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Item #: SCP-5591

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5591 is to be kept in a standard storage locker in Site-17. Testing is not to occur more than once a week month quarter. Though 5591 is believed to be unique, any other potential instances of 5591 or similar phenomena are to be secured and contained by MTF Iota-6 ("Cavity Fillers").

Update 3/26/20: Testing on SCP-5591 has been indefinitely halted. MTF Iota-6 is now directly working on uncovering and identifying the people behind "Sugarcomb Confectionery."

Description: SCP-5591 is a toy oven resembling similar products manufactured in the early 2000s. The oven itself is nonanomalous in make, comprised of metal and plastic with incandescent light bulbs providing the heat source. Rather than coming with premeasured packets like similar toys, SCP-5591 includes a recipe book (SCP-5591-1) designed to be used with common ingredients as well as a simple set of measuring utensils. When prepared on their own recipes are innocuous, but gain the described anomalous properties if prepared with SCP-5591.

After baking, any recipe prepared using SCP-5591 comes out looking exactly as pictured in 5591-1, regardless of any mistakes made in the preparation of the recipe or lack of a defining feature. When a subject consumes the cooked food, they begin to experience various anomalous phenomena. Branding on the oven, recipe book, and auxiliary pieces indicate the oven was produced by "Sugarcomb Confectionery (in association with MWDOT, Inc.1)."

Addendum 5591-A: Testing log

The following table shows the results of initial testing of recipes contained within SCP-5591-1

Recipe Name
Preparation Notes
Effect upon consumption
Additional Information
"Fudging Brownies"
Recipe contained no leavening agent as commonly used in brownies.
D-2837 found themselves unable to make a single truthful statement.
Effect ceased after approximately one hour.
"Twistiest Pretzels"
D-2837 began contorting their body in complex ways amidst protests of discomfort. They seemed to have no control over their body during this time.
Effect ceased after 30 minutes. D-2837 requested to be transferred to another anomaly. Request denied.
"Rainbow Confetti Cupcakes"
Unbaked recipe resembled a simple white cake mix. No dyes or sprinkles were added prior to baking.
D-2837 expressed mild stomach pain shortly after consumption. The pain supposedly escalated as loud sounds were heard coming from D-2837's stomach, leading to immediate hospitalization. Foundation doctors discovered copious amounts of small color sprinkles of various kinds in D-2837's stomach.
D-2837 is to be amnesticized and transferred to another anomaly following recovery.
"Brittlest Peanut Brittle"
Brittle is not typically cooked in any sort of oven. Recipe suggested alternative brittles for those with peanut allergies.
D-8263 reported no effect at first, but shortly thereafter reported feeling weaker. Upon examination by Foundation doctors, it was discovered that D-8263 had developed Osteogenesis imperfecta2, despite having never been tested for this before.
Effect has not ceased after several months.
"Jammy Surprise"
Recipe contained no picture, but seemed to be meant to make a simple turnover. The information on this recipe reads: "In hopes that this will yield satisfactory tribute for MWDOT."
Recipe was not consumed; see Additional Information.
The recipe came out of the oven resembling a severed human toe, and as such was not consumed by D-8263. Testing on the toe confirmed it was a genetic match for SCP-████ and was carefully placed into containment as SCP-████-1. Testing is ongoing to see if SCP-████-1 retains ████'s combustive properties.

To date, no other connection has been found between SCP-5591 and ████, though confirmation is difficult since ████ breached containment. Due to the nature of ████'s containment breach as well as the results from the "Jammy Surprise," research into Sugarcomb Confectionery's potential connection to known karcist sects is ongoing.

Addendum 5591-B: Interview with POI-6870

On April 16th, 2020, Foundation webcrawlers tracked the initialism MWDOT to several users associated with GOI-5869 ("Gamers Against Weed"). None of the involved users agreed to come in for questioning, but shortly thereafter one of the founders (POI-6870) reached out to Foundation authorities with the intent of scheduling a video conference. The conference took place on the 18th of that month, and is transcribed as follows.

