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SCP-5603 midway through its Activation Phase.

Item #: SCP-5603

Object Class: Safe Pending

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5603 is kept in a standard containment cell at Site-17. SCP-5603 is presently under 24/7 video surveillance, with all Activation Phases to be recorded. Any abnormal behavior demonstrated by SCP-5603 is to be immediately reported to the project head.

Description: SCP-5603 is a vintage billiard table measuring 2.6 m in length and 1.5 m in width as well as the collection of billiard equipment associated with it; equipment consists of a full set of billiard balls, a rack, two cue sticks, a chalk, and a bridge. While SCP-5603 is slightly worn, the equipment itself is in pristine condition. SCP-5603 and the equipment share the same property of being resistant to all attempts to damage them. The equipment is also affixed to SCP-5603 and cannot be separated from it by artificial means. Other than this, SCP-5603 has demonstrated no additional anomalous properties (See Incident 5603-1).

The equipment on SCP-5603 is positioned as followed: The balls are arranged inside the rack, with foot spot intersecting with the foot line; the cue ball is in the center of the head spot being exactly perpendicular with the foot spot; the cue sticks lean against the left side of SCP-5603 with the collars pointing upwards; the bridge leans on the bottom-right corner of SCP-5603 with the head pointing down; and finally the chalk rests on the bottom-right corner of the foot rail. Normally, the equipment will remain motionless unless undergoing an Activation Phase.

An 'Activation Phase' entails when the cue sticks become autonomous and hover 1.5 m in the air. The rack will be lifted from the balls and be placed on the side rail. The chalk will be lifted up and rubbed against both tips of the cue sticks. The bridge will remain at the corner and has not been moved from its position to date. The cue sticks will then interact with the billiard balls as if initiating a game of pool. The game that has been most consistently played thus far is Straight Pool, but occasionally other games such as Eight-Ball, Nine-Ball, One-Pocket and Bank-Pool were witnessed to be played as well.

Attempting to physically halt or impede the equipment during an Activation Phase has been met with failure, as the objects have exhibited a much greater density and force than its material should allow. Tilting SCP-5603 sideways or upside down will cause the equipment to become reoriented during play. These Activation Phases have occurred at random intervals with no discernible pattern; the number of games played during each Activation Phase is also random. Following the conclusion of an Activation Phase, the equipment will be repositioned as they were prior and will reaffix itself to SCP-5603.

SCP-5603 was recovered from the basement of a dilapidated house in Eugene, Oregon, after a couple of urban explorers reported SCP-5603 to local police, believing it to be haunted by ghosts. A Foundation agent embedded in the police department intercepted the call and after confirmation from video evidence gained from the explorers, SCP-5603 was taken to custody. All witnesses were administered Class-A amnestics.

Incident 5603-1: On 08/04/2011, Doctor Harold Barrs was assisting the research team in conducting experiments on SCP-5603 when his tie was accidently caught in the side pocket. He attempted to free his tie when one of the cue sticks struck the cue ball into the same pocket. Dr. Barrs body became heavily spatially distorted before being pulled into the pocket. The test was immediately cancelled, and an inspection of SCP-5603's internal compartment found no traces of the doctor.

Dr. Barrs returned the day after, crashing through the ceiling of the containment cell1 and landing directly on SCP-5603. Dr. Barrs suffered minor bruising and muscle sprains but was otherwise in good physical health.

Security entered the room and apprehended Dr. Barrs, after confirming his identity he was questioned on what occurred to him after his disappearance. Dr. Barrs stated he was brought into a large space of what he assumed to be of extra-dimensional origin. He saw multiple enormous entities engaging in conversation when they noticed him and forced him back to this dimension with mild annoyance. The body camera Dr. Barrs was wearing captured the entire incident.

Attempts to recreate the event that led to Incident 5603-1 has been met with failure. As a result, SCP-5603's object class was changed from Safe to Pending until the meaning of the contents regarding the footage could be ascertained.

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