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Item#: 5536
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Photo of the Stonehenge monument, taken by on-site security seconds before the Ansuman Incident.

Special Containment Procedures: Containment Site-57 has been established around SCP-5536 with a radius of approximately 2 km. The perimeter around SCP-5536 is to be routinely patrolled by at least 20 armed security personnel. Any irregular activity outside of SCP-5536's established pattern is to be immediately reported to Site Director Pendleton. The following astronomical events must have the listed measurements taken:

  • Solar eclipse: All flowers in bloom on SCP-5536's trilithons must have liquid mercury applied and SCP-5536-3 transported to the Site-57 Observatory.
  • Lunar eclipse: Terminate SCP-5536-3 through the method of decapitation.

Any and all attempts to visually document SCP-5536 are strictly prohibited.

SCP-5536-3 is to be kept in a standard windowless humanoid containment cell in Site-57 and provided monthly psychological evaluation. SCP-5536-3 must never be exposed to sunlight or any other kind of stronger ultraviolet radiation. SCP-5536-3 is allowed restricted socialization privileges with appointed personnel and permission to roam designated areas of the site under the supervision of a bodyguard due to cooperative behaviour.

Description: SCP-5536 is a stone monument commonly known as "Stonehenge," located in Wiltshire, England. Following the Ansuman Incident, each of the trilithons1 has exhibited dangerously high levels of ultraviolet and gamma radiation, capable of deteriorating any biological composition and damaging any artificial equipment within 9.5 meters. The large amounts of radiation has also created an optical anomaly in its centre, a construct of a glowing purple cube (approximately 5 m from each side) that remains the same even if observed from different angles.

The following is the established pattern of SCP-5536's anomalous activity:

  • Day cycle: 10 to 20 SCP-5536-2 instances will emerge and begin circling the trilithons until sundown.
  • Night cycle: Vines will sprout from and envelop every trilithon, with hundreds of an unknown species of white flower bulbs2 embedded on each one. Each of these flower bulbs measures around 30 cm in length and 19 cm in width. Any attempts to remove or water them have have resulted in the plant's expiration.
  • Solar eclipse: The white flowers will bloom open, revealing their mouths.
  • Lunar eclipse: All objects within a 3 km radius with a volume of 729 m3 or more will experience unpredictable temporal, spacial, and reality distortions. 100 to 250 instances of SCP-5536-2 will emerge from SCP-5536.

Any visual depiction of SCP-5536 following the Ansuman incident can cause severe hazardous properties when viewed in any way, ranging from permanent brain damage to [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-5536-2 is the designation for a highly hostile species of humanoid entities comprised of pure rubedo3 that routinely emerge from SCP-5536 during daylight hours. Each instance is approximately 1.9 m in height. SCP-5536-2's sole facial feature is a luminescent orange point in the forehead.

SCP-5536-2 instances possess significant durability, speed, and strength, requiring excessive force to neutralize. All attempts to capture any instances so far have failed, due to their active area seemingly limited to 30 meters away from SCP-5536, immediately crumbling to shards once stepping out of range. SCP-5536-2 instances are currently believed to be non-sapient, acting instead as a superorganism with basic goals.

SCP-5536-3 (formerly known as Thorin Wagner) is a male human of Scottish descent. Records indicate that SCP-5536-3 was born on ████, making him ██ years old during acquisition. As of the writing of this report, his current height is 1.54 m.

When in contact with sunlight, SCP-5536-3 will cause his surrounding area (approximately 5 m) to spontaneously combust, injuring himself in the process. This effect will continue until SCP-5536-3 is removed from the exposure.

SCP-5536-3's second anomalous property manifests during periods of sleep. During the first 10 minutes of sleep, SCP-5536-3's brain activity gradually increases until it is 10 times stronger than the average theta brainwaves (about 50 to 90 Hz). After that point, SCP-5536-3 will experience mild epileptic seizures usually lasting from 7 to 8 hours, during which he cannot be awakened with any known methods.