Dr. Oliveras: Hello. Thank you for reaching out to us, POI-6870. (Pause) Sorry, there doesn't seem to be any video coming from your end.

POI-6870: Don't worry about that. Now, uh, what's this I hear about you harassing the gamers?

Dr. Oliveras: Harassing is a bit of an over-exaggeration.

POI-6870: I thought the agreement was we stay out of your way, we don't harm others, and we don't "pierce the veil," and you leave us to our own devices. I've kept them in line. Am I to understand you're breaking our truce?

Dr. Oliveras: We don't see calling in members of your group as a breach of our agreement, especially when said members seem to be connected to a poorly understood anomaly and an as of yet unsolved containment breach.

POI-6870: What the hell are you talking about?

Dr. Oliveras: Do you recognize this? (Oliveras holds up an image of SCP-5591.)

POI-6870: Easy bake oven? What does this have to do with anything?

Dr. Oliveras: No? What about this? (Oliveras holds up an image of SCP-████-1.)

POI-6870: What is that, a severed toe? What… Oh. Oh no.

Dr. Oliveras: So you do recognize it.

POI-6870: …Yes and no. What does this have to do with the members you contacted?

Dr. Oliveras: Do the letters M-W-D-O-T mean anything to you?

(Silence. After a few seconds suppressed laughter can be heard.)

POI-6870: Shit. Out of all the things to explain. Before I answer, what does that have to do with the oven?

Dr. Oliveras: The oven as well as its accessories claim to be made by "Sugarcomb Confectionery" and MWDOT, Incorporated. "Sugarcomb" is a name we're familiar with. "MWDOT" eludes us. What does it mean?

POI-6870: You're gonna think I'm joking.

Dr. Oliveras: Mr. Kriyot, just tell us what those letters mean.

POI-6870: It stands for "Mother Who Demands One's Toes." (More suppressed laughter can be heard.)

Dr. Oliveras: …One of your memes, I presume?

POI-6870: That's the funny part. We had nothing to do with that name. We think it comes from the Hand.

Dr. Oliveras: What does it mean?

POI-6870: Not really sure. Not entirely. From what I can tell, she's this big scary karcist lady. Has a massive halkost, huge following, blah blah blah. Though if Sugarcomb is involved with her… shit, how deep does this conspiracy go?

Dr. Oliveras: So you didn't know about Sugarcomb's involvement with this?

POI-6870: No dude. I mean, I guess it makes sense they'd be involved, right? They don't really have a rhyme or a reason to what they do. But why would the karcists work with them?

Dr. Oliveras: You mentioned the Hand, I presume you mean the GOI known as "The Serpent's Hand." What do they have to do with this? Furthermore, what does your group have to do with this?

POI-6870: Yeah, Serpent's Hand are fighting her, we think. Mekhanites, too, it seems. Gamers Against Weed just happens to have a few good sources. Those sources told us what that toe does. And that the other nine do the same thing. (Pause.) Wait, what does the oven have to do with the toe?

Dr. Oliveras: SCP-5591 — the oven — produced SCP— the toe, through anomalous means.

POI-6870: Huh. Wonder where that toe came from.

Dr. Oliveras: You recognized it, so surely you know where the others are.

POI-6870: Some of them. The Mekhanites are just trying to play keep away with them, but toe mama still has most of them. A few of them have blown up. But with the reveal that you have one, well, that throws everything we know into question. (Dr. Oliveras begins to speak but is interrupted.) Wait, I think I get it now! The karcists want to create more toes, because they think it will please her. But I'm betting it doesn't create new toes, it just summons them. (Laughter can be heard.) This is the most incredibly stupid thing I've ever heard.

Dr. Oliveras: Do you know what the… mother… plans on doing with them?

POI-6870: Hmmm… I don't think that's the right question. I don't think she wants to do anything with them. I think the proper question is "what do her followers plan on doing with them?"

(POI-6870 disconnected immediately following this and has not responded to further attempts to contact him or GOI-5869)

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