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Item#: SCP-5583
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Wall mural depicting SCP-5583 at its originating Pizza Palace location in Costa Mesa, California.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5583 is held in a humanoid containment cell at Site-43. It is to be provided with several arcade cabinets acquired from the defunct Costa Mesa, California franchise location of the Pizza Palace restaurant chain. SCP-5583 is permitted to periodically exit its containment cell under armed guard when not undergoing testing, so long as a specialized sheathe is fitted over its horn.

Description: SCP-5583 is an animatronic figure1 associated with the American restaurant chain Pizza Palace. It measures 1.8 meters in height, and has the appearance of an anthropomorphic unicorn wearing a magenta wig and a pink tutu. A plastic purple star wand covered in glitter is attached to its left palm. Beyond dried grease and mucous stains on its legs, SCP-5583 is in a good state of repair.

SCP-5583 is sapient, and capable of more advanced mobility than its mechanical components should allow. It is able to communicate via a speaker within its mouth using both masculine Scottish and feminine English accents, displaying a marked preference for the former.

SCP-5583 also possesses the following minor anomalous attributes:

  • The ability to process food via a hatch in its mouth. Though SCP-5583 claims it is capable of digestion, internal analysis reveals no digestive system and no traces of previous meals are evident.
  • The production of clouds of luminescent glitter when the star on its wand strikes solid matter. Frame-by-frame video analysis reveals that the glitter peels off from the wand itself and immediately self-illuminates before disappearing and reappearing on the wand.
  • The manifestation of wings on its back at will. Said wings are organic, resembling those of Danaus plexippus (the monarch butterfly) at both structural and genetic levels. Due to SCP-5583's weight and the short span of its wings, it is incapable of flight.
  • The emission of beams of refracted light from the tip of its horn. SCP-5583 is capable of heating matter by concentrating these beams at a specific target, up to and including the point of combustion.
  • The tutu has so far proven indestructible, and cannot be removed.

Discovery: On 6/3/2019, SCP-5583 became known to the Foundation following an incident occurring at a Pizza Palace restaurant in Costa Mesa, California. A customer inadvertently provoked SCP-5583 as it was performing, resulting in it breaking character and causing a public disturbance before exiting the premises. The incident was reconstructed using footage from security cameras and cellphones recovered from the patrons.

Addendum: Agents from Mobile Task Force Pi-1 ("City Slickers") responded to the incident and amnesticized all relevant parties. SCP-5583 was found at a local train station and captured after some resistance. An investigation into Pizza Palace revealed that the animatronics at all other locations were non-anomalous, and no further paranormal activity has been reported since the containment of SCP-5583.

The cameras at the Costa Mesa location were installed by an employee acting on his own initiative. When interviewed, he outlined his suspicion that SCP-5583 was in fact alive, which he had expressed fruitlessly to his co-workers. With permission from the manager, he had purchased the cameras and placed them around the building's interior. Footage from the night before the incident showed SCP-5583 activating after the restaurant closed and interacting with many of the attractions. Only the stage cameras were capable of recording audio.

SCP-5583 periodically asks after the status of its fellow animatronics. Staff are to advise SCP-5583 that they were relocated to a more successful franchise location upstate.

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