies found in a field just north of Yavneh in the Central District of Israel.

A close-up of the texture of SCP-5613-A

SCP-5613-A is an unhewn, unmortared stone wall approximately 45 meters in length, 20 centimeters in width, and 3.5 meters in height. SCP-5613-A is, as of 29-9-2019, tilted at a 43° angle. This is substantially greater than the critical angle of repose for unmortared stones, yet SCP-5613-A holds its form without collapsing.

During Akhnai Events, SCP-5613-A steadily increases its tilt until an assistant director or equivalent position of authority recites RP-5613-A #1—3 in Tiberian Hebrew, Western Aramaic, and Koine Greek.

Akhnai Events are triggered on certain occasions when a debate occurs in the region demarcated by Containment Site-5613. Requirements for an Akhnai Event occurence include:

  • that the debate features a majority opinion and a minority opinion
  • that holders of the minority opinion believe themselves to be "put upon" or "targeted" by the majority
  • that holders of the majority opinion consider appeal to authority to be a logical fallacy
  • that the debate has an objectively correct answer6
  • the debate grows heated7

Alongside the previously listed effects of an Akhnai Event, the triggering debate will continue and increase in vitriol until every holder of the minority opinion is removed from the site. Attempted mediators will without exception be drawn into the debate, in all recorded cases joining the side of the majority opinion. When an Akhnai Event lasts longer than three solar hours8, the likelihood of violence increases dramatically, as holders of the minority opinion sometimes develop anomalous abilities. This stage is to be avoided at all costs.

SCP-5613 was first contained in 1863 by the Sihirlerin Taburi9. After the First World War, the Sihirlerin Taburi was disbanded and all of its holdings in the Mandate of Palestine came under the auspices of Her Majesty's Foundation for the Secure Containment of the Paranormal (HMFSCP), which was incorporated in its entirety into the modern Foundation. The records of the Sihirlerin Taburi were largely lost during the turmoil of World War I, so it is unclear how they first came across SCP-5613, but it is known to have existed substantially longer than than according to ancient records (see Historical Incidents A and B).


Incident Date: Approx. 12th century BCE

Incident Description: This incident is the earliest known Akhnai Event, found in only one record. According to the account10, a local Danite warrior by the name of Shimshon fell in love with a woman by the name of Delilah in the Wadi Sorek region, and the woman betrayed him to the Philistine officials in the region. The Philistines then proceeded to mock and abuse Shimshon for hours, up to the point where he grew enraged, acquired anomalous strength, and singlehandedly destroyed their place of worship.

Conclusions: Little can be concluded from this incident due to the lack of direct sources, but it does demonstrate that SCP-5613 long predates what was previously thought to be its origin.

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