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The information describing SCP-5584-1's previously unknown online activities and anomalous properties during the research for the SCP-████ article is to be has been added to the object's original document and the superfluous article archived and discontinued.

Senior Researcher Mattias Brown will remain the head researcher of SCP-5584 and work with the former head researcher of SCP-████, Senior Researcher Riley Ellis, to consolidate information. Following Senior Researcher Mattias Brown's most recent Foundation Loyalty Test results, Senior Researcher Riley Ellis has been temporarily appointed as head researcher over SCP-5584 while Dr. Brown receives re-training.

ITEM:SCP-████ LEVEL3/████
CLASS:keter confidential



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████'s accounts are to be suppressed from search results to prevent interactions with internet users. Class C amnestics are to be administered to any individuals exposed to SCP-████'s effects immediately after the incident and a cover story for the missing objects provided. Following the return of the object, Class C amnestics are to be administered again.

If SCP-████ replaces its accounts, a remote access trojan installed on its remaining trusted individual's computer can be used to locate the new accounts. Due to the increased risk of SCP-████ ceasing contact with this individual, all interview attempts must be approved and Foundation involvement concealed from SCP-████. Following SCP-████'s physical containment, amnestics are to be administered to this individual.

SCP-████'s original Twitter account immediately prior to foundation contact.

Description: SCP-████ is an anomalous internet user possessing the ability to temporarily teleport and telekinetically interact with objects under ~6kg. SCP-████'s anomalous properties are activated when it is irritated by another internet user or automated process. The target's internet-accessible device will be temporarily teleported away or destroyed via brute force by telekinesis.1

SCP-████'s IP addresses and cookies are traceable but come from non-anomalous internet-accessible devices located worldwide. These devices always differ and no connections have been identified. It has accounts on multiple services which it uses to interact with other users. These accounts have been replaced a total of 66 times in an attempt to avoid Foundation surveillance. Previously, it identified itself as Brónach ██████████ but now uses pseudonyms with no correlation.

Known services used by SCP-████:

  • GMail[Replaced 16 times, Most recently 28/12/2018]
  • Facebook[Deactivated and not replaced, 22/05/2016]
  • YouTube[Replaced 12 times, Most recently 28/12/2018]
  • Minecraft[Deactivated and not replaced, 25/01/2018]
  • Twitter[Replaced 14 times, Most recently 28/12/2018]
  • Skype[Account Abandoned, 14/8/2016]
  • Discord[Replaced 14 times, Most recently 28/12/2018]
  • Epic Games[Replaced 5 times, Deactivated and not replaced, 13/05/2018]
  • Steam.[Replaced 5 times, Deactivated and not replaced, 13/05/2018]

SCP-████ created its first known account on 08/06/2009 but did not display anomalous properties until 03/01/2015. Circumstantial evidence points to this change being triggered by 3 days of absence from the internet between 31/12/2014 to 03/01/2015. The reason for its absence was described by SCP-████ as an event resulting in it "constantly being watched".

The full archive of all data taken from accounts connected to SCP-████ is available on request from Dr. Riley Ellis.

Addendum-1 Discovery:
SCP-████ was discovered by a Foundation WebCrawler after its Twitter account was brigaded by comments. A discussion in the Discord server for the MineGambit Minecraft server had accused it of disabling the service via anomalous means. C-Class amnestics were administered to individuals aware of SCP-████ after the interviews concluded and a disinformation campaign of an anonymous DDOS attack was launched.

Addendum-2 Interviews:

Item#: 5584
Containment Class:
safe euclid
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to Provisional Site-98 is to be examined regularly for visual differences to the surrounding columnar basalt. Should a change be noted, the cave is to be closed off from public access while repairs are made. Any individual coming into contact with SCP-5584 requires a loyalty score of 95% or higher.

A camera and alarm system are positioned outside of SCP-5584-1's reach within its chamber. SCP-5584-1 spends approximately 23 hours a day sleeping so minimal observation is required. SCP-5584-1 requires no rest; should SCP-5584-1 attempt to enter a catatonic state, it is to be awoken immediately via the alarm.

A whiteboard and an internet-accessible terminal with remote monitoring software installed are to be provided for communication and leisure. No audio surveillance is necessary. A single member of Foundation personnel with advanced experience in software development is to keep constant observation over SCP-5584-1's activities, switching out four times daily. The security personnel is to approve every action SCP-5584-1 makes on the terminal before a request is sent over the internet.

