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3/5605 LEVEL 3/5605
Item #: SCP-5605

First reported sighting of SCP-5605-1

Special Containment Procedures: Low-Earth-Orbit satellites are to pass over Area-of-Interest-5605 no less frequently than once per hour. Atmospheric conditions indicating the appearance of SCP-5605 are to prompt the immediate dispatch of MTF Xi-9 ("Wheat Watchers") in order to protect against public interaction.

MTF Agents and other deployed personnel are to make use of [Cover Story #013 - "Dangerous Animal At Large"] and redirect all civilians away from the affected area. Persons that enter the affected area are not to be pursued and should be considered lost. Use of force as necessary to elicit compliance is authorized.

Description: SCP-5605 is a wandering point of planar intersection occurring primarily within Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Although the borders of this phenomenon are poorly defined, it is typically observed to grow as wide as approximately 200 square kilometers before rapidly contracting and disappearing. Due to differences in the atmospheric composition of this dimension, the most reliable indicators of SCP-5605 are dense fog and the sudden appearance of snow-covered ground regardless of prevailing weather conditions.

Although conditions within SCP-5605 closely mirror those of prime reality, the space within suggests a divergent timeline where humanity no longer exists. To date, the only encountered living occupant of SCP-5605 has been an entity which closely resembles an extinct subspecies of polar bear, the Ursus maritimus tyrannus1. This entity is classified as SCP-5605-1.

Early data suggested that instances of SCP-5605 appear at random intervals and random locations within the general geographic boundaries of Northern Saskatchewan. However, after further correlation it appears that SCP-5605 preferentially selects times and coordinates which make it likely to intercept small groups. The methods and mechanisms by which targets are selected remain indeterminate.

Field Agent's Log

On 2016-09-17 two field agents were investigating reports of a cryptid in the vicinity of Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan, supposedly related to a rash of disappearances in the area. At their last successful check-in time, Agents Ricardo Diaz and Curt Vogel indicated they were heading to the last known whereabouts of a cluster of missing persons. Unknown to both agents, they had entered an instance of SCP-5605 during their investigation and all contact was immediately lost when the instance closed.

On 2016-09-20, less than 72-hours after their initial disappearance, another instance of SCP-5605 manifested approximately 20-kilometers north of the field agents' last known location. Due to standard security protocols in light of their MIA status, the missing agents' network security certificate had been revoked; communication was not automatically re-established. However, the vehicle they had been using was able to act as local data storage for their audio and video streams. This footage was recovered when the missing vehicle was located. The whereabouts of Agents Diaz and Vogel remains unknown.

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