Investigation into the event is still underway. Information contained herein has not been confirmed.

Event Summary: On 2020/04/14, the database at Site-72 reported a series of unauthorized file creations and modifications, specifically to documentation regarding SCP-5552. All past information on SCP-5552 has been lost, and possibly erased from the minds of personnel assigned to the project, as no individuals can confirm that the SCP-5552 slot had been previously assigned to an anomaly.

The documentation itself has not demonstrated anomalous properties, however all have been tagged with an upload timestamp of 13:43:28, which is the same time as when Dr. Naman Gupta began a talk at the 6th International Conference on Physics titled "A Comprehensive Theory On Bi-Directional Temporal Travel".

What follows are the documents that manifested as a result of this event.

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