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4/5600 LEVEL 4/5600
Item #: SCP-5600


Elk Grove, WI circa 1978.

Special Containment Procedures: An exclusion zone has been established at a distance of 5km from SCP-5600 and marked with hazardous waste warnings. A joint agreement with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has designated the area surrounding SCP-5600 as blighted and all roads have been redirected away from the exclusion zone.

Security Task Force Sigma-10 ("Rolling Stones") has been assigned to monitor the exclusion zone and intercept any persons or objects attempting to either enter or leave SCP-5600. Members of STF Sigma-10 are to be equipped with a chroniton dosimeter1 at all times and rotate off-site as necessary for safety. The accumulation of chronitons2 may have unpredictable interactions with Foundation interests, including the containment of SCP-5600.

Due to the inherent difficulties in recovering personnel, entry into SCP-5600 is not permitted at this time.

Description: SCP-5600 is a temporal rift affecting the town of Elk Grove, Wisconsin where time does not advance beyond December of 1979. Residents of Elk Grove awaken each day with an intrinsic understanding that it is still some time during "December of 1979", and are able to maintain a sense of progression between each individual day.

Radio broadcasts, television broadcasts, and the local newspaper within SCP-5600 all continue to publish information or produce new programming daily. These publications include material synthesized from local, regional, and national events circa 1979, however, large segments of all publications consist of lorem ipsum3.

Direct communication is not possible between the interior and the exterior of SCP-5600. While it is possible to safely observe and monitor the anomaly from within the boundaries, objects or personnel who attempt to leave the anomaly undergo temporal shearing as they transition back to normal space-time. To date, this shearing effect has been ultimately fatal to personnel but does allow for the transition of some inorganic objects.

Investigation Log.5600.1:
After numerous attempts to investigate SCP-5600 using unmanned and remotely controlled devices, a manned mission was approved and scheduled for 1985-03-20 which included Agents Dureau and Jonas. Both agents were equipped with precautionary hazardous environment equipment, as well as VHS recording devices.

On 1985-03-21 proximity alarms within the exclusion zone indicated multiple objects had appeared near the boundary of SCP-5600. A recovery team was dispatched and inventoried a total of twenty VHS tapes. Several tapes were scorched beyond salvaging but more than 80 hours of total footage was retrieved.

Recovery Log.5600.2: Clinton Dureau
On 1985-03-21 proximity alarms within the exclusion zone indicated two objects had exited or been expelled from SCP-5600 in the same area the tapes were recovered approximately 50 minutes later. A team was dispatched and discovered the unconscious body of Foundation Agent Clinton Dureau, and the corpse of Agent Aaron Jonas, laying outside of the boundary of the temporal rift.

Agent Dureau had suffered third-degree burns to more than 70% of his body and the majority of his internal organs were saturated with chronitons, causing numerous necessary biological processes to phase in and out of normal space-time. Agent Dureau was placed into intensive care. Agent Jonas was dead on arrival. Agent Dureau was provided quality-of-life care after his prognosis, including pain management, so he could be debriefed. The interview has been transcribed below.

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