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Salem estate circa 1902.

Item #: SCP-5585

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The estate SCP-5585 resides on has been purchased by the Foundation and closed to the public; to ensure containment and further study of the anomaly, Provisional Site-55 has been constructed around it.

Copies of documents retrieved from the Pentagram involving SCP-5585 are to be sent to the Provisional Site-55 Director and the region's Records and Information Security Administration office for documentation.

Expeditions into SCP-5585 are to be led by head researcher Martin Breen. Any additional personnel must be approved by Doctor Breen and must be equipped with Force-Euclidean Hazard Suits, while within the building. Any personnel attempting unauthorized entry into SCP-5585 are to be disciplined accordingly; those who successfully enter the building are to be considered lost.

Description: SCP-5585 is an 18th-century English-style mansion that resides on the Salem estate. Since coming into Foundation control, it shows no signs of deterioration or damage except for ash and burn marks present across its surface. Investigation of old underground tunnels once connecting to SCP-5585 were found to be significantly damaged and unviable to travel through, making the front door the only entryway into its interior.

The interior is host to a variety of spatial abnormalities and reality distortions. These include:

  • Hallways elongating and looping around themselves, making travel within them last for several minutes to hours,
  • Doors causing spatial displacement such that, while passing through them, subjects are able to witness themselves passing through them from the back,
  • Movement being slowed, sped up, or entirely stopped at random intervals,
  • Rooms and open spaces repeating and possessing alterations in the form of enlargement or transmutation into an entirely different material,
  • And stairways and other similar structures exhibiting properties not aligned with the laws of universal gravitation, with some allowing personnel to walk upside down or vertically.

These attributes make it significantly larger than its exterior1 and difficult to explore and map. Covering much of its interior surface, ranging from the floor to the ceiling, are dark green, flesh-like veins. They average 0.25-meter in circumference and periodically exude a clear-watery liquid. Analysis of the liquid found it to be in similar make-up to human cerebral fluid.

SCP-5585-1 denotes translucent humanoids of varying sizes and shapes that reside in SCP-5585; these entities' physical appearances have been described as "foggy," and have no distinguishable features save for faint green glowing marks in place of their eyes. They wander aimlessly, with no clear destination or goal, and display incorporeal properties such as passing through physical objects including personnel, sinking into the ground, floating in the air, and spontaneously disappearing and reappearing. The exact number of SCP-5585-1 instances are currently unknown but twelve unique variants have been discovered.

Addendum.5585 History:

SCP-5585 was built in 1754 and served as the generational home of the main branch of the neutralized Group of Interest "Salem Family". The Salems were a powerful and influential group of psychics that delved into mainstream and occult sciences, and would often search out and steal anomalies to further their endeavors. They were known to be eccentric and devoted in their ideology of "self-perfection", with accounts from several organizations and Persons of Interest stating the Salems constantly delved into self-experimentation to heighten or change their psionic abilities, sometimes resulting in mutilation or death. Other accounts suggest they would also kidnap individuals for these experiments, particularly those with psionic abilities, for physiological study and breeding purposes.

Near the 1850s, however, the main family and its branches started to suffer from unknown brain and nervous system ailments that killed them at an increasing rate. In the early 20th century, only 35% of the family were still alive. Due to this, most of their international activities ceased as they slowly secluded themselves.

In 1954, one of the few remaining living members of the Salem Family and the last owner of the Salem estate, Joshua Salem, began to become active in certain social circles and institutes and participated in subjects pertaining to biology, psychology, and neuroscience. Over the course of his career, he published several noteworthy papers on these topics and was most known for his discovery of a tumor-like mass of undifferentiated cells that presided inside the brains of 85% of known psychics. Later on, he was scouted and then hired by the Pentagram2 and worked with them between 1958 to 1964.


Joshua Salem circa 1959.

In 1968, due to his expertise in dealing with psionics and his past neutral encounters with the Foundation, he was offered a position within the organization. This was turned down and Salem continued his solitary research until 1969 when he fired all the caretakers of his estate and secluded himself and his child, Wiliia. Joshua Salem would later die in 1974 when his home caught fire, killing all persons inside. Local eyewitnesses' reports claim the fire was white and moved "as if it were alive". The fire itself caused superficial damage to the building and little to the surrounding area.

Shortly after, forces from the Pentagram took control of the estate for five days before leaving and relinquishing it into Foundation custody. During this acquisition, documents pertaining to their operations with Joshua Salem and SCP-5585 were given to the Foundation as a sign of good faith. These documents, however, were heavily redacted and provided contradictory and vague information.

Addendum.5585 Exploration:

While researching new methods of exploring SCP-5585, a new property of the anomaly was discovered. A transparent, dust-like substance, hereafter designated as SCP-5585-2, was found to be lightly concentrated around the perimeter of the structure and heavily inside its interior. It is produced by the veins inside SCP-5585 and possesses reality-disfiguring properties; it is also believed to be the most likely cause of SCP-5585's anomaly.

This discovery eventually led to the creation of the Force-Euclidian Hazard Suit (FEHS)4, which would negate SCP-5585's most egregious distortions and allow semi-normal travel.

Addendum.5585 Supplementary Investigation:

In the attempt to garner more information on SCP-5585, the Salems found in the second expedition were sought after. One individual identified in the second log, Nicholas Salem, was last reported to be in a compound located in rural Norway. Investigation into the compound found it to be in a state of disarray, with chemical bottles and medical instruments covered in a green biological substance scattered throughout it. In the basement of the compound were the partially decomposed bodies of thirteen people including Nicholas; all were confirmed to be Salems.

