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Item #: SCP-5586

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5586 is contained in a standard cell at Site-19's Humanoid Anomalies Wing. All written and visual documentation of SCP-5586 Displacement Events between 1970 and 1973 have been confiscated by Mobile Task Force Epsilon 10 ('Manhunters'), with Class-A amnestics administered to all witnesses. As SCP-5586 has not experienced any Displacement Events since entering Foundation custody in 1973, no further containment procedures are required at this time. Under no circumstances should Foundation staff members disclose information regarding SCP-5586's anomalous properties to SCP-5586

Description: SCP-5586 is a human male in its late seventies, suffering from somnambulism (sleepwalking). Periodically, shortly after entering REM sleep, SCP-5586 will vanish from its present location, and remanifest at a random point, where the subject will wander aimlessly for a period of between fifteen and thirty minutes, before returning to its original location. These occurrences have been designated Displacement Events.

During Displacement Events, SCP-5586 is impervious to all physical damage, and cannot be woken through any known means. After rematerializing in its original location, SCP-5586 will typically awaken within seconds, with no memory of the preceding events. On multiple occasions, SCP-5586 has been observed to engage in behavior inconsistent with the current understanding of somnambulism, and demonstrated limited awareness of its new environment.

History: SCP-5586's first documented Displacement Event occurred on 06-05-1970, where the subject manifested in the private quarters of Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom some time prior to 0330 GMT. Shortly after SCP-5586's arrival, the Queen awoke, and enquired as to its identity, to which the subject responded by unsuccessfully placing an order for a Big Mac, portion of French fries, and a large strawberry milkshake.

SCP-5586 was escorted from the premises by onsite security, and aside from enquiring as to the whereabouts of the meal requested, did not respond to further interrogation, before demanifesting at 0350 hours. This incident was initially classified as Extranormal Event 9602, with Class-A amnestics administered to all witnesses, with the sole exception of Queen Elizabeth who, as a cosignatory of the Veil Act, has not publicly disclosed any information regarding the incident.

A series of additional SCP-5586 sightings were reported between 1970 and 1972 at various worldwide locations, including Mount Kilimanjaro, the Sistine Chapel, Machu Picchu and the Oval Office of the White House (where the subject threw its slipper at sitting President Richard Nixon, before being restrained by Secret Service agents). SCP-5586 was designated SCP status on 04-15-1971, and classified as Keter. While numerous efforts were made to locate and detain SCP-5586, as no photographic evidence of the subject had surfaced, SCP-5586 was not apprehended until 1973.

Incident 5586-9: The most notable of SCP-5586's Displacement Events occurred at 2230 EST on 12-11-1972, where the subject was transported to the Taurus-Littrow Valley on the surface of the Moon. This occurred during the Apollo 17 mission1, several hours after the landing of the LM Challenger. The subject, which appeared to be entirely unaffected by the lunar atmosphere, temperature, and gravity, was sighted by astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt. Both crewmembers reported that despite the lack of sound on the lunar surface, they were nonetheless capable of hearing the subject snoring loudly, while singing the lyrics to the Bart Howard song Fly Me To The Moon.

At 2236, SCP-5586 attempted to access the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), before being forcibly removed by Harrison Schmitt. The subject then wandered the lunar surface for a period of seven minutes, before lowering its pants, and proceeded to wave and slap its exposed buttocks in the direction of the planet Earth prior to demanifesting. All visual and written documentation of this incident has been expunged from public records, with amnestics administered to multiple members of NASA communications staff, as well as all three crewmembers of the Apollo 17 mission following atmospheric re-entry.

Discovery: On 03-08-1973, after a worldwide search, SCP-5586 was identified as 31 year old Bernard Groener of ████████, Arizona, and subsequently taken into Foundation custody. During interviews, SCP-5586 showed some awareness of its somnambulism, although displayed no knowledge of its anomalous properties. Following the apprehension of SCP-5586, no further Displacement Events have taken place.

It has been hypothesized that SCP-5586's Displacement Events will only manifest whilst the subject is unaware of its anomalous condition. Due to the likelihood of SCP-5586's extranormal properties returning should the subject undergo amnestic administration, SCP-5586 remains in Foundation custody, and was reclassified as Euclid on 05-09-1976.

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