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Item #: SCP-5566

Object Class: Safe Euclid Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures:

Final Update 28-10-2019: All instances of individuals infected by SCP-5566 are to be locked up in an outside container without any access to food or human contact. Room is to be encased in cement and buried deep underground in an undisclosed location. Explicit warnings and contact information are to be included on or near the containment unit. Afterwards SCP-5566 is to remain neutralized - no attempt at research or containment is to be made.

Description: SCP-5566 was a highly infectious anomalous verbal tic affecting a multitude of Foundation researchers. To this date, it is unclear what caused it and under what rules it operated. After an unusually high amount of failed research operations on the phenomenon, a - so far successful - attempt at total neutralization was made. It is theorized that, with the current procedures in place, SCP-5566 will unable to affect anyone anymore. Previous descriptions as well as research performed into the SCP-5566 phenomenon can be found in the addenda.

Addendum 5566-1: Previous iterations of item description.

Addendum 5566-2: Research report on Italy.

Addendum 5566-3: Previous iterations of item description.

Addendum 5566-4: Research report on Romania and France.

Addendum 5566-5: Previous iterations of item description.

Addendum 5566-6: Personal anecdotes by intern Z. Bellerose.

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