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SCP-5585 circa 1902.

Item #: SCP-5585

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The 50 square meter area surrounding SCP-5585 has been purchased by the Foundation and is to be monitored and guarded at all times.

All roads and pathways leading to SCP-5585 are to be redirected. Civilians seen approaching SCP-5585 are to be removed from the premises and apprehended for trespassing. Disappearances caused by SCP-5585 are to be reported as kidnappings in media outlets.

Expeditions inside SCP-5585 are to be conducted by MTF Psi-7-C ("Home Improvement") (See Update Report).

Description: SCP-5585 is a two-story house located in ████████, Florida. The structure shows deterioration consistent with its 89-year-old age. Exploration into SCP-5585 has shown that it possesses an interior larger than its exterior, extending at least six kilometers.

The interior is composed of repeating rooms and stairways that lead to spaces resembling large banquet halls, open fields, and laboratories. Additionally, biological matter present does not decompose. Subjects inside SCP-5585 will not age during their duration inside the structure, nor will they require food or water or succumb to otherwise fatal injuries. Inside of SCP-5585 are numerous hostile anomalous entities and spaces, collectively designated as SCP-5585-A. SCP-5585X-A instances range from humanoid to quasi-humanoid, and possess a variety of anomalous properties. Several SCP-5585-A entities are capable of speaking formal English; however, their attempts at communication are usually incoherent. If an SCP-5585-A instance is removed from SCP-5585, it will demanifest.


Joshua Salem circa 1897.


SCP-5585 was built and owned by Joshua Salem, a powerful and influential psychic known in the anomalous community during the 19th century. Over the course of his career, Salem wrote and published papers on the human mind, with a specific focus on those with reality bending capabilities. He was most known for his discovery of a tumor-like mass of undifferentiated cells that manifested inside the brains of reality benders when their abilities first become active. Rumors stated Salem was a practitioner of self-experimentation, though these claims were never verified.

In 1918, a fire erupted inside SCP-5585, killing Salem, his wife, and child. An investigation inside SCP-5585 by local authorities recovered no evidence for the cause of the fire nor any human remains.

SCP-5585-A Instances: Below is a list of notable SCP-5585-A instances found in SCP-5585. For a full list, consult Document SCP-5585-A instances.

SCP-5585-A Instance Notes
SCP-5585-A-3 are fifteen-centimeter tall humanoids possessing insectoid wings on their back. They are hostile towards personnel and would try to bite them around the neck, though the neck guard would prevent this. Due to its low-threat level and the difficulty of neutralizing them, these instances are infrequently engaged. Several of these entities are facially identical to Joshua Salem.
SCP-5585-A-15 is are a mass of grey-skinned humanoids covered in a viscid, black substance. SCP-5585-A-15 instances are adjoined by the waist and are embedded inside the interior of walls or storage spaces. Instances often encourage personnel to join them in English. Personnel who come into contact with SCP-5585-A-15 instances are forcibly assimilated into their mass. All recovery attempts have proven futile. SCP-5585-A-15 instances appearances have matched multiple confirmed anomalous humans in the 19th century. However, their appearance will slowly change into a pubescent child if observed for long periods of time.
SCP-5585-A-33 is a nine-meter tall, bloated humanoid with gray skin, possessing a face resembling that of Joshua Salem. SCP-5585-A-33 is carnivorous and has attempted to consume any personnel it has encountered. Due to SCP-5585’s anomalous properties, this consumption does not result in the deaths of personnel. Due to its aggressive and highly durable nature, personnel are discouraged from engaging it. SCP-5585-A-33 was found in a large banquet hall filled with tables with seats on top of them. On the walls, there are portraits of 19th-century influential politicians and anomalous leaders, including former 05-█.
SCP-5585-A-67 is a bedroom furnished with typical children accessories. Subjects who venture into SCP-5585-67 observe the scenery within to change over time into a grass plain. The chandelier inside SCP-5585-A-67 can also be seen to slowly rise and become brighter, eventually emitting brightness comparable to sunlight. Personnel who enter SCP-5585-67 claim to hear voices of an adult male screaming and a pubescent girl crying. These voices become more audible the longer they stay inside that space. Prior to exposure to SCP-5585-67, several personnel reported dreams of being confined within a metal machine. Whether this effect is due to exposure to this instance or SCP-5585 as a whole remains unclear.
SCP-5585-A-92 is the occurrence of a Journal. SCP-5585-A-92 instances are always surrounded by fire1 and found upstairs, lying on a bed. The journal is mostly written in unintelligible words, with the last few pages being filled with drawings of humanoids with enlarged features. The back of the journal was signed Willia. Personnel who view the interior of SCP-5585-A-92 report having dreams of SCP-5585-A instances, specifically those who resemble Joshua Salem.

Letter Documentation:

The following letters were sent by Joshua Salem2 to his cousin and known colleague, Caleb Lamb3, a known explorer and practitioner of thaumaturgy. They are recorded below:

January 4th, 1918
Dear Cousin,
I am happy to inform you that my daughter has attained the gift that I was so blessed with. I was worried that they would be an old mind4, but it seems that was for nothing. I suppose our side of the family has proven victorious again.

