SCP-5582 Containment Log
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by Ethagon

Per the Special Containment Procedures of SCP-5582, each Containment Facility needs to have one untested containment plan for SCP-5582 prepared. The following is an abridged list of containment plans that have since been tested on SCP-5582, extending the list from the main file.

Note: This log is currently being reviewed by the responsible HMCL Supervisor. New entries may again now be added at the end of the log using the template below.

Facility: Site-17

Containment Strategy: Use a specially constructed cell that makes escape through life-supporting systems impossible. All staff potentially interacting with SCP-5582 have been selected to make another bribing attempt impossible.

Containment Test Result: SCP-5582 escaped successfully. Further details are redacted due to SCP-5582 utilizing classified information.

Notes: Junior Researcher Mellow will be reassigned to another facility. SCP-5582 seems to focus on him and Site-17 can not afford a third breach through this anomaly. - Site Director Thomas Graham

Facility: Site-322

Containment Strategy: Integrate SCP-5582 into the Foundation, by giving it its own office and mentally stimulating tasks. Given the behaviour of SCP-5582, these tasks are planned to consist of designing more optimal Containment Procedures for various anomalies. If SCP-5582 shows other interests, those can be focused on instead.

Containment Test Result: SCP-5582 showed interest in the Integration Program and agreed on the proposed integration plan. It fled at the earliest possible opportunity.

Notes: The Containment Procedures drafted before its escape have all been rated as improvements to the current Procedures and have been implemented.

Facility: Site-118

Containment Strategy: Use a specially constructed cell as per the plan of Site-17. To make bribes and blackmail impossible all involved personnel will be amnesticized as per Standard Blackbox protocol. The labyrinthian design, the large number and the size of Site-118's levels will additionally hinder escape attempts.

Containment Test Result: Shortly before SCP-5582 was contained a large part of the site's teleporter and elevator system was sabotaged by an unknown assailant. This necessitated the team escorting SCP-5582 to its cell to travel the large labyrinthian levels by foot. On the way, SCP-5582 broke through the walls of its escort cells and escaped. After a three-day search, it was concluded that SCP-5582 had escaped the site.

Notes: The Site-118 Administrative Department notes the age of the escort cell as the point of failure for the plan and has requested an increase in the budget to spend on equipment. This has been denied by the Budgetary Committee.

Facility: Treatment Area-21

Containment Strategy: Through the study of various ectoentropic fluids, Compound-EFL could be synthesized. Compound-EFL is edible and can be endlessly consumed, although transportation and creation are very expensive.1 Use a cell that has only a single entry point and is filled with Compound-EFL. Other life-support systems, and with them possible exit points are rendered mute by Compound-EFL.

Containment Test Result: SCP-5582 stirred Compound-EFL into a configuration of SCP-57722 to breach its cell.

Notes: This was the first time the octopus used an anomaly to get out. My best guess is that it's holding back as long as we limit ourselves to normal containment methods as well. But if we use anomalies it's free game. - Researcher Mellow

Facility: Area-01

Containment Strategy: The Central Memetics Department updated SCP-61943 to activate upon seeing SCP-5582. The update was initially tested in the presumed residence area of SCP-5582.

Containment Test Result: SCP-5582 proved too slippery for civilians to apprehend and had already escaped when any Foundation Reinforcements arrived.

Notes: Researcher Mellow has requested Area-01 to also create a Containment Strategy containing SCP-5582 at Area-01. This was denied as it was agreed upon that Area-01 would implement the current Strategy in place of a Containment Method inside the facility.

Facility: Lunar Area-32

Containment Strategy: No Containment Strategy was prepared as Area-32 was never expected to be the nearest Containment Facility to SCP-5582.

Containment Test Result: How SCP-5582 appeared on the moon is still the subject of ongoing investigations. SCP-5582 was found observing chambers in the Containment Zone until attempts were made to apprehend it. Subsequently, it fled the facility through SCP-120.

Notes: Researcher Mellow has requested that all facilities, including protected ones, have one Containment Plan prepared. This request is currently pending review.

Facility: Site-43

Containment Strategy: Further process Compound-EFL until a gaseous version is created to prevent SCP-5772 usage. Relocate SCP-5582 to another facility before the reoccurrence of SCP-5243.4

Containment Test Result: Initial Containment was successful. However, none of the surrounding facilities were willing to take over the containment of SCP-5582. As SCP-5582 could neither be anaesthetized nor tranquillized out of concern due to its advanced age, it escaped Site-43 during SCP-5243 as predicted.

Notes: The Budgetary Committee has ordered that no further Compound-EFL be created for the containment of SCP-5582 due to its expensive creation method.

Facility: Site-80

Containment Strategy: Contain SCP-5582 via the same method as Site-43 after the processed Compound-EFL has been transported to Site-80.

Containment Test Result: Strategy could not be implemented as the convoy transporting Compound-EFL was attacked by Insurgents. The compound and the convoy were lost in the attack.

