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A 20th century painting focusing on SCP-5610.

Item #: 5610

Containment Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5610 events are to be minimally monitored.

Meanwhile, a study of all cultures with a particular focus on shame and facades1 is to be initiated for any relations with SCP-5610. All historical documents related to felines are to be also investigated.

Description: SCP-5610 is an anomalous entity that is only observable by individuals with a cognitive resistance value of 5.6 and above. Approximately 56 percent of Japan's population has been found to have an instance of SCP-5610 resting atop of their head. However, no discomfort is felt by the subject these instances are resting on.

As a subject's behavior in public becomes more congruent to their behavior in private, the instance of SCP-5610 becomes increasingly detailed. This continues until it produces one of two results: either the instance would vanish, or in approximately six percent of all cases, it transforms into a non-anomalous cat(Felis catus) and jumps off the subject's head.

SCP-5610 is prominently featured in haikus; living authors, when questioned, remember it. Notable ones are translated below.

It is humankind
To put a cat on the head2
To love and hate swords
-Oda Nobunaga, 1580

When a child suckles,
The cat inside him also does,
Partnered on rough paths
-Basho, 1672

Are we not all cats
On heads of weak, chatting mice
Or hardened tigers?
-Emiri Takagata, 1923

To the barrack bed,
An old cat jumps from my head
Meowing with pity
-Jou Takamiki, 1944

Bored, Oneko3 sighs,
Telling me to cry for him
Yet I save face, tears
-Deo Takamiki, 1944

Banging the weak wall,
From my rotten, though shined crown
A cat skitters through
-Aiko Torikatsu, 1976

The cat leaves haughty,
My thoughts, like leaves on a pond
Float in unison
-Moeka Horinami, 1980

Reflections of mine
A cat claws back from the top
I smile sadly now
-Haruki Murakami, 1998

Update: Several historical records in Egypt, dating as far back as 3500 B.C. have been noted for indicating manifestations of SCP-5610.

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