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Item #: SCP-5519

Object Class: Neutralized/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5519-1 is to be left within a standard cold storage locker. Further evidence of current SCP-5519-1 instances are to be investigated immediately, and information related to the composition and methods of creating SCP-5519-1 are to be considered the top priority when testing with existing SCP-5519-1 instances.

Description: SCP-5519 is the official designation of a TK-Class Casual Restructuring Event, which most likely took place from 11/4/21 to 14/4/21. The effects of reality-based anomalies are usually impossible to determine, specifically what aspects of fundamental reality were damaged or replaced. However, the existence of SCP-5519-1 suggests that SCP-5519 was localized to a very small subdivision of physical matter. Investigations into the full extent and effects of SCP-5519 are ongoing.

SCP-5519-1 is material that has evidently survived SCP-5519, and has extensive properties:

Addendum: On 17/4/21, mass gatherings of SCP-5519-A became visible on the surface of SCP-5519-1, presumably creating repairs or otherwise modifying SCP-5519-1. In direct response to this behavior, the original recovery site of SCP-5519-1 and the surrounding area were investigated extensively, uncovering SCP-5519-2.

SCP-5519-2 is the official designation of a mildly-damaged doorbell camera, which contains the following footage within the video storage files of the device. Other files were found to be entirely corrupted, and recovery of additional footage would be considered impossible.


DATE: 12/4/21


A uniformed individual, carrying various small crates, is shown approaching SCP-5519-2, before ringing the doorbell (Due to the markings and patches on the individual’s uniform, it is suspected that they possessed some level of military or governmental importance). Several seconds pass, and the presumed owner of SCP-5519-2 is seen opening their door to greet the officer.

Transportation Officer: Hello sir, I’ve got your order right here.

The officer sets down the stack of crates, and removes the top box before handing it to the other humanoid. The logo of an orange disc with a beige outline is visible on the crates, possibly a symbol representing high status and influence.

Receiving Individual: Thank God, you got here just in time. The game’s almost started, and the fam was starting to get rowdy.

Due to the mention of a theological figure, it is suspected that either the act of delivery or the contents of these crates possessed religious or ritual significance.

Transportation Officer: Yeah, there was a bit of a wreck on 285, so that took a bit more time.

The receiving individual opens the swinging lid of the crate, revealing an additional SCP-5519-1 instance.

Receiving Individual: Alright, and the others?

Over the course of the next minute, the officer identifies the contents of the crates, and hands them over to the individual after the contents of the crates are described. Notably, various clear cylinders are visible, evidently containing bubbling liquid.

Transportation Officer: And there’s the last of the garlic bread.

At this moment, the footage ends. The phrase “Be Careful What You Wish For” is visible on the screen for a very brief amount of time before cutting to black.


Research into SCP-5519-1’s former status as “Garlic Bread” is ongoing.

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