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Item #: SCP-5528

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter has been established around SCP-5528 and is to be manned by a rotating staff of 10 Foundation guards. Under no circumstances should Foundation personnel with clearance level 3 or lower enter SCP-5528. However, despite clearance level, MTF Lambda-5 (“White Rabbits”) has been given express permission to enter SCP-5528 when they deem it necessary, given that each agent has proved to be sound of body and mind. If any of the following occurrences are seen, heard or felt by either the current staff or Lambda-5, it should be reported to the active site director of Site-78 immediately:

  • A feminine voice coming from within SCP-5528
  • A figure standing in the second floor window
  • Shadows with too many limbs
  • Human and inhuman screaming, coming from within SCP-5528
  • Bodies of members of the GOC, hanging from their necks on trees surrounding SCP-5528
  • Cognitohazards manifesting on SCP-5528 and local fauna1
  • A figure beckoning you into the woods, away from SCP-5528. She says you’re not supposed to be here. Pay it no mind.
  • Good little soldiers follow orders

Description: SCP-5528 is the structure currently occupying 17 Beckett Drive in Eagle Point, Oregon. The structure was previously utilized by the Global Occult Coalition’s physics division as a safe house and makeshift laboratory, before it was raided by a Foundation strike team in 1972. The raid was successful, resulting in 5 casualties, all GOC. Based on evidence gathered from the raid, it can be concluded that the GOC’s physics division was researching and experimenting with very basic forms of Scranton Reality. SCP-5528 was discovered by the Foundation in 1970, when hotspots of increasingly low and high Hume levels were noted appearing in and around Eagle Point. After the raid, the building was quarantined by the Foundation under the guise of an infestation of mold. A chain link fence was set around the perimeter of the building.

On April 7th, 2017, SCP-5528 was broken into by 4 individuals. The individuals in question owned and ran a YouTube channel called “Grave Misfortune”, in which the group would visit supposedly haunted locations across Oregon and record themselves exploring said location while providing their audience with a brief history of why it’s considered to be haunted. The log below is a transcription of the group’s exploration of SCP-5528, found on a video recorder abandoned on the ground outside of the anomaly.


Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: See above.

Description: SCP-5528 is an anomalous space under the structure currently occupying 17 Beckett Drive in Eagle Point, Oregon. The anomaly takes affect when anyone enters the subspace. When a person enters the anomaly, they will perceive the space as if it was 1972, directly after the Foundation raid on the house took place. The scene appears to be identical no matter who views it. Each person describes it as a laboratory, though not a very advanced one, even for its time. Scattered around the room are the bodies of three males and two females, all dead. The cause of death for each is internal bleeding. Each person is wearing a GOC lab coat, the symbol and font matching those used during the time period.

Scattered around the room is also various chemicals and medical tools. However, it seems that nothing that was originally in the room can be physically interacted with, making gathering samples impossible. Due to the history of the location, Lambda-5 was chosen for an exploration of SCP-5528.


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All members of MTF Lambda-5 have been quarantined in separate humanoid containment chambers. They are not to be released until the investigation is complete.

Description: SCP-5528 is either one, or all members of Lambda-5. When they returned from 17 Beckett Drive, their Hume levels were taken and shown to be rapidly fluctuating, matching that of the signature inside the house. No additional information could be gathered when reviewing the footage of the exploration. Researcher Cassidy Moon was assigned to head the investigation. Below are logs of his interviews with each member of Lambda-5.

Once upon a time, she was discovered. Don't know how, but by the time she realized, it was too late. They wanted her for her whispers and she was just along for the ride. They said she was a good little girl and she would be a good little soldier too. They wanted her to kill. Kill her brothers and kill her sisters. And she almost did, was almost lost to the conscious unconscious. They saved her, the protectors. But she was already gone.

When Lambda-5 arrived at the house, it was already in flames. Alpha was on his knees in front of the smoldering pile of ash, a note in his hand. Delta took the note. He was unresponsive.

I’m sorry if I caused you any trouble. I really am. It was never my intention. In all honesty, I should have left ages ago. I think I was scared. Scared that I would be everything they wanted me to be. And nothing I was. But I think I’m ready now. I guess having everything on the table, having seen all my cards laid out in front of me helped me process in a way? I don’t know. I’ve been a lot of things in my life. I was a person, I was a discovery, I was an experiment, I was stability, I was nothing more and nothing less. I was a type green, I was a bullet, I was a gun, but I was never the hand. I was a good little girl and I was a good little soldier. I was mold, I was a ghost, I was a phantom, I was a virus. I was a ball and chain, chains, 7 chains, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I was everything. I was nothing they wanted me to be. but i think i get it now

all i am is everything im not

The fire died down after about thirty minutes. Standing on the edge of the tree line behind the burned house was a figure. Everyone saw. She smiled and waved. And Alpha waved back.


Object Class: gone Pending

Special Containment Procedures: none Pending

Description: i hope she finds what she's looking for Pending

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