January 24th, 1918
Dear Cousin,
You must hurry! She is above anything I could have imagined. Her skill and control with objects and the mind are equal to my own, they may even be greater than yours. A subject of that level, of that degree… our findings from her could change the foundation upon which we set our current beliefs on.
Testing with can begin after you are here, and I'm sure you have much to talk about your expeditions in Asia.

February 17th, 1918
Dear Cousin,
If you trifle with me another time, I swear you will not enter my house again. You may be her blood as well, but she is my child, not yours. I have seen what she is capable of. Her powers are not just of the mental realm, but the physical. She is part of that group, those who can change the structure of the world just by thinking.
A few nose bleeds and headaches will not kill her, as you know very well from our own self-experimentation. We can only go so far in our abilities, but with her, the possibilities are endless. Years of failure and pain are over; years of dealing with those Serpents and Containers are over; years of torment have come to an end for me. We are on the edge of reaching the next plane!

March 19th, 1918
The girl's power is growing by the day, I'm going to begin to add restrictions on her to keep her from running. She's getting too rebellious as of late. I have already connected my mind with hers using the machine. With that, I can guide her into an even faster path.
But where are you? I am worried that you have finally died, but this can be done faster with you here.

April 26th, 1918
Don't tell me you are getting cold feet. Why haven't you responded? What are you doing that is so important other than this?
The testing is going well, and if I keep up this rate, I would be done by July. The machine is working well with the girl. Very well, in fact. However, I keep having these dreams. Places I've been to and seen before. They are of my past, a twisted darkened version of it. Sometimes I see myself above them, watching a grotesque versions of me walk around like a mindless beast. Maybe you've been having them as well? Side effects of the machine, I suppose. If so, just tell me, we can look into it together. I don't need to lose another friend.

June 23rd, 1918
She knows about the dreams. I saw Willia in my mind, just staring at me. She talked about my past and spoke as if she has lived them a thousand times. She grew angrier as she kept on. When I tried to stand, I found myself on the ground downstairs. I tried to question her but then she just ran. I looked and looked, but I couldn't find her, Caleb. I couldn't! She hates me, doesn't she?
Did you know this would happen? Is this is the reason you didn't come back?5

Incident Report-6:

In 1989, during MTF Psi-7-C ("Home Improvement")'s routine examination inside SCP-5585's interior, the feed was suddenly disconnected. However, six days after the incident, Zion Willgates, a member of Psi-7-C, exited the front entrance of SCP-5585. Zion’s body had multiple hollow holes across it, including the upper part of his head. As he left SCP-5585's perimeter, he collapsed. While Agent Zion's gear was badly damaged, there was a single salvable readable video log dated close to the time of disconnection. The transcript log is provided below:


Agent Zion's body cam shows his leg being dragged by a black tentacle. The other members of Psi-7 are seen in front of him, all being dragged across the floor.

Zion: Huh…Oh shit!

Agent Zion reaches to his left but stops midway, realizing there is no weapon there. Multiple elongated black arms can be seen crawling over the other Psi-7-C members and pulled them inside a dimly lit room. As the hands move towards Agent Zion, he grabs his knife on his right side and slashes the entity holding him.

As Zion begins to run towards the other members of Psi-7-C, he enters the room, revealing several SCP-5585-A instances lying down on the floor inert. Across the room are tangled wires that are connected to a metal machine with jars and tubes protruding from it. Beside it is a chair with a pile of black flesh covering most of its surface area. As the view moves up, a vertical column composed of unknown substances can be seen leading up to the ceiling. Melded to it are numerous human bodies, members of Psi-7-C can be seen being placed there by the arms.

As Agent Zion begins to back away, an entity is seen to dashing from the rear. He is then flung across the room by an unknown force. As he turns around, the room view is inverted. The body of a human child comes into frame. A portion of its outer head is cut off and wires can be seen protruding from its brain. Several human faces can be seen fused across its body, including that of Joshua Salem. That face, in particular, can be seen and heard screaming unintelligible words.

The entity turns towards Agent Zion and proceeds to him. Agent Zion then extends his knife towards the entity.

Zion: Stay back! Begins to walk backward. If you want something, we can help you! Just stay where you are, I promise—

Entity: …father?

The video feed cuts out, but the audio continues recording.

Zion: I don't know what you're talking about, but you need to stop moving! Right now.

Entity: Who …are you?

Zion: Stay back, I swear I'll—

Entity: Can I breathe now? Can I see the sun again?

Entity: Can you help me leave?

Audible screams can be heard for several seconds until replaced by the sounds of bullets for twenty seconds before the feed ends entirely.


Update Report:

On October 15th, 1989, a black mass composed of an unknown substance formed inside SCP-5585 at the 4.6 km mark. Personnel who got within a three-meter radius of it began to suffer from headaches and reported to hear a group of voices screaming in unity. The loudest voice personnel claim to hear was that of a pubescent girl. Since this has occurred, the mass has grown 150 centimeters a week and is estimated to reach SCP-5585's entrance in eight months; it is currently unknown if this mass will demanifest as other SCP-5585-A instances when it exits SCP-5585. Reclassification as Keter is pending.

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