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2/5609 LEVEL 2/5609



Item #: SCP-5609

Object Class: Keter


A component of the satellite array surrounding SCP-5609

Special Containment Procedures: An array of Foundation-owned satellites surround SCP-5609 at all times, and are programmed to constantly project a selectively antimemetic field around the object to prevent its viewing by civilians. Unmanned research probe SCPS Spearhead has been landed on SCP-5609, and is currently being used to collect its tissue samples and take vital readings. Any changes in the orbital pattern of SCP-5609 are to be monitored, and circumvented via movement of the satellite array.

Description: SCP-5609 is a massive (230 km in diameter), bioluminescent, spherical organism, currently in orbit 30,000 km above the earth's surface. SCP-5609 constantly emits yellow light, and upon cursory observation resembles a small moon.

Close-up inspection of SCP-5609 has shown it to possess features similar to those of some beetle larvae, such as a small, discolored head with two compound eyes and two short mandibles; two visible legs protruding from underneath its head; and soft, segmented skin.

Addendum: Recovered Data

The following is a list of data pertaining to SCP-5609, collected by SCPS Spearhead.

  • SCP-5609 moves periodically; however, such motion consists of not much more than momentary twitching of its legs and mandibles.
  • SCP-5609 lacks the ability to steer and propel its body through space. Its orbit is entirely passive.
  • The metabolism of SCP-5609 is hypothesized to be up to 3,000 times slower than that of any terrestrial insect.
  • The presence of spiracles1 on the body of SCP-5609 indicate that it is not biologically suited for survival in a vacuum.
  • A section of skin on the back of SCP-5609 protrudes from the organism, as if being pulled.

Addendum: Incident Log

On March 22, 2021, SCP-5609 disappeared, along with SCPS Spearhead. The anomaly was reclassified as Neutralized after an extensive search of the area of outer space surrounding Earth found no trace of it.

One month later, SCPS Spearhead re-appeared in high Earth orbit and immediately fell through the atmosphere. Despite sustaining heavy damage upon crash-landing, the following audio log remained intact.

(Heavy static is audible, but dissipates after 7 seconds. Upon its dissipation, two voices are heard.)

Unknown-1: Hoooooo-eeee! Now this one's bound to be a doozy.

Unknown-2: Can't believe they bit. Oh, we'll sure be eatin' well tonight!

(After a few moments, the voices become louder. The recording distorts slightly as a result.)

Unknown-2: Hey, Willie? Uh… you gotta see this.

Unknown-1: What the- awwwww, c'mon, not this again.

Unknown-2: What is it?

Unknown-1: Oh, just another one of those shiny bugs. Toss it back in.

Unknown-2: Could I keep it? It looks pretty cool.

Unknown-1: (Audibly sighs) You can't eat cool, Amos.

Unknown-2: All right, all right, fine. (The sound of rushing air is heard, followed by a loud splash. The voices begin to fade.)

Unknown-1: …gotta cast out by the moon next time. I heard tell the folks there're a bunch more gullible.

(Static becomes audible. The recording ends.)

The area surrounding the moon is currently being monitored for signs of SCP-5609 re-emergence.

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