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Item#: 5594
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The entrance into SCP-5594.

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter has been established around the border of SCP-5594, members of the general populace are to be refused entry and amnesticised if needed. Personnel are not to enter into any mineshaft.

The remaining eleven members of SCP-5594's population have been relocated and amnesticised. Efforts to locate and amnesticise former residents of SCP-5594 who may have been witness to anomalous phenomena are ongoing.

Description: SCP-5594 is Middalia, a former coal-mining town in central Kentucky, USA and the anomalous phenomena surrounding it.

Aerial view of SCP-5594. (Click to Enlarge)

In May 1962, a landfill was ignited during a controlled disposal effort by the local fire department. The fire spread into an unsealed mineshaft entrance, quickly expanding underground and into the connected coal veins. The following anomalous phenomena occurred subsequently:

  • Multiple residents and visitors of SCP-5594 disappearing within the town borders. The resulting search and rescue efforts were unsuccessful or ended in additional disappearances.
  • The spontaneous disappearance of non-anomalous objects.
  • Surrounding wildlife, specifically livestock from surrounding farms, entering the town in droves.
  • A single tree being felled without an observable cause.1
  • The appearance of SCP-5594-1.

The enduring fire and various anomalous events caused a mass exodus of SCP-5594's population over the last 60 years.

SCP-5594 is inhabited by three spectral entities, collectively designated SCP-5594-1. Based on their appearances, they are believed to be the spirits of deceased miners Cecil Anderson, Jameson Lancaster, and Kevin McPadden. These individuals died in 1890 as a result of the only fatal mine collapse in Middalia's history. SCP-5594-1 is believed to occupy the burning mines, although they have been seen wandering the streets of SCP-5594 on rare occasions.

Addendum 5594.1: D-Class Expedition

The following are transcripts of D-60173's investigation into SCP-5594. D-60173 was tethered and given a heat-proof armor, oxygen tank, and night-vision goggles.

In the months following this investigation, sightings of SCP-5594-1 became scarce. The following note was later found in the D-Class barracks.

Welp, I hope we didn't get you into no trouble with your bosses.

We hope to see you again. I know you promised to come back sometime, no rush. We've been having cheesy steaks a few times a week, just be sure to bring us some new recipes next time. You know where the tunnels are. Just be sure not to go in the small one or you'll end up in the boil pit. See you soon.

Stay safe, pal,
Kevin, Cecil, and Jameson

As of documentation, further correspondence from SCP-5594-1 has not been received.

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