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Item #: SCP-5526

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All findings of SCP-5526 will be taken to the Exclusionary Site-08 and monitored by the Overseer Council. Subsequently, all information on SCP-5526 shall be deleted from the historical, religious and folkloric records.

If a personnel member from the Exclusionary Site-08 submits a false event related to SCP-5526, they will be sanctioned at the discretion of the Overseer Council, including lethal methods.

Update: To preserve the status of normality, the Ennui Protocol should be enforced when 10% of the world's population is aware of the performance of SCP-5526.

Description: SCP-5526 is a ritual whose performance allows an entity or collective, conceptual or not, to attain the state of divinity. The steps to perform SCP-5526 vary according to the dominant culture in the area practiced, but they follow the following patterns:

  • The entity or collective must be subjugated to a culture contrary to itself
  • The entity or collective must initiate a war against the dominant party
  • The entity or collective must shed the blood of the dominant party. Although not specified, it is believed that a greater amount of blood ensures a higher prevalence of SCP-5526
  • The entity or collective must worship solar or light elements

When SCP-5526 is successfully performed, the entity or collective will die. An outburst of Akiva radiation originating from the entity or collective will occur, spreading radially through the territory of the dominant party.

It was believed that the entity or collective would additionally cause a CK-Class Restructuring Event. Further studies have concluded that it is a non-anomalous integration, consistent with mankind's history.

Below are events caused by SCP-5526 considered to be true.

Period Deity Territory Description Notes
Mid-14th century BC Aton Ancient Egypt Attempt to establish a theocracy to undermine the power of Amon's clergy, in pursuit of a stronger government. After his death, it is believed that an unknown person related to Tutankhamun performed SCP-5526, restoring the cult of Amon. First instance of SCP-5526 being used to reinstate a previous deity.
Hellenistic period/Low Roman Empire Apollo/Sol Invictus Greece/Roman Empire Although the reasons for the progressive replacement of Helios by Apollo because of SCP-5526 are unknown, centuries later several worshippers of Sol Invictus under the patronage of the Emperor Aurelian performed SCP-5526 successfully. However, Aurelian tolerated the existence of other cults. First instance of SCP-5526 coexisting with other cults
Early Middle Ages God Frankish Empire Attempt to establish a theocracy to unify the remains of the Roman Empire. It partially failed after his death, but slowly resurfaced with greater force during the following centuries in Europe. First instance of SCP-5526 being maintained over time.
Enlightenment Goddess of Reason France Created to prevent the rise of atheism, the National Convention established the Cult of Reason. Despite being replaced by the Cult of the Supreme Being and both forbidden by Napoleon Bonaparte, its ideals continued to expand without a godhead. First instance of SCP-5526 without a remaining godhead.

To date, no past or future events related to SCP-5526 have been found since the Enlightenment.

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