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Item: SCP-5544

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As repeated attempts to prevent SCP-5544 have failed, and the resource cost of attempts at prevention are significantly greater than allowing its occurrence, no further attempts to contain SCP-5544 will be made. Every December 26th, at no later than 11:00PM, Researcher Zachary Parker will enter the main dumpster of Site 93 and remain within it for no less than 45 minutes. A Foundation security officer and Foundation psychologist will be posted nearby to help with the recovery of Researcher Parker from the dumpster. A mandatory psychological evaluation of Researcher Parker should begin immediately after, to assess his mental well being.

Description: SCP-5544 is a repeating anomalous incident where Researcher Zachary Parker will end up inside the dumpster located directly behind Site 93. This anomaly occurs annually on the date of December 26th at roughly 11:41 PM. This event occurs regardless of the subject's previous location or any attempts to contain the subject elsewhere. Researcher Parker and the Foundation have attempted to prevent an SCP-5544 event for five years with no success. This recurring anomaly first began after the unintentional destruction of an anomalous item when transporting it to a different storage locker. The destroyed item was a sticker that never lost its adhesive and changed in shape and color to mimic the look of the person who last touched the sticker. The sticker was accidentally torn in half by Parker on December 26th, 20██ at roughly 11:14 PM. Due to a series of unusual incidents after the destruction of the anomalous item, Researcher Parker was found at 11:41 PM in the main dumpster behind Site 93 in a severe state of emotional distress. The incident began to repeat itself annually and has so far surpassed every attempt by the Foundation to prevent its occurrence. A list of SCP-5544 incidents can be found below, as well as post-incident interviews with Researcher Parker.

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