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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5568 is currently held in the mind of D-41903, who has been placed in a Sapient Humanoid Anomaly Containment Cell with standard accommodations. Staff is not to view any part of the cell unless cleared for experimentation, to which the staff member is to maintain visual contact of SCP-5568 at all times.

EMERGENCY UPDATE: Following Incident 5568/IR-01, all members of SCP-5568 containment and research teams are to identify themselves as having a close relationship with a minimum of three other Foundation personnel, who will then be asked to confirm or deny this. All staff assigned to SCP-5568 are to be screened for signs of depression, anxiety, or loneliness. If they are found to have the aforementioned signs, or an identified personnel denies having a close relationship with the member, they are to be immediately reassigned to another site and the Internal Security Department is to be alerted. Mobile Task Force Gamma-12 "Friendship is Militarized" is to perform an interview with SCP-5568 once a month for consultation regarding GoI-827.

Description: SCP-5568 is a sapient migratory thought-form, capable of causing visual, auditory, and tactile hallucinations. SCP-5568 has consistently only caused hallucinations of a human female that identifies itself as the aforementioned thought-form. Due to its nature as a migrating thought, SCP-5568 can only be seen by one subject at a time and is only able to move to another person's perception if they are viewing the space that it portrays itself as occupying.

Discovery: SCP-5568 was found during a raid on a Chaos Insurgency hideout by MTF Upsilon-11 "Avalon's Wake". When discovered, it was only visible to U11-3, who quickly identified the anomaly as only being perceivable by one person. SCP-5568 immediately surrendered, stating that it wanted to talk to a researcher about an "important matter". Once the anomaly was identified and safely apprehended, it was put into temporary containment with U11-3.

Addendum - Interview Log 5568/INT-01: The following is the initial interview between SCP-5568 and Junior Researcher Luna Weiss.

Foreword: Performed pre-emptive to normal initial interviews with sapient entities due to the anomaly's specific request to be interviewed as soon as possible. At the time Junior Researcher Luna Weiss enters, SCP-5568 is in the mind of U11-3. SCP-5568's dialogue was added based on testimony by Weiss.

<Begin Log>

Weiss: Good morning Sharon, and to your friend as well.

U11-3: Good morning. I've lost visual on the anomaly, is it safe to assume you see it now?

Weiss: I do, thank you. You may leave now.

<U11-3 stands up and leaves the room. Weiss sits on the same seat U11-3 was sat on and places two water bottles on each end of the table.>

Weiss: I brought some water if you can drink it.

SCP-5568: I can't, but thank you. What rank are you?

Weiss: Junior Researcher, sorry, all the big boys are busy elsewhere.

SCP-5568: Will this interview be written down and read by someone higher?

Weiss: Presumably yes, once you get a proper SCP designation and containment.

SCP-5568: Good, thank you.

Weiss: Anyway, let's start with the basics. What would you like me to call you, and what would you describe yourself as?

SCP-5568: My name is Sarah Pain. I'm a Tulpa1, created by Jessica Winthrop two years ago, but I've become independent after her recent death.

Weiss: I'm sorry to hear about your creator. Why were you at a Chaos Insurgency hideout?

SCP-5568: Jess was a member of a group called The Syndicate, a bunch of magic people doing magic things just for fun and hanging out. Or, rather, that's what they appear to be. When you look under the surface you see manipulative hateful abusers who target lonely people, pulling them in with promises of friendship and a sense of belonging. They make you a "friend" and you become practically addicted to that "friendship". Jess figured this out and tried to warn some new people out of it. The inner-circle heard about this and attacked her. She committed suicide, but it was orchestrated by them. I was beyond pissed. Started trying to think of violent gangs that could deal with anomalous dege-… assholes, like them. Chaos Insurgency is the definition of violent gangs, so I went there first to ask them to help.

Weiss: I take it negotiations didn't go very far?

SCP-5568: Yeah, got put on lockdown before I even got a word in.

Weiss: When you were apprehended, you seemed to recognize the SCP logo, and in your story there you knew about the Chaos Insurgency. How do you know this?

SCP-5568: Some of the friends work here, or hang out in the library, or in the GAW's IRC, or in the Noosphere. They know all they need to know about each place.

Weiss: Are you stating that members of the Foundation may be covertly working for a potentially hostile group of interest? If so, that's a pretty big accusation, and you're going to have to show some proof and drop some names.

SCP-5568: Unfortunately, I have neither. Everyone uses usernames and never says their real names, and I'm just a Tulpa, all I can offer is hearsay.

Weiss: Well, if you were worried about higher-ups not reading this before, they definitely will be now. What is the purpose of this group your host was a part of?

SCP-5568: I don't know if they have some higher plan. My best guess has been that they like the feeling of being powerful over others. Why does a spouse abuser abuse their spouse? If there was ever such a thing as friend abuse, that'd be my assumption.

Weiss: Alright. Is there anything more you would like to get out before a proper initial interview?

SCP-5568: I have more information on them whenever you want it, but I think that's everything I needed to get in your files right away.

Weiss: Thank you. Do I need to stay here with you until the guard can come to get you, or can you stay here?

SCP-5568: I'll need you to stay here unless you want to pull me along with you somewhere.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The attending guard arrived shortly after and escorted SCP-5568 to a temporary anomaly holding cell. It was transferred to D-73912 who stayed in the room until it could be properly processed.

Addendum - Incident Report 5568/IR-01: 31 hours after the initial acquisition, attending guard Markus Allemand entered SCP-5568's temporary holding cell and stabbed D-73912 in the head, killing them instantly. SCP-5568 reports that it was forced into the mind of Allemand, who then attempted to kill it with the same method. This failed, to which Allemand attempted to kill SCP-5568 through punching, strangulation, and using their firearm. The sound of firing his weapon alerted nearby staff, who quickly detained Allemand, with SCP-5568 moving to one of the other detaining staff's mind. SCP-5568 reports that it was unharmed during the incident and has since moved to the mind of D-41903.

The following is an interview conducted by Doctor Rodrick Hummel with Markus Allemand, shortly after the aforementioned incident.

Foreword: Performed with Markus Allemand handcuffed to the table, with all weaponry removed.

<Begin Log>

Hummel: Are you ready to explain yourself Mark?

<Silence for 6 seconds>

Hummel: Markus if you don't answer for yourself I can guarantee that you will be terminated for such an egregious act. If you have any sort of defense for yourself, now is the time to state it.

<Allemand speaks quietly>

Allemand: She deserved it.

Hummel: Excuse me? You're going to have to speak up for it to be recorded.

Allemand: I did the right thing.

Hummel: You need to talk louder Allemand, you know my hearing isn't that great anymore.

<Allemand begins to yell>

Allemand: I was fucking doing you assholes a favor! She's a fucking degenerate trying to get innocent kind people killed for her own sick pleasure! That bitch deserved to die, I don't know how she lived through Many's2 suicide but all she's doing is continuing that traitor's job! All she wants to do is destroy the lives of all the people who've done nothing but love and care for her because she's a fucking psycho that loves making others miserable! I should've fucking killed myself the instant I realized she snuck in me, if I die protecting my friends I can die happy, and that would've at least shocked her enough to shut her the fuck up.

<Silence for 9 seconds>

Hummel: What the fuck happened to you, Mark?

Allemand: I found people who made me happy.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Markus Allemand was terminated shortly after this interview. Further investigation showed a general lack of recognition among Foundation staff with Allemand.

Following this incident, Mobile Task Force Gamma-12 "Friendship is Militarized" was created and assigned to the investigation of the newly designated GoI-827 "The Syndicate". Containment Procedures have received an emergency update in response to this event.

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