After awakening, SCP-5536-3 will usually express discomfort about his dreams before continuing with his daily activities in containment. If asked to describe the nature of his dreams, SCP-5536-3 will either ramble in an unknown language Wuski4 for 5 hours or recite different 8-digit numbers for 2 hours.5
Do you still remember us after all this time?6
Addendum 5536.a: Discovery

SCP-5536 was discovered on 5 July 2020 (the Ansuman Incident) during a penumbral lunar eclipse in the Wiltshire area. The Foundation was informed about the situation through several reports from social media. MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots")7 was quickly deployed to the location where they found approximately 50 tourists being killed by hundreds of SCP-5536-2 instances. At least 200 other tourists were also spotted attempting to flee the location with some of them collapsing after succumbing to SCP-5536's radiation.

As the MTF members dismounted from their vehicles and dispatched various SCP-5536-2 instances, Agent Handel emerged from SCP-5536, bringing an unconscious SCP-5536-3, who was sighted at SCP-5536's centre before the incident, and placing him beside the other injured tourists before aiding the MTF members. Nearly a hundred of SCP-5536-2 instances were terminated, with the surviving few immediately retreating back to the centre of SCP-5536, vanishing in the optical anomaly.

75 people were killed in the resulting event, 2 of which were identified to be SCP-5536-3's parents. 19 other victims shortly expired due to radiation and one additional victim died while on the way to the hospital when he attempted to show medical personnel a photo of SCP-5536 that he took.

All 180 survivors were gathered in a refuge centre and amnesticized. The general public was later given the cover story that the incident was the result of several unaccounted solar flares damaging the ozone layers. UNESCO officials promptly prohibited any cultural and tourism activity on Wiltshire.

A security perimeter surrounding SCP-5536 was quickly established. After 2 weeks of negotiation with UNESCO and GOC officials, the Foundation was subsequently given permission to develop it to Containment Site-57 under the guise of a temporary UNESCO reclamation site.

Addendum 5536.b: Observation

4 days after acquisition, during which SCP-5536-3 continuously exhibited his anomalous properties, Dr. Nunnally Natt was given the approval to begin her observation on SCP-5536-3.

Observational Log 5536-3.OL.1 Summary

Date: 28-07-2020

Subject: SCP-5536-3

Preface: A CloudHelm (a wearable EEG device) was attached to SCP-5536-3 before sleeping.

Observation Notes: SCP-5536-3 quickly agreed to the procedure. During the first 10 minutes of sleep, SCP-5536-3's brainwaves gradually increased from 5 Hz to 70 Hz. SCP-5536-3 immediately suffered an epileptic seizure past that point, with several security personnel attempting to wake him up using various methods8 to no avail.

SCP-5536-3 awakened 8 hours later, visibly shaken and mumbling "so long…" for 3 minutes. When asked about the meaning of his words, SCP-5536-3 immediately curled up under his blanket and refused to answer any more questions.

Observational Log 5536-3.OL.2 Summary

Date: 31-07-2020

Subject: SCP-5536-3

Preface: SCP-5536-3 was asked to describe his dreams.

Observation Notes: SCP-5536-3 refused to comply, saying that "five months is already hell" before going completely silent. When asked again, SCP-5536-3 began to recite multiple 8-digit numbers9 in random orders for 2 hours. The numbers were confirmed to be past and future dates for solar and lunar eclipses.

Observational Log 5536-3.OL.3 Summary

Date: 01-08-2020

Subject: SCP-5536-3

Preface: SCP-5536-3 was asked to recount any dreams he had during containment.

Observation Notes: SCP-5536-3 started shouting in what was later discovered to be Wuski for 5 hours, culminating in him collapsing from dehydration and having to be treated in the site infirmary.

Observation of SCP-5536-3 would later be ceased by Site Director Pendleton. Dr. Jordan was assigned to give monthly psychological evaluation for SCP-5536-3 the following day.

Addendum 5536.c: Testing Logs

The following are the testing logs for the attempted visual documentations of SCP-5536.

Addendum 5536.d: 16-05-2022 Incident

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