Special Containment Procedures

Due to a current lack of understanding of SCP-5608's source, containment is impossible. All affected individuals are to be contained and surrounded by individuals with thought paradigms that disagree with their own. Tests of the efficacy of amnestics to counteract this anomaly are ongoing. There are currently five affected individuals in containment, designated PoI-5608-1 through -5. Foundation assets stationed in police forces and campus security are to monitor for and investigate any and all reports of stalking behavior.

Currently, the only known way to halt the effects of SCP-5608 is to allow the affected individual to consume at least a portion of the grey matter of their target's brain.


SCP-5608 is a rare, anomalous form of synesthesia1. Persons affected by the anomaly are able to perceive tastes based on the thoughts of those around them. Increasing physical proximity between the affected person and other individuals increases the strength of the taste. Additionally, affected individuals have reported that thoughts that mimic or complement their own have a pleasant taste, whereas thoughts that are counter to their own are disgusting.

Affected individuals have described complementary thoughts as "sweet," "savory," "pleasant," and "overwhelmingly powerful." There is a significantly greater variation in the descriptions of unpleasant tastes, comparing them to the affected individual's least favorite foods, as well as various varieties of animal excrement.

Individuals experiencing SCP-5608 have a very high likelihood of developing a psychological addiction to the pleasant tastes. During a containment interview, PoI-5608-3 commented "Imagine the best thing that you've ever tasted, and you can only ever taste it again if you're near a specific person. Wouldn't you want to spend more time with them?"


SCP-5608 was first discovered when Foundation agents within the Cincinnati Police Department interviewed James Conners, incarcerated for murdering Matthew Harper, a classmate at Xavier University. An excerpt of Agent Jakobson's interview with Conners can be found below.

Addendum 5608-A

PoI-5608-2 was placed in a standard humanoid isolated containment chamber to determine if an absence of exposure to outside thoughts could counteract the effects of SCP-5608. The victim was discovered several hours later, deceased, with the following injuries:

  • Three fractured digits on the right hand.
  • Two of the fractured digits had their fingernails torn off, found embedded in the skin of their right temple.
  • A self-inflicted puncture wound through the victim's right temple, outlined by severe bruising.
  • Traces of grey matter in the victim's mouth.
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