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by Ethagon

Item#: 5582
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Photo was presumably sent by SCP-5582 shortly after its third containment breach

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5582 is to be contained on sight. Every containment facility is to have at least one untested containment plan for SCP-5582 prepared at all times. Until permanent containment is deemed successful, the continued recapture of SCP-5582 under new conditions is intended to serve as a substitute for real containment.

Description: SCP-5582 is a three-year-old common octopus1, capable of surviving an indefinite amount of time without water. SCP-5582 is sapient and has advanced problem-solving skills. SCP-5582 could not be subjected to any test in this regard, due to its constant containment breaches, but to date, SCP-5582 was able to solve any logical problem encountered.

Discovery: The Foundation became aware of SCP-5582 through multiple reports of a bank heist involving an octopus. Agents were dispatched to the scene and found SCP-5582 lurking in the immediate vicinity. SCP-5582 was apprehended and brought to Site-17 but was able to crawl out of the containment vehicle before its arrival due to the lack of octopus-specific restraints.

SCP-5582 was again found a few weeks later observing Site-17. When Agents were again dispatched to apprehend SCP-5582, they were unable to find it. It is estimated that SCP-5582 infiltrated Site-17 prior to being noticed.


Interviewed: SCP-5582

Interviewer: Junior Researcher Mellow

Foreword: This interview was conducted after SCP-5582 showed up at the front entrance of Site-23. SCP-5582 used the stones of its provisional containment aquarium to write its answers.

<Begin Log, skip to 05:34>

Up to this point SCP-5582 had only been placing its stones at random.

Junior Researcher Mellow: I don't see why you even requested an interview if you refuse to answer.

SCP-5582: Took you long enough to notice. Don't worry, I was listening. (SCP-5582 looks directly at Junior Researcher Mellow) Yeah, you’ll do it.

Junior Researcher Mellow: Me?

SCP-5582: What? No. You young people are always so self-centred. I mean all of you, obviously.

Junior Researcher Mellow: And what exactly is it you want from us?

SCP-5582: You'll get it eventually.

Junior Researcher Mellow: Then will you answer why you took part in the heist?

SCP-5582: Why does anyone rob a bank? For myself, obviously.

Junior Researcher Mellow: Then why did you willingly let yourself be contained?

SCP-5582: Also for me.

Junior Researcher Mellow: You're not making any sense.

SCP-5582: You’ll understand it when you’re a little older.

Junior Researcher Mellow: I really don't think so? What do you get from letting yourself be contained?

SCP-5582: No

Junior Researcher Mellow: No?

SCP-5582: (it tips its head with one of its arms) No stagnation.

SCP-5582 refused to communicate any further.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-5582 breached containment shortly after the interview concluded. It was discovered that stones were disrupting the function of its cell door locking mechanism.

3 days after this breach, Junior Researcher Mellow received an anonymous message titled "Before you do it" containing a picture of SCP-5582.

Further notable incidents:

  • SCP-5582 was contained in Site-11 in a standard containment cell with a more complex locking mechanism. SCP-5582 was able to escape through the ventilation system with the help of a previously half-swallowed screwdriver.
  • Site-66 constructed a special cell for SCP-5582, that made an escape through life-supporting systems like ventilation and drainage impossible. SCP-5582 escaped through bribing a now-former junior researcher with its stolen money to aid in its containment breach.
  • SCP-5582 was captured by Site-06-3 from a local aquarium. Containment was planned to include several logic puzzles, but the octopus was found to be non-anomalous. On the same day, Site-06-3 Staff received an anonymous message titled "Already solved" containing the solutions to all logic puzzles.
  • During its stay at Site-19, SCP-5582 was informed of the existence of other sapient cephalopods in containment. SCP-5582 agreed to a meeting but fled during the siege of Site-19. The following message was received afterwards:

What, you want me to socialize at this age? Weird thing to ask a three-year-old. Still tempting, but I wished you’d have asked me when I wasn’t crawling on my last arm.

The next day, SCP-5582 was spotted in front of the containment tank of SCP-29672 by surveillance cameras. They both communicated through an unknown sign language for about an hour after which SCP-5582 escaped before the footage was noticed. The following message was received afterwards:

Nah, I’m good.

All further encounters with SCP-5582 are documented in the SCP-5582 Containment Log.

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