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Item #: SCP-5552

SCP-5552-EX Model

Special Containment Procedures: N/A

Description: SCP-5552-EX is the Gupta-Helsman Gate as described in "A Comprehensive Theory On Bi-Directional Temporal Travel", titled after the lead authors on the paper, Naman Gupta and Cindy Helsman. This paper was presented on 2020/03/14 at the International Conference on Particle Physics, after a board of Foundation personnel reviewed the paper and deemed the science sufficiently in-line with baseline assumptions to be considered non-anomalous.

The Gupta-Helsman Gate operates in a similar manner to closed timelike curvatures conjectured by Gödel. However, instead of operating like a wormhole might, which relies on immense amounts of energy to open, Gupta-Helsman Gates are opened and sustained through the vibration of vibron particles1. Vibron particles vibrate in accordance to an atom's Wilt2. Investigation into connections between Wilt and phenomena observed by anomalies in containment is ongoing.

According to Dr. Gupta and Dr. Helsman, the process for generating sufficient Wilt to open a Gupta-Helsman Gate is significantly less resource-intensive than the theoretical method of opening a sizable wormhole. The Foundation has allocated additional resources to Gupta's and Helsman's CHRONUS Project to build a device that demonstrates the principles within their paper.

Addendum SCP-5552-1: Below is a partial transcript from the CHRONUS Project Lead meeting regarding the construction of a Bi-Directional Temporal Traversal Device (BTTD) as proposed in their paper:

Gupta: I can't believe they actually let us publish.

Helsman: Honestly I'm more surprised they're letting us build it.

Gupta: Well, of course they want us to build it. It's the Foundation.

Helsman: Right, right…

Gupta: Something wrong?

Helsman: I guess I'm just nervous.

Gupta: Don't worry. Everyone is.

Helsman: Except you apparently.

Gupta: Oh I'm nervous. I'm just good at hiding it. Now, let's get to scheduling, shall we?

Helsman: Right.

Gupta: I think we can get this thing done in about three months. That sound ok to you?

Helsman: Yeah. That sounds fine.

Gupta: Alright, we'll be testing in three months and let's work backward from there.

Addendum SCP-5552-2: Below is the time table for the construction of the BTTD:

Task Task Lead Deadline Notes
BTTD Traveller Capsule Design Gupta 2020/04/23 Completed on time. Should be able to activate the BTTD from inside the capsule.
Wilt Generation Cell Design Helsman 2020/05/09 Completed on 2020/05/14.
Temporal Stability Ensurance Computations Helsman 2020/05/21 Completed on 2020/06/03.
BTTD Traveller Capsule Construction Gupta 2020/05/23 Completed on time. Additional materials have been reserved for a second capsule.
Wilt Generation Cell Construction Helsman 2020/06/03 Completed on 2020/06/20.
Testing Proposal Gupta 2020/06/14 Completed on time. Requested a total of three different trials both with forward and backward temporal travel.
Safety Checks Helsman 2020/06/22 N/A

Addendum SCP-5552-3: On 2020/07/02, Helsman was confronted about her inability to meet the deadlines of the project. Below is a transcript from the meeting:

Gupta: Cindy, we need to talk. We're falling behind schedule.

Helsman: I know, I know.

Gupta: Like, I appreciate all the safety checks and recalculations you're doing but I need you to trust me.

Helsman: But you know how dangerous this thing can be! If we're not right down to the fourteenth decimal this could cause a catastrophic amount of damage.

Gupta: So you don't trust me?

Helsman: No, no… I trust you but— like I don't trust myself. I feel like I'm always a few steps behind you trying to play catch up. There's something about all of this that just clicks for you and it's not clicking for me. It's frustrating. This was supposed to be our project but it doesn't quite feel like mine anymore.

Gupta: [sighs] Would you like me to tell you something that might make you feel better?

Helsman: If you can, go ahead.

Gupta: I know this is going to work, because it already has.

Helsman: You… you've already used it, haven't you?

Gupta: I traveled back to January because if we didn't publish by March our research was going to be stolen.

Helsman: January… but that's when we started getting experimental data.

Gupta: I just sped everything up is all. I knew what equations we were going to be able to extract so I could skip a few steps.

Helsman: But… but that was supposed to be my job.

Gupta: I know but—

Helsman: You were good with concepts and theories and I was good with the equations and making the numbers mean something. That was how we were supposed to divide the work. But then you just stole my equations from me.

Gupta: But you already solved them! You solved them last time all on your own. I was totally useless.

Helsman: But I wasn't there last time. This time I didn't do shit!

Gupta: But it's all the same you.

Helsman: I don't feel like I contributed! I feel like I've been playing second fiddle!

Gupta: I— I'm sorry. I told you my plan when I left and you said it was fine.

Helsman: I keep telling you that wasn't me! Whoever that was obviously wasn't thinking about how it'd feel to have her equations stolen.

Gupta: I think she knew…

Helsman: Well then she was being a dumbass!

Gupta: I'm sorry. I… I didn't know.

Helsman takes deep breaths, and settles back into her chair.

Helsman: It's fine. Nothing can be done now. How long until we're finished with this damn project?

Gupta: Umm, if we go at our predicted pace, only another month.

Helsman: Thank god.

Addendum SCP-5552-4: In the early morning of 2020/07/15, Site-72 experienced two major power outages. One at 3:34AM, and another at 3:56AM. Security camera footage prior to the 3:34 outage showed Dr. Helsman accessing the primary testing area for the BTTD, logging information into the main control panel, and entering the BTTD Traveller Capsule. Security personnel immediately ensured that the initial power outage did not result in a containment breach, and were unable to inspect the BTTD primary testing area before the second power outage occurred, which happened less than two minutes after power had been re-established to the site.

Initial inspection of the BTTD primary testing area occurred at 4:23AM, where personnel discovered a black powdery substance scattered around and inside the BTTD Traveller Capsule. The door to the BTTD Traveller Capsule was closed, and readings from the BTTD Control Panel indicated recent use. Additionally, a letter found on the ground next to the control panel. Below is a transcript:

I'm not sure if you will see this, since I'm not sure what happens after I activate the machine, but in case you do, know that I'm not mad. Well, not at you specifically.

I know you were just trying to get our work back. I know how it must've felt to have your work stolen from you. I get it must have been frustrating and painful and you wanted to fix that. But I was robbed of the opportunity to have a breakthrough entirely. You took my a-ha moment from me. And I want it back.

I'm going back. I'm making sure you don't help me with my part of the project and then I'm shoving a syringe full of amnestics up my arm so I can experience it. The feeling of discovery. That moment when I solve a problem no one else can. If I've done it before like you've said, I should just have to reset everything and I can do it again.

I don't care if the research gets stolen. At least this time it really will be our theory.

On the back of the letter is a series of calculations and numbers, appearing to be someone's scratch work. At the bottom a number is circled, and below it is written the following:

Why do they always screw up the weight decay?

Dr. Gupta, who was seen in security footage sleeping in his office prior to the 3:34 power outage, could not be located.

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