Item #: SCP-5576 Level 5/5576
Object Class: Euclid CLASSIFIED

Threat Level: Blue


SCP-5576, six days prior to containment.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5576 is currently housed in a standard humanoid containment chamber at Site-228. Special research conducted into SCP-5576 has been authorised and is currently under observation by Overwatch Command.

Further information regarding SCP-5576 is restricted.

Description: SCP-5576 is Jonathan Möller, former director of Site-228. SCP-5576's anomalous properties manifest one minute following its death, wherein all matter located within a roughly three-metre radius experiences a temporal reversion of approximately two minutes. All objects and individuals within this area are affected, including SCP-5576, with the only known exception being its memory.

Investigations into the mechanisms of SCP-5576's anomalous properties are ongoing.

Discovery: SCP-5576's anomalous properties were discovered in 2008, at the age of 96, 11 years after retirement, during a house fire. Based on surveillance footage, it passed away approximately 30 times due to smoke inhalation prior to the firefighters' arrival on the scene.

Following Foundation intervention, cover story A3549B ("Immolation") was embedded into local news media and amnestics were appropriately administered. SCP-5576's family was supplied with a suitable corpse and the object was detained for questioning and research.

SCP-5576's preliminary interview transcript has been attached below.

Interviewee: SCP-5576

Interviewer: Dr Albert Cren


Dr Cren: Good afternoon, Jon.

SCP-5576: It's alright, you can call me by my skip ID, Al. I don't really mind.

Dr Cren: It's the first time I'm doing this with a former mate, you know.

SCP-5576: Ha. The first ten'll be weird, but you get used to it.

Dr Cren subtly smiles.

Dr Cren: Well, how are you, Jon?

Dr Cren and SCP-5576 speak in unison.

Dr Cren: Just being?

SCP-5576: Just being.

Both laugh.

SCP-5576: Haha! You remember?

Dr Cren: How could I not? I've only heard it every day!

SCP-5576: Oh! I remember ol' Jem started saying it too. What a lad. He still working here?

Dr Cren: Oh no, unfortunately. Took an early retirement. Most of the old bunch 'ere miss him too, sometimes.

SCP-5576: Oh, what a shame. I don't think I'll forget him. But, on to some better news!

Dr Cren: Oh?

SCP-5576: Look at you bud! Got your SR promotion while I was gone, didn't cha'.

Dr Cren: Huh? Oh, haha! Thanks, Jon.

SCP-5576: I say, it ain't long before you become a director, 'specially since you even worked under me for a while.

Dr Cren: Heh. Director, huh… I've never actually thought about that. I don't think I've aspired that far ahead in this career either, knowing it first hand.

SCP-5576: Oh trust me, I don't think it'll be long 'till you get to that point. Not everyone becomes one either, so you gotta be proud of yourself, Al. And as a bonus, you're usually far away from the action. And you'll be sitting in the same seat as I did, back in the day. As long as they didn't replace it of course, which, when thinking about it, they probably did.

SCP-5576 exaggeratedly sighs and the two laugh together. Midway through SCP-5576 wheezes.

SCP-5576: Well, how old's Nina now? Twelve? Fifteen?

Dr Cren: She's eleven now. They grow up pretty darn fast, Jon.

SCP-5576: I bet they do. I remember exactly what she was like, that lovable little rascal.

Dr Cren: Oh, she's still that alright. You won't know how much trouble she gets into with Kalli, though I don't always try to get on her side. Somebody's gotta defend the kids now, shouldn't they?

SCP-5576: Of course, it's probably ain't nice for the kid, not that I'm an expert when it comes to the topic.

Dr Cren: Well… heh, "fifteen?" You still suck when it comes to keeping track of time, now don't you? Deadlines always had a way of creeping up on you, didn't they? I remember I'd usually be the one picking up your slack.

SCP-5576: Oh jeez, thinking back, that's at least a decade now, ain't it? I can't thank you enough for every time you've helped me, Al. I was one forgetful ass.

The two laugh, louder than previously.

Dr Cren: I couldn't just leave you hanging bud, well, at least you're—

Dr Cren is told to cease their idle conversation and is reminded to continue with the interrogation.

Dr Cren: Oh, um, SCP-557—

SCP-5576 interruptingly sighs and holds up its hand, as if to stop Dr Cren from speaking any further.

SCP-5576: Let me guess now. They tell you to "cease your pleasantries," or something along those lines? Oh, I bet.

Dr Cren averts his eyes to look away and stutters.

Dr Cren: Let's… uh, let's continue, SCP-5576.