They were found to be sprawled across the ground in a pool of cerebral fluid, with glass capsules beside each of them except for one. This individual was seated in a chair and suffered a gunshot wound through the heart. Beneath their chair was a glass capsule similar to the others, and contained dark green brain tissue, alongside it was a water-damaged letter identified to be by Joshua Salem.

Heirs of the Salem Legacy, I call upon you once more for the making of our greatest achievement, the Magnus Opus of our family.

I have given proof of our works in the past years and I and Willia have upheld our bargain. Now, it is time to do your part. Negligence from you will no longer be ignored. Below, I have given instructions. Do not deviate from them.

1. Consume the brain matter. It is of Willia but it contains the key to the Absolute. Our blood ties are strong but still so far apart. This will close the gap.

2. Destroy all your familiars. We need ourselves to be whole, splintering your consciousness will no longer do.


12. Find a means to end your life.

The failures of the past have finally caught up to us. Our ancestors are dead, and we are the ones left. We must expand our view of life and death and embark on the journey that will grant us freedom. We must come closer to the Absolute to unlock ourselves. We must all join the Dream and rise.

No more will the Salems die. From here on now, we become immortalized!

Throughout the structure, other letters of similar subjects were located, written by Joshua between the years 1966 and 1974.

Addendum.5585 Incident 01:

At 4:00 am, on October 28th, 1974, Doctor Martin Breen, taking advantage of his status and his knowledge of the guard's routine, stole a FEHS and entered SCP-5585 without authorization. Three hours after this event, Doctor Martin Breen exited the building before collapsing.

On 1974/11/04, SCP-5585-2's range of effect began to decrease to the point where all traces of it were gone from SCP-5585's exterior, resulting in its rapid deterioration. At this time, combat forces were requested to engage any possible threat created by SCP-5585.

Two hours after this abnormal behavior, the SCP-5585-2 range suddenly increased to the point of encompassing the entirety of Provisional Site-55. The area around the Site then began to experience seismic activity before SCP-5585 itself exploded outwards and a pillar of white light shot out from the center of its foundation, destroying the building in the process; the debris could be seen floating around the pillar.

Soon after, SCP-5585-A stepped out of the pillar of light, carrying a small humanoid in their arms. When Foundation personnel drew closer to them, a swarm of SCP-5585-1 instances emerged from the pillar and began to rapidly transform into giant, chimeric entities that attacked and dispelled all combative forces from the area.

SCP-5585-A begins to walk forward as more SCP-5585-1 instances emerge from the pillar and transform. Soon, the number of hostile entities reaches the hundreds, as the flying variants began to block out the sky. The Foundation forces that remained declared an Alpha Level Breach and requested immediate heavy combative assistance. However, SCP-5585-A raises their hand and looks up, their eyes glowing a green hue. The entities around the area halt in their activities before turning into a liquid-like substance and converging above SCP-5585-A into a singular shimmering, white sphere.

The reality around personnel then becomes unstable; objects begin distorting and gravity becomes inconsistent as personnel are seen floating in the sky while others hang on to debris for anchorage. SCP-5585-A then levitates into the sphere while waving its hand in a swaying motion, causing massive shockwaves to occur across the area as they disappear into it. Shortly after, the sphere begins to rapidly shrink, possessing a shimmering effect, before completely dissipating.

In the aftermath of this event, Foundation forces suffered 38 casualties, and 5 fatalities, several of whom suffered brain trauma from an unknown source. SCP-5585 was in ruins, with its foundation and support beams functionally destroyed. When an investigation was done on its remains, it was found that only small patches of SCP-5585-2 remained and that they were dissipating.

Addendum.5585 Log III Video Recovery:

When inspecting the FEHS of Doctor Martin Breen, it was found that his recording device was damaged by brute force. This was first thought to be the cause of hostile entities that were within SCP-5585, but upon further inspection, the suit was found to be damaged in only that area. After several hours of trying to fix the device, some footage was recovered.


Doctor Breen: No… I refuse.

SCP-5585-A: Doctor Breen, it is too late for you. You have betrayed them in the highest order. They will either kill you or destroy your mind. But you knew this already. Indeed, why else would you come here?

Between them is SCP-5585-B who creates a gurgling sound while drawing on the ground with a black object. Doctor Breen stares at them for several seconds before looking down, revealing a horde of chimeric entities beneath him.

Doctor Breen: You said you'll tell me your secrets. Not to kill me!

SCP-5585-A: The process will be simple, a piece of your mind will be here as we leave this realm of flesh. While the rest of you will have no reconciliation. They will never know what you did. Not that it would matter.

Doctor Breen: It will still feel like dying. And how do you know this Absolute even exists? You know nothing. You're mad!

SCP-5585-A: I did not invent the Absolute, Doctor. It has always existed in the thoughts of men. I once asked you what do you call a man who has all knowledge, but you never answered. A man who has all knowledge is no longer a man, but an aspect of that knowledge now. For to have all knowledge you must be the beginning and the end, the all and not all. Some call that oblivion, the followers of Nälkä refer to it as Yaldabaoth, and we call it the Absolute. These ideas have always existed and I know they have for I've dreamt of them. And now we seek to look upon it with new perception and learn its majesties with glee.

That is the world awaiting you. Do you really wish to stay here and live with its primitive restraints? Surely, you must know you have no other choice.

Doctor Breen: You tricked me.

SCP-5585-A: I did not. Now, is this moment of despair over for you yet? If not, lets—

Doctor Breen: [Heavy Breathing] Stop. Just do it. But destroy this. [Points at FEHS's recorder].

SCP-5585-A: Still clinging to your ego? Very well. Willia.

SCP-5585-B stands up as veins begin to rapidly envelop Doctor Breen. Shortly after the recorder's view is obscured, screaming from Doctor Breen is heard.

SCP-5585-A: Welcome to the family.


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