Item #: SCP-561-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-561-FR is to be contained in standard 5m × 5m ×15m silos in the Standard Abnormal Object containment area 37 of the Site-05 basement. Currently, SCP-561-FR is entirely contained in 7 21 90 silos, but the required amount of such devices could diminish in the future. Any extract of SCP-561-FR used in either in vitro or in vivo tests must be approved by at least one clearance level 4 personnel from Medical Department or from Censorship and Disinformation Department. These parts must be harvested exclusively by D-Class personnel to be terminated in the next week, wearing Type 33-519 Hazmat suits. Creating byproducts of SCP-561-FR is allowed under the same clearance, and must be performed by personnel engaging in their last month of duty at the Foundation, and only using SCP-561-FR-B. These products must also be used by either Class-D personnel to be terminated in less than a month or by regular personnel during their last month of duty at the Foundation. Ingestion of any amount of pure SCP-561-FR is prohibited. Every ingestion, either intentionally or by accident, must be followed by a 15 days 300mg As2O31 treatment. No further silo must be constructed by the Manufacturing Department, ever.

Any instance of SCP-561-FR-a is to be contained in standard glass jars in the closest Medical Department office available, and to be routed to Standard Abnormal Object containment area 37 of the Site-05 basement during the next convoy.

SCP-561-FR-B is located in the same area as SCP-561-FR, and must only be turned on by allowed personnel.

Hearing any mosquito buzz during harvest of SCP-561-FR is prohibited.

Description: SCP-561-FR is a seemingly organic matter. Its living state is unknown, but it is not monochromatic, nor liquid, nor a single living creature. According to the previous documentation about SCP-561-FR, its amount is supposed to dwindle in a near future because of Foundation's actions. The matter does not seem explosive, nor radioactive, and is able to be transformed into edible pills.

The main anomaly about SCP-561-FR is a Ennui-ignorance type antimemetic effect: research have shown that this matter is in fact anomalous, but it is currently impossible to track down what the further anomalous abilities it possesses. Thus, this document may contain uncommon descriptions or empty zones, as it is not possible not fill them for now.

Some files concerning SCP-561-FR have ben found in the Medical Department archives, implying a medical use for this object. This file is almost empty, excluding personnel involved in the process, non-anomalous materials used for producing pills based on SCP-561-FR, coordinates to a machine and an draft of its procedures, which are at the core of the current ones. Nobody listed in the file works at the Foundation anymore, although their names seem to link to corrupted files on the personnel database. The reason of this phenomenon is unknown, but it has been theorised that the anomalous effect of SCP-561-FR can extend through anything related by an anomalous link, hereby deleting files or making them unreadable. This effect could also explain the state of this initial file, as it may contain more unreadable data. Because of this, the initial document is currently in the hands of the Memetics Division and therefore non accessible to common Foundation employees.

Because of the nature of the antimeme, no mnestics have shown any efficiency on SCP-561-FR.

Some reports have been made of mosquito sounds close to SCP-561-FR. According to the Special Containment Procedures, these must not be heard.


An instance of SCP-561-FR-A.

SCP-561-FR-A is the name given to any byproduct of SCP-561-FR. The only current one consists in a set of white pills weighting 0.2g per pill with a black zero printed on each one. Any other attempt to create such byproduct has proven unsuccessful, but it is unknown if the product just did not synthesise or if it was affected by the antimeme of SCP-561-FR and is therefore undetectable. Thus, SCP-561-FR-A is for now the designation for these pills.

SCP-561-FR-A contains lactose, cornstarch, colloidal silica and sodium benzoate. The total amount of these products weight 0.18g. The black ink is mostly composed of ethanol and carbon black.

No physical effect has ever been detected after taking a SCP-561-FR-A pill. However, almost every subject involved in these tests has proven less effective in their research or containment work, noticeably by having issues finding their test subjects or understanding conversation topics. However, these individuals have reported feeling "less anxious" and "more acceptant" with their respective workplace. No administrative or janitor has experienced such side effect, nor any individual from screen companies that was aware of SCP Foundation. Because of Special Containment Procedures ongoing, no side effect has been tracked for more than a month.

Noticeably, oxidation of SCP-561-FR produces two reactants, one very close to adrenochrome] and the other one being a product of dopamine oxidation, being similar to a quinone. The exact nature of these products is unknown, but analysis revealed very close similarity to chemicals running in the human brain.

SCP-561-FR-B is a machine composed of a synthesiser and a pill press that seemingly produces SCP-561-FR-A. Its origin and fabrication is unknown, but a complete dismantling of the machine has not shown any anomalous part. It is for now the only known way to produce SCP-561-FR-A. The way the machine produces a pill containing lactose whith no evidence of lactose being found in SCP-561-FR is yet unknown. The following document is engraved on a aluminium plate and riveted to the steel body on a side of the machine.

How to produce effective Anxiolytics

1. Plug the machine to the outlet.

2. Turn the selector to "extract" position.

3. Dump the harvest from the silos into the funnel. 50kg per time max. If it still makes some buzz, put it through the grinder for 3 minutes.

4. Wait until the buzzing stops.

5. Turn the selector to "press" position and put a bucket under the pipe with a red arrow pointing down.

6. Enjoy your cover!


The machine room where SCP-561-FR has been found. The part with the entrance has been burnt during the operation.

SCP-561-FR has been found in a derelict pharmaceutical facility in Charleroi, Belgium, following the address of the Medical Department document. Although no previous raid has been carried out in this facility, agents on site have reported noticing similar sole markings as the from their shoes in the dust, traces of previous pillages and an exact replica of the old glove model used by Security agents. After an initial suspicion of data corruption or even hacking of the Security Department database, no normal or anomalous modification has been found by the Foundation Technical Support. Therefore, this testimony is not yet confirmed by any insider information and must be ignored for now.

While the Medical Department file has been emitted on 12/12/2010, the state of the machine, including heavy corrosion, dust and older mechanical standards are pointing to a creation date around the 1930s.

Presence or absence of any kind of symbols from a Group of Interest or an Internal Department on the machine is currently unknown.

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