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Item #: SCP-5538

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5538 has been purchased by the Foundation. Surveillance cameras have been installed inside. Security guards are to prevent unauthorized access.

Description: SCP-5538 is an abandoned psychiatric facility in █████, ██. A rusted Foundation insignia was discovered on the exterior gate of the complex, but no record of the site existed internally prior to the initial discovery.

The primary anomaly of SCP-5538 occurs when anyone approaches the front desk and asks to visit the "Holder of Abnormalities". This anomaly occurs regardless of whether any individual is sitting at the front desk.

Upon asking to see the "Holder of Abnormalities", a visitor will gain knowledge of how to proceed to a cell in the basement of SCP-5538. Visitors consistently report expecting to hear conversation along this path but never actually hearing any. The destination cell is empty, but one of the walls is broken and leads to the main atrium of SCP-5538.

There are five hundred and thirty-eight pedestals in the main atrium; all are empty. A heavy layer of dust covers each pedestal, although an impression of an object remains on each. Each has a distinct label, but the text on these labels has become illegible. A placard at the far end of the atrium reads:

This is what happens when they all come together.

Visitors who read this placard frequently report fears of having an adverse reaction. However, no such reactions have been observed.

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