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Item#: 5577
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The interior of SCP-5577-1.

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Site-1538 has been built over SCP-5577's work area in ██████, Turkey, under the guise of an archaeological excavation. Personnel are authorized to detain trespassers, and prescribe amnestics in the event of unauthorized entry.

Security personnel are to relay all notable vocalizations from SCP-5577 to assigned research staff.

Description: SCP-5577 is a sentient humanoid skeleton, standing at about 160 cm. The subject is believed to be between 8,000 and 5,000 years old, and shows considerable deviation from baseline human anatomy. They are constantly engaged in metalworking, and have never been observed to cease activity for any reason, except in case of injury (See Addendum 5577.01).

SCP-5577-1 is a blacksmith's workshop, built into the cavern where SCP-5577 was found. SCP-5577-1 is fully furnished with a hearth and cooling tank, an anvil and other tools and amenities for metalworking. Several tools used by SCP-5577 have no readily understood purpose, but have shown a variety of anomalous effects

SCP-5577-2 is a set of objects created by SCP-5577. There is no consistent quality to these objects, except for their origin and composition, which consists of materials produced via SCP-5577-1. Some possess unknown anomalous properties, while most do not. Invariably, these are themselves used as material for further objects, which will likewise be recycled.

To date, no instance of SCP-5577-2 has gone more than three weeks without being incorporated into another object, with one exception (See SCP-5577-P).

Addendum 5577.01:

Interviewed: SCP-5577

Interviewer: Dr. Gonzalo Gonzalez, Lead Researcher for SCP-5577

Foreword: On July 19, 2020, security at Provisional Site-1538 heard the usual sounds of blacksmithing cease, and SCP-5577 began to shout in an unidentified Kartvelian language (currently believed to be Hattic). Upon investigation, security personnel discovered SCP-5577 in physical distress, clutching its hand. Medical personnel were summoned, and given authorization to assist SCP-5577 in treating what it later described as an accidentally self-inflicted wound. Treatment consisted of using cyanoacrylate adhesive to repair a fractured metacarpal.

<Begin Log>
SCP-5577: Hope glue works. Gotta keep at it.

Dr. Gonzalez: Keep at your work, I'm assuming?

SCP-5577: Aye. Can't stop now. Almost done, y'see?

[SCP-5577 gestures to its surroundings.]

Dr. Gonzalez: Sure, yeah.

SCP-5577: Y'don't see. No problem. Others'll see. They'll thank me, y'know?

Dr. Gonzalez: Who are you expecting?

SCP-5577: You. Your people. Doctors, priests, mages. Warriors. You'll come here, once I'm done. You'll thank me. You'll take what I built, finally gimme some space.

Dr. Gonzalez: What is it you're building?

SCP-5577: Weapon.

Dr. Gonzalez: For who?

SCP-5577: Well, not weapon. No word for it anymore. Sea Peoples had a word, though.

[Dr. Gonzalez looks confused for a moment.]

Dr. Gonzalez: Sea People… Did they ride horses? And come down from the north?

SCP-5577: Aye, aye! Sea People had a word, and 'twas like weapon, but also like tool. 'Twas something you did, and something you held.

Dr. Gonzalez: And who is this… weapon… for?

SCP-5577: Anyone who can hold it. Gotta be strong, but also focused. Slips through hands, y'see? And also through minds.

Dr. Gonzalez: So it has both physical and metaphysical properties… And what is the weapon to be used against?


Dr. Gonzalez: I don't follow… That can't be possible, otherwise we'd have contained her.

SCP-5577: She's not born yet. Parents aren't born yet. Parents' parents aren't born yet, but she's still coming, so I'm still working.

Dr. Gonzalez: What else do you know? Besides how to kill it, I mean.

SCP-5577: Don't know how to kill her. That's for warriors to figure out. Generals, mages. They'll know. Just building what they'll need. Don't know much else.

Dr. Gonzalez: You must at least know what she's capable of, otherwise how could you build?

[Both are silent for a moment.]

SCP-5577: I know one thing. She eats the Way.

Dr. Gonzalez: She 'eats' ways?

SCP-5577: The Way. And the Road. The Wheel. The Instructions. The Cosmic Laws, the General Order of Things. Them Sea Peoples had a word for it. Dharma.

Dr. Gonzalez: Wait… Hang on, the Dharma?

SCP-5577: Hrm, good word! Yes, she eats Dharma. Drinks it down, like blood from God's own throat. She'll drink the Dharma, and when she's done, there'll be nothing left.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-5577 was unable to answer further questions about this entity, and declined to answer questions about itself, citing a need to continue working. Furthermore, SCP-5577 declined to allow Foundation to personnel to test any of its equipment or materials, citing their importance to its work.

SCP-5577 has refused all interviews since, citing a need to continue "until the Work is done."

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