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Item #: SCP-5611

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5611 is to be confined to a cage located in a sound-proof chamber. Personnel assigned to SCP-5611 must be inoculated against rabies. Interactions with it are to be performed through automatic means.

Description: SCP-5611 is an adult male Rottweiler (Canis lupus familiaris) whose body exhibits a temporal loop.

The head of SCP-5611 violently explodes every 12 minutes as it is accompanied by the sound of a gunshot, however, no bullet is ever observed. It will be deceased for 6 seconds before its body resets, which demanifests all scattered biomass from the surroundings. The fragments of its skull have been observed to burst out at varying high velocities, which can result in possible injury to nearby individuals. The loop does not limit the autonomy of SCP-5611. It is able to perform whatever action it desires before its sudden death.

The specimen is also infected with rabies at the late stages of infection. As a result, it is hostile and prone to biting. It has never been observed to advance further into the infection to expire from respiratory arrest, presumably due to the temporal anomaly. However, the virus progresses normally in subjects SCP-5611 infects through bite.

Attempts at euthanasia mandated by the Ethics Committee1 (see Addendum 01) revealed that SCP-5611 cannot be permanently killed. Its body continues to perform the temporal loop, which resets the specimen back to life at the beginning of the next cycle. The anomaly has also extended SCP-5611's lifespan beyond that of average dogs for it has not aged since it was contained. It is believed that it will continue to live indefinitely.

SCP-5611 was contained on 04/13/1980 after a series of dog attacks were reported from a town in northern Texas. Four individuals were mauled to death, and local law enforcement noted its anomalous properties. Agents arrived to enact containment procedures, and investigate the origin of the anomaly. Interviewing the locals revealed that SCP-5611 originally belonged to ███ █████████. Mr. █████████ was found deceased in the backyard of his home near an unfinished grave pit. His throat was torn apart along with his left calf. Signs of a struggle were present inside the house where a spent side-by-side double-barreled shotgun was found. In Mr. █████████'s right hand, he held onto a dog collar that had the name "Bean" written on it.

Witnesses of SCP-5611's anomalous properties were amnesticized. The cover story of a spree killer with a rabid dog was disseminated.

Addendum 01:

As of now, all personnel assigned to SCP-5611 are to ignore the Ethics Committee's neutralization order. Its suffering is deemed acceptable for containment as long as it does not interfere with it. Besides, we live with worse. Why is an old dog any different? It can handle another few decades.

- O5-4

Addendum 02: Dr. Andy Hendrickson requested the use of SCP-5611 as a test subject to research more effective treatments for rabies. Dr. Hendrickson has argued that the results could alleviate SCP-5611's aggressiveness, and benefit Foundation front companies. The proposal is awaiting the approval of the O5 Council, and Ethics Committee.

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