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Item #: SCP-5554


SCP-5554 as of 09/28/2019.

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawler Delta-17 ("ORANGEPEELER") is to continuously monitor the web for any Instagram accounts that have, or are suspected to have, visited SCP-5554's profile or interacted with any of its posts, and immediately delete them upon discovery. SCP-5554 has been blocked from accessing or allowing access to the general public.

Update: Following 09/25/2019, interaction using direct message has been proven successful. Researcher Oliver Crane is to message with SCP-5554 every day for the benefit of its mental health. For more information, see Addendum 2.

Description: SCP-5554 is an account under the name "Akihikoteddybear" on the social media platform Instagram. All attempts to trace devices using this account have failed. Any Instagram account that interacts with SCP-5554 in any way (i.e. visiting its profile, viewing its posts) will become an instance of SCP-5554-1.


An example of SCP-5554-1 interacting with SCP-5554.

SCP-5554-1 are Instagram accounts that, although they had previously been maintained by normal civilians, operate via anomalous means since contact with SCP-5554. SCP-5554-1 instances will only post about and interact with SCP-5554. Separate SCP-5554-1 instances appear to act in coordination, as all such accounts post identical content and comments at exactly the same times. It is unknown at this time if SCP-5554 affects the civilians behind SCP-5554-1 accounts.

Addendum 1: SCP-5554 Posts

Foreword: The following are all of SCP-5554's posts to date.

Addendum 2: SCP-5554 Interaction

On 11/08/2019, SCP-5554 replied to a private message sent by Researcher Crane, who used the account "ColorlessWire". The following are the results:

Note- Researcher Crane programmed the Instagram account used to emulate the effects of a reality sink, leaving said account unaffected by SCP-5554’s anomalous properties, making communication possible.

Closing statement: As communication with Researcher Crane has proven successful, it is to continue daily. Efforts for more staff to communicate with SCP-5554 will be attempted shortly. See Addendum 3.

Addendum 3: 09/30/2019

On 09/30/2019, Researcher Crane began to ask SCP-5554 questions about itself. During the exchange, SCP-5554 came to question its situation.

Closing statement: Daily communication with SCP-5554 is to continue until further notice.

Further requests to reclassify this anomaly as Euclid are currently not being accepted. This is a sapient AI running on a server that we cannot physically locate, capable of turning any online platform into a party of praise, which would have only continued to expand if we had not interfered. I will not take chances on it suddenly getting bored of talking to Researcher Crane and anyone else who will be assigned to talk to it. — Professor Marcus William Scott

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