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Clark's Creek

Item #: SCP-5589

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel are forbidden to enter within 5 miles of Clark's Creek, Massachusetts. As SCP-5589 takes on no anomalous properties whilst under this condition, no other containment procedures are necessary.

Description: SCP-5589 is the collective designation for a series of approximately 300 frogs, toads, newts, and several other unidentified species of amphibian currently living within the vicinity of Clark's Creek, Massachusetts.

SCP-5589's primary anomalous property can be observed in the unnaturally high level of coordination among its members, with instances often cooperating for the purpose of crafting rudimentary weaponry for use in organized attacks against Foundation personnel. Examples have included:

  • An assortment of primitive 'cannons' that dismantle themselves after a single use. It is unknown whether this is a necessary consequence of the devices' operation or an intentional mechanism to prevent capture
  • Several whips woven from poison ivy
  • A large tree, repurposed by SCP-5589 as a factory for the mass-production of spears, javelins, and other similar armaments
  • Catapults which fire newt feces
  • Chariots mounting earthworms
  • Complex military-grade weaponry of unknown origin1

Discovery: SCP-5589 was discovered on June 5th, 1999, when it attacked Foundation construction workers in the process of draining Clark's Creek to develop Site-██2.

After one worker was killed and four others injured, provisional Site Director Jonathan Chen dispatched a small militarized strike team to address the situation. The following is a transcript of said incident:


Cmdr. Radley: Moving in now.

(Various commotion can be heard in the background of the tape, followed by loud vocalizations by SCP-5589)

Agt. Carson: Sir, incoming!

(Instances of SCP-5589 can be seen maneuvering a large mechanical device seemingly from the bottom of the creek)

Cmdr. Radley (Shouting) What in God's name is that?!

(An explosion can be heard)

Agt. Carson: Sir, it wou-

(Another explosion can be heard in the distance. Agent Carson recoils)

Agt. Carson: Sir, it would appear the frogs have produced a large laser ray. Should we attack?

Cmdr. Radley: No, no, —this is beyond us. I'm falling back, phone mission command for bac-



Commander Radley.

According to witness testimony by Agent Carson, it was at this point that SCP-5589 fired its 'Laser Ray', which is said to have produced a high-octane thaumatological laser beam, instantly turning Commander Radley into a large Bull Frog. Foundation attempts to reverse this effect have thus far been unsuccessful.

It is currently unknown how SCP-5589 obtained the materials to create such a weapon. Possible Euclid reclassification is pending.

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