In the event this personnel becomes an instance of SCP-5584-1, backup incapable of reading both English and Irish any language are to remove the original SCP-5584-1's terminal and whiteboard. The new instance of SCP-5584-1 is to be relocated and contained in a standard humanoid cell if possible, otherwise, the control room is to be retrofitted. The new instance of SCP-5584-1 will construct a word filter to prevent further transmission of the infohazard before regular containment returns.

Twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays, SCP-5584-1 is to be visited by Dr. Izem for cognitive behavioral therapy. SCP-5584-1 requires no sustenance and is capable of the majority of its own self-care. It is to be provided with the following supplies each week:

  • 1 60mL bottle of shampoo
  • 1 80mL bottle of conditioner
  • 1 bar of body wash
  • 1 portable shower system
  • 500L of freshwater
  • 1 black whiteboard marker replacement cartridge
  • 7 60mg tablets of citalopram(One tablet administered orally once daily)
  • 7 100 mg tablets of quetiapine(One tablet administered orally once daily)
Entrance to the cave SCP-5584 is located in

SCP-5584 is a carving in old Irish in the Ogham alphabet obscured behind SCP-5584-12. Any individual who reads and comprehends the meaning of SCP-5584 is theorized to be converted into an instance of SCP-5584-1. Due to SCP-5584-1's body obscuring the full carving and its refusal to share the original meaning, further testing cannot be performed and the risk of personnel becoming an instance of SCP-5584-1 is minimal. However, should SCP-5584's meaning be spread to individuals liable to share it or posted to the internet, the resulting disruption event would be difficult to contain and potentially worldwide.

Only part of one line is visible behind SCP-5584-1: the phrase "NÍL A FHIOS AGA"3. The final word of SCP-5584's visible line is partially obscured but can be assumed as a prepositional pronoun. The sentence is translated as: "(You/I/You all/We) don't know".

Only one instance of SCP-5584-1 is currently known and thus this individual will be referred to as such. SCP-5584-1 is a 29-year-old human female identified as Brónach ██████████ fused to a wall in a concealed portion of Fingal's Cave on the Isle of Staffa, Scotland. It is attached by a web of flesh extending from the skin of its back. Its throat and jaw are split open and a large mass of approximately 200 tentacles extends from the hole. Due to the missing anatomy, SCP-5584-1 is mute. Its neck is broken and healed over, leaving it at an askew angle and severing its spinal cord. SCP-5584-1 cannot move or feel any part of its body from the neck down but has full control over the remaining parts of its face and the tentacles.

One of SCP-5584-1's tentacles with protractible tooth sockets visible.

Each tentacle is between 3m to 4m long and 12cm to 20cm in diameter tapering to a flat paddle near the tip. Approximately 40cm down on each tentacle unilaterally is a row of 12 teeth that rest internally and can be protracted for use as weapons or to gain traction. Tentacles extend from the spinal cord located between the third and fourth cervical vertebrae.

Periodically SCP-5584-1 will attempt to enter a state of catatonia from which it is capable of telekinetic projection. It uses this to access the internet via unattended devices. This manifestation is hereby referred to as SCP-5584-2

SCP-5584-2 can physically interact with and perceive its surroundings but cannot be perceived directly by others. If SCP-5584-2 is located within the 5-meter radius of SCP-5584 it is capable of teleporting where it pleases. If it has already teleported away from the range, it is only capable of teleporting back to SCP-5584. If SCP-5584-2 teleports while holding an object, the object will travel with it.

Addendum-1 Discovery:

SCP-5584 was recovered following reports from a tourist group describing an anomaly within Fingal's cave. Amnestics were administered to all civilians who made contact with the SCP-5584-1. The Foundation secured the site 2 hours post-discovery under the guise of an injury taking place in the cavern and construction for a remote research post began. SCP-5584-1 displayed fearful behavior and attempted assault on Foundation personnel but no casualties were sustained. Assault attempts ceased on day 2 of construction.

Addendum-2 Interview:

Addendum-3 Update:

On 31/01/2019 Senior Researcher Riley Ellis successfully persuaded SCP-5584-2 into teleporting a terminal with a GPS tracking device concealed within during an investigation for a separate now abandoned article. Following a discussion with Senior Researcher Mattias Brown and approval from the O5 council, an investigation was launched regarding SCP-5584-1's connection with the internet anomaly.

Dr. Riley Ellis has been suspended for improper provocation of SCP-5584-1 during the interview process. Following the completion of further training in proper interviews with sapient subjects, Dr. Riley Ellis is to be reinstated to her former position.

Dr. Ellis is still a capable researcher and the information gathered was vital for the full containment of a potentially catastrophic infohazard.

-Provisional Site Director Johann Weber

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