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Item #: SCP-5553
An invitation email to join SCP-5553.

Object Class: Keter

Secure Containment Procedures: New Procedures following the escape of D-7372: SCP-5553 remains uncontained at this time. However, Foundation personnel with Special Clearance PSM-1 are required to engage with SCP-5553 regularly each day from a non-Foundation personal computer, and file reports with External Affairs Team Sierra-611 in order to refer useful information obtained from SCP-5553 to local law enforcement agencies.

Description: SCP-5553 is a social media networking site called JACK, accessible from url https://jack.███. Its features include status posting, photo sharing, a news feed, public and private commenting, and direct private messaging. This site is only accessible to people who have committed serial murder of at least 3 victims.

Persons who are not eligible to view site content are exposed to an infohazard that causes confusion and memory loss related to the contents of the web page. In approximately 5% of cases, this effect is more severe, causing nearly-instantanious quadriplegia, intense pain, and subject death within 10 minutes, after which the device connected to SCP-5553 disconnects and shuts down. Premature shutdown of the device does not mitigate the lethal effect of the infohazard.

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