Notes: The Budgetary Committee has ordered the complete cessation of implementing further Containment Plans for SCP-5582, due to the continued costs of creating special cells at every facility for an ultimately low-risk anomaly that uses the Foundation's Containment attempts for its own amusement. Researcher Mellow's protest against this decision has been noted.

Facility: United States Penitentiary, Paranormal Administrative Maximum Facility

Containment Strategy: N/A

Containment Test Result: After the cessation of containment attempts SCP-5582 returned to a life of robbery until it was eventually sentenced to serve its term in "Paramax". Out of concerns about the consequences of a successful Paramax breach, it was negotiated with the UIU that SCP-5582 would serve its term in a Foundation Facility instead. SCP-5582 breached its confinement as soon as it was officially in Foundation custody.

Notes: Researcher Mellow has requested that the Containment efforts for SCP-5582 be continued. This request is currently being reviewed.

Facility: Protected Site-01

Containment Strategy: N/A

Containment Test Result: [INCIDENT REDACTED]5

Notes: Containment efforts for SCP-5582 are to continue by order of the O5 Council. Containment Strategies are to be reviewed by HMCL Supervisor Mellow before implementation.

Facility: Site-532

Containment Strategy: Politely request that SCP-5582 enter a containment chamber and stay at Site-532 for a week, in order for more formal Containment Procedures to be drafted.

Containment Test Result: SCP-5582 ignored the request and left the site shortly after receiving the offer.

Notes: Well, can't knock us for trying. -Researcher Ryan O'Carroll

Facility: Site-866

Containment Strategy: Multiple square holes are found around the chamber, as entry points into a larger device known as a Dimensional Offset Modular Entanglement (D.O.M.E). The D.O.M.E uses a numerous amount of shifting components around the containment room to make a form of labyrinth. These modules are hooked up to a multiversal connector that senses whether or not the current position is the same in another dimension (of a group of ~1200 parallels). If this is true, the module shifts to no longer reflect the parallel dimension. Due to this, an entry point to research 5582 isn’t included, but this method is more so built for the purposes of testing 5582’s abilities, rather than to research 5582.

Containment Test Result: The multiversal connector hooked up to the D.O.M.E malfunctioned in the way that it sensed that the other dimensions had configurations that had all been perfectly aligned to the point where every module shifted to the point where SCP-5582 could easily crawl out of the chamber. SCP-5582 had left a note in the surrounding sand which read as follows:
That acronym was super forced.

Notes: It WAS super forced, but I did my best! C’mon! -Chief of Naming Domeson

Facility: Site-0

Containment Strategy: Place SCP-5582 under the custody of Unreality Liaison Alex Thorley, containing it in the aquarium inside their office.

Containment Test Result: SCP-5582 was brought to Alex Thorley's office by Unreality personnel. While it initially attempted to escape the aquarium as expected, it gradually stopped doing so when it began participating in casual conversation with Alex Thorley. The recorded contents of this interaction have since been lost.

After 5 hours, SCP-5582 was seen calmly leaving the office door after having it opened by Alex Thorley; both it and the Liaison waved at each other in farewell.

Attempts by Rsr. Mellow to reprimand Alex Thorley for deliberately releasing an anomaly were overruled by the Department of Unreality.6

Notes: He just appeared in my fish tank one day. He's actually pretty cool. Didn't have anyone else to talk to for a long time, so this was really relieving. I let him leave since he asked nicely. Hope we see each other again. — Unreality Liaison Alex Thorley

Facility: Inside

Containment Strategy: Using SCP-2719 to contain SCP-5582 inside.

Containment Test Result:
Pointer Outcome
Experimental Chamber 064 Became inside.
SCP-5582 Went inside.
SCP-5582's exterior Became inside.
SCP-5582 Went inside.
Outside Became inside.
SCP-5582 Went inside.

Notes: Due to SCP-5582 lacking bones, it was able to fold itself inside out, effectively making its inside become outside.

Facility: Protected Site-01

Containment Strategy: N/A

Containment Test Result: [INCIDENT REDACTED]7

Notes: Worse than last time. - O5-1


Facility: Site-999

Containment Strategy: SCP-5582 is to be contained in a reinforced water-filled containment tank measuring no less than 6m x 6m x 6m, constructed from non-corrosive materials resistant to potential alterations caused by SCP-5582. The environment within the tank should maintain a stable temperature range of 20-22°C (68-72°F) and consistent humidity levels, simulating natural octopus habitat conditions, with continuous CCTV monitoring and personnel training in octopus handling and behavioral observation.

Containment Test Result: After a 24-hour period of apparent inactivity within the containment chamber, SCP-5582 displayed no signs of life. It was transferred to the site's medical ward for examination, subsequently placed in cold storage. During this time, SCP-5582 absconded from the site's premises.

Notes: Further investigation is required to ascertain the cause of SCP-5582's apparent lack of vital signs and its subsequent escape. Containment protocols need reassessment to prevent future breaches, considering SCP-5582's ability to exploit unexpected circumstances. -Dr. Avenlee

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