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by J Dune

Item#: 5527
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SCP-5527, beached on Bintan Island, Indonesia

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SCP-5527 in storage at Site-02

Special Containment Procedures: The remaining mass of SCP-5527 is to be kept in a refrigerated container at Site-02's morgue.

Further consumption of SCP-5527 is prohibited.

Description: SCP-5527 is a whale carcass, the innards of which resemble human physiology that has been augmented in a way to complement SCP-5527's shape and size. Various musculature and tissue inside SCP-5527, when applied to a living creature, would be rendered nonfunctional or otherwise superfluous in an aquatic environment.

Aside from a thick layer of fat surrounding its innards and the size of such, SCP-5527's anatomy— including skeletal structure, musculature, and the locations of internal organs— is identical to that of a human. Carbon dating techniques have revealed that SCP-5527 is approximately 30,000 years old. Despite this, SCP-5527 has not been observed to deteriorate beyond its present state. Traces of decayed ink have been observed on SCP-5527's left iliac artery.

Material derived from SCP-5527 will, upon consumption, allow for the ability to breathe in aquatic environments. This effect has been observed to last for up to 12 hours, and is otherwise poorly understood.

All DNA strands taken from SCP-5527 have been degraded beyond the point of analysis.

Addendum.5527.1: Discovery

SCP-5527 was found on 2021/01/01 when it washed ashore on Bintan Island, Indonesia, in front of a private estate belonging to Overseer Council member O5-12, who had been residing there at the time.

Upon request, SCP-5527 was transferred to Site-021 for research purposes.

Addendum.5527.2: Testing Log

Addendum.5527.3: Incident-5527

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