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An SCP-5551-A instance with cognitohazardous properties removed.

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation operated web-crawler Delta-203 ("SPICE") is to constantly monitor the web for media posted by and about SCP-5551, download it to a secure hard-drive, and remove it. Delta-203 is to send an automated report to Researcher Oliver Crane when POI-58640 is actively interfering with media collection.

Persons affected by SCP-5551-A are to be tracked down if possible, and administered amnestics to reverse the effects.

Description: SCP-5551 is an online account present on several social media platforms which runs under the name "screenkittercounters". SCP-5551 uploads (designated SCP-5551-A instances) consist of images with a multitude of different cognitohazardous properties which all affect one or more of the subject's five senses, along with the food they consume after viewing the images.

Communication with SCP-5551 was attempted with no result.

Addendum 1: SCP-5551-A Instances

The following is an abridged list of discovered SCP-5551-A instances and their effects. For the complete list, see SCP-5551 Document-A.

SCP-5551-A Instance Effect
An image depicting a cartoon rendition of an adolescent female consuming a hamburger. All persons who previously identified as vegan or vegetarian before viewing the instance will be unable to eat or drink anything without it tasting of meat.
An image depicting a cartoon rendition of an orange (Citrus sinensis) with the addition of a simplistic smile. All persons who view the instance will begin to favor citrus-based foods and drinks.
An image depicting a cartoon rendition of a male in late adolescence consuming a strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa). All persons who view the instance will begin to perceive all strawberries to be in a shade of blue.
An image depicting a bowl of pineapple sherbet. All persons who view the instance will be immune to frostbite and the "brain-freeze" sensation.

Addendum 2: POI-58640

On 10/03/2018 during a routine search of the web, Delta-203 was unable to complete its task. While being monitored by Researcher Crane during the next web search, it was discovered that a non-Foundation monitored AI appeared to be removing SCP-5551 content. The Foundation attempted to skip-trace the AI; while a physical location could not be found, multiple online accounts registered under the name "sugarsugarprincess" were discovered.

Attempts to block POI-58640’s accounts from public access were made, though it surpassed the block through currently unknown means.

Communication was attempted with POI-58640 across multiple different platforms. The following are the results:

On 25/10/2018, Researcher Crane received the following email from the address “sugarsugarprincess@frosting。cake”

Addendum 3: SCP-5551 Connection

On 11/14/2018, Foundation agents were dispatched to POI-60693's former home1 to look for information that could possibly aid in the containment of POI-58640.

Discovered within the non-functional cable box was a USB drive. The USB drive was delivered to Researcher Crane, who uploaded it to a desktop computer that was isolated from the rest of the network.

The USB drive contained four files, each one depicting the layout for a different anomalous project. One of the files appeared to display the layout for the application POI-58640 was originally created for, and another appeared to display the layout for SCP-5551. The text in both files was interspersed with pink text that varied greatly from the writing style shown in normal text.

Following this discovery, Researcher Crane reached out to POI-58640 via email again for questioning.

POI-58640 did not reply to any further messages. Communication with it are still being attempted.

Note - As of 19/11/2018, POI-58640 is now classified as SCP-5551-1. Alternate methods to contain SCP-5551-1 are currently being discussed. Reclassification to Keter-Exsequi is pending.

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