SCP-5576 grins but does not make any remark.

Dr Cren: Well, to start off: did you know of your anomalous properties before the incident?

SCP-5576: It's the first time I've died, Al. I-It don't feel nice, but—

SCP-5576 coughs.

SCP-5576: To, ahem, continue, I've never knew about it. I could've been like this since… since I was a lad, honestly.

Dr Cren: Hm, we—

SCP-5576: You know, I've been with many anomalies during the time I was here. You could say, these properties may be a result of that, you know.

Dr Cren: You're right, we think so too. They're looking into all the objects you were in contact with during your days—well, years—here currently, and to see if there's any sort of connection between any of 'em acting to give you this ability.

SCP-5576: Yes, yes. Standard procedure, eh?

Dr Cren lightly chuckles at SCP-5576's remark.

Dr Cren: Yep, the standard. You think there may be any other reason, though? Other than the one we just talked about.

SCP-5576: Tough to say. Let's see… hm. I used to work with a lot of ontokinetic anomalies. Particularly reality-benders.

Dr Cren: You worked with reality benders?

SCP-5576 pauses.

SCP-5576: Plenty of 'em, yeah.

Dr Cren: That's… odd.

SCP-5576: Something wrong?

Dr Cren: I'm not spotting any on this list.

Dr Cren hands SCP-5576 the files he was looking through.

SCP-5576: These… these are all the anomalies I've been involved in?

Dr Cren: Yep.

SCP-5576: Oh… yeah. No one knows, do they?

Dr Cren: Hm?

SCP-5576: You know, I don't think I've ever told you this, or anyone else here at '228, but—

Dr Cren: You've worked at Site-17?

SCP-5576: What? How'd—

Dr Cren: I read your personnel file right before this interview. I was… surprised, to say the least. Couldn't believe it, honestly. So it's real? Did you… really?

SCP-5576 creases its eyes and rubs them.

SCP-5576: What'd you think of me, if I said yes, Albert?

Dr Cren: Well, they're rumours, aren't they? I mean… I wouldn't see you in a different light, just because of that. You're still my mate… a friend.

SCP-5576 has a pained expression and wipes its eyes.

SCP-5576: Thanks, Al.

SCP-5576 pauses.

SCP-5576: Most of 'em, they're unlisted.

Dr Cren: They weren't registered? Why?

SCP-5576 does not respond. Dr Cren is silent for a moment.

Dr Cren: But, that means…

SCP-5576 weakly nods and looks down at its feet.

SCP-5576: I was sent to '17 during my rookie years. I was an enthusiastic lad back then, you could say I was… determined. I didn't give up. Part of the reason why I tried to help everyone… put there.


SCP-5576: All of 'em who got sent there, I wanted to help 'em all the best I could. Didn't do what everyone else did, couldn't bring myself to it. I was stubborn, for the most part.

Dr Cren: So you tried to help them? Well… of course you would, Jon. Yeah, you were always a nice guy.

SCP-5576 looks down.

SCP-5576: I tried my best, Al. I did everything I could, but… but, I gave up.


SCP-5576: I stopped caring after seeing it over and over, for years. I… I forgot to…

SCP-5576 looks back up, its lips quivering.

SCP-5576: It haunts me, Albert. At first, I thought I could just push it away. I… before I retired, I got them to make me forget. I didn't want to think about it again, I just wanted to enjoy my time with the family I have left, without being cursed by… by those faces… those memories. It was a powerful dose. It worked… it did, but…

Its smile wavers.

SCP-5576: But, you know, Al… recently, it's all been coming back to me. Just flooding my head with all of it. I guess even they couldn't keep those memories buried forever.


SCP-5576: I've sat in that seat, for hundreds — no, thousands of times. More times than I could possibly remember. But to sit on this side of the table, it's new. Deep down, you could say I wanted this, Albert. I'm happy.

Dr Cren: But… why, Jon?

Dr Cren stutters.

Dr Cren: It's… it's alright, I know you never wanted to do any of that. If you'd like, I'm pretty sure the infirmary can give you another dose.

SCP-5576 coughs, smiling slightly.

SCP-5576: No, Al, that's okay. If this is someone's curse on me, I accept it. I don't spite them back. And in all honesty, it simply wouldn't be fair for me to live a happy, normal life with everything I've done.


Update (03/01/2022): As of January, 3rd 2022, SCP-5576 is 111 years old. Due to its age and associated health conditions,1 SCP-5576 has begun experiencing a terminal loop upon its bed, with the entity's death occurring an average of 45-50 times a day.

Transfer to Site-17 for further research is